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  1. Bet my ass that they will focus on the RW-NOS-MC-Roskilde period rather than August, and they will take abreak after the second leg of US tour. I'd say they are over the game right now... Never ever ever buy a ticket based on what you hope will be there, unless you have reasonable intel from an insider...
  2. Nah, I think that if MCR are a thing (and they should be), they would be third-down, IMO the same way Foals are. Not making a comparison between the band because honestly I would not know where to start, but I guess that MC already picked their quota of ambiguous headliners with Billie Eilish and Faith No More. Which is not to say that they do not deserve the spot, don't get me wrong, but compared to 2018's edition (which IMO should always be the comparison's term for Mad Cool), the right to be there for such names is a little bit more left untold if compared to the like of those headliners.
  3. Plus, festivals back in the day were not the big deal they are today and bands would be less likely to turn down an offer because they got a sub-head spot rather than a head spot. I also bet there was a generally more chilled vibe about negotiation, not being tour the main source of income of a band in the LP era
  4. Doubt Liam could sell as a solo-head. In 2018 he opened to Dua Lipa and, same as his brother in 2016, he has always been publicized as a sub-headliner. The free promotion without real hit material would be awful (just like it was the promotion of Major Lazer and Kasabian to headliners in 2017 after subbing in 2015, and I guess we all remember how that year was received). Usually the 2-3 weak headliners Sziget had in these years were fresh material, one hit wonders if you will, so I heavily doubt Liam Gallagher can be an Headliner in Sziget's mind. On the other hand, I am pretty positive on Bon Iver being secured. Also, I agree that this looks like another difficult year for Sziget and that they are most likely waiting for an embargo / a big bargain to be over in January. In the last 5 years, except for 2016 and 2018, it has been 3 difficult years for the target of festivals Sziget wants to strike: big headliners usually don't like to tour in August, that seems to be a fact, and Sziget eventually ends up by paying a shitload of money in exclusives, so why just don't move the festival to late July or late August than? Afraid of the competition?
  5. In all wild guess, I'd say Hozier has a chance, but Paak should not be possible, given the presence in early july.
  6. Oh no... why Pinkpop does not have Pink and Pink Floyd in the lineup? So baaad, man!
  7. Well, given that the whole region is like a 4 hours drive from side to side, I'd say that it is reasonable for a artist of that calibre to pick only one date, even more if you can sell it as an "exclusive" (wow awesome exclusive eskere potato patato)
  8. At least we know that next year we will have something to see
  9. I'd be surprised if it did not happened. This year, Sziget blinked more than one eye to the british community and I guess this came with no shock. Plus, RIP to SzigetNews I loved the harshy community back in the day
  10. Pearl Jam, to start with. Paak is a huge act, too. Than you have Of Monsters and Men and Nina Kraviz, who have really nice live. And then... well... and then you have Post Malone, so I guess we have 7 over-decent acts over three days lmao
  11. Well, there are few names actually, but usually you count on one hand
  12. It is incredible how this festival can always propose like 3 gem names in a pile of shit lineup
  13. I fear you named enough headliners for two Werchter, pal. Probably PJ / RHCP-SOAD / KL-TI / FF-TOP would be more likely
  14. No, I believe that there is some misconception here: Macklemore and Shawn Mendez were globally successful when they headlined - even if you happen not to like them, you would know Thriftshop or Stitches, they were literally spammed everywhere possibe. Lizzo is a big thing, I agree, but I doubt she can solo-headline a show outside UK/US. Sam Smith on the other hand is a british sensation: I'm not saying he is unknown on the continent, but surely the hype that welcomes him in british fests is kind of hard to explain for a european: yeah, Sziget had a precedent with The 1975, but considered the poor selling on that full-brit day, I dare to say that they won't push so hard to conquer english fans this time. Having said this, yeah, I can consider them being subbing a strong headliner - but that would be weak. Again, Sziget made Jain, Tove Lo and Years & Years sub-headliners, so that throws outta window any reasonable consideration about the whole thing. Shakira is a big name, J.Lo is a big name, but both of them are out of the european circuits since ages and I'd be impressed if their agents decided to game in at this point of their careers, when they are too big not to get an headline spot but to risky for the sellings to actually give one. That was the same way for Britney Spears couple of years ago: yeah, that's Britney bitch, kay, but no serious festival would give away a major spot for you, so, yeah, hit me baby maybe another time, will ya?
  15. I think that Sam Smith and Lizzo outside England cant even sub a festival, Rosalia should not be touring and I don't even believe that Shakira exists in this dimension anymore
  16. Thanks Sziget Italia Just said that odds are that names won't be release in December
  17. Depends on who's making it. Mine (https://clashfinder.com/s/madcool20/) is just a distribution of the names on the bill on the stages according to my assumptions, i.e.; others can be a guesswork
  18. Obviously you always are the boss ❤️ I guess that you can better bet on a pop headliner rather than a rockier, like the ones you named
  19. Going with expectations for the first announcement, at this point, I dig something like: The Killers - Foals - Tiesto/AVB - Stormzy - Liam Gallagher - Wolf Alice - Of Monsters and Men - Pusha T - Lukas Grahm - Nothing but Thieves - Floating Points - Tycho - Meute - Tom Walker - Alan Walker - Whitney - The Neighbourhood - Alec Benjamin. It is partially guesswork, and I hope they can throw in the mix something more convincing than this, as it would be really really weak. At this point of the story, I see no heavy name for the headliners spot (inb4: The Killers are not an heavy name), and although I am sure that they are holding their announcement back for some embargo/some unannounced name in the circuit, I am also kind of negative about what will come out. On the other hand, I am already 99% commited to Mad Cool and will be 100% unable to get to Sziget due to work stuff, so, yeah, well, good luck
  20. Maybe they had negative feedbacks for the strategy and killed it before it was too late. I mean, that was too hipster-ish even for Primavera's standards
  21. Doesn't matter, the only good Walker I know is a dead Walker anyway (ouch)
  22. First announcement of Balaton is always a relief. Also, I guess that Of Monster and Man and Alan Walker are done deal for Sziget
  23. Guess he aint touring during august
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