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  1. Awwww ❤️ Thanks a lot! I see I was over-optimistic with Sziget budget, but 5 on 7 is good! And I had the scratch of Eminem/Coldplay even back than!
  2. Good point with the female big pop headliner à la Rihanna 2016 (ugh...): could definetely substitute Eminem-Coldplay. All in all, any big ass name prone to be exclusive can be thrown in the mix atm, I just got biased and put there the two most quality that came in my mind (that is all saying). Anyway, if not Eminem, I reckon that Sziget will book an hip hop headliner anyway, same went with Kendrick and Post Malone in the last two years of new management. For what concerns The Strokes, I understand your point, but I reckon they are rather expensive and I do not believe that Sziget would stand making them a non-top headliner... P.S. Tool ❤️
  3. I'd go for: Two big names: Red Hot Chili Peppers / Kings of Leon / The Strokes / Green Day; Eminem / Coldplay One DJ: Tiesto / Armin Van Bureen / Chainsmokers / Calvin Harris One/Two Cohead: Sam Smith; Foals Two regular heads: Tame Impala; Royal Blood / Imagine Dragons Two lower heads: Billie Eilish / Lorde; Kasabian / The XX So something like Eminem - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tiesto - Tame Impala - Imagine Dragons - Billie Eilish - Kasabian (+ Foals - Sam Smith) Although I reckon this a viable option, there is a lack of female headliners and UK headliners (Sziget seemed to point on UK audience heavily in the last two years), that is why I'd keep The XX and Royal Blood in the mix, if they are touring. Other random info: Eminem and Coldplay are wishful thinking, but the size and exclusivity of Ed Sheeran and Foo Fighters this year make me think that times are mature to make such a leap, on the other hand RHCP/The Strokes/Green Day/KoL are nowhere comparable in price to Ed or Foo, so budget-wise that could be a strong duo. The DJ will simply be somebody high in DJ Mag toplist, possibly with history with Sziget-Balaton: the four I mentioned are the ones that seemed to belong to the characeristics the most. Imagine Dragons could easily fill a subheadliner spot as Macklemore did this year, but it would be much cheesier just to put them as headliner: they sell - plus Macklemore was a last minute filler, so it followed a different path of reservation. Billie Eilish is the weak-but-functional name of the edition (Dua Lipa, Post Malone, Ellie Goulding); I'd be gutted if Tame Impala are not in the mix already, given that they shall be touring again, and last but not least Kasabian are the british name for the british day to appeal the british audience (nothing against it, that would be the best pick for such a combo imho). Opinions?
  4. Smaller replacements but yet replacements... Both are good, I am curious to see TSHA, seems mesmerizing on youtube
  5. This is actually not true, I am a fan of Sziget, I just dislike how they carried the festival out this edition, because this is a cheesy management for a festival like Sziget: Broken Social Scene is not a super-cheap act usually, and this year they don't have many shows booked in the festival circuit, so there are reasons to believe that Sziget had the funding to find another band; moreover, in the past years they made last-minute replacements that were more relevant than this one (Clean Bandit - Rita Ora in '17's edition, i.e.): if they wanted they could have make a last-min replacement, because they proved they can. So yeah, I am not happy about this choice; does paying 160 € for two days and having one band I had in the list cut right off with no replacement makes me a misery guts? I don't know, mate, I'm sorry to kill the vibe, but I'm just pointing out a fact (which of course you could not care about), that tags along with the removal of the parties (which was free merchandising and good time), the cut off in the timeslots of some performances, et cetera. I also listed the reasons why I have this consideration, it's not like I'm coming throwing poo on the forum like people used to do to the now-almost-gone SzigetNews: last year I was quite amazed by how they got back from the mess they made in '17 and I found the management in 14-16 years pretty good (few flaws, but who has not). Hope this makes a point in my perspective: I don't like to be the party buster of the forum, but if we are here only to try re-selling tickets or rejoice randomly with no attempt to create a discussion whatsoever, what is the point of the community itself?
  6. Jesus Christ they havent even tried this time
  7. Usually yeah, but there have been situations in which sets lasted for less than mentioned: Sum41 and BMTH in 2016 played for 1 hour instead of 1,15, and the very same year also Rihanna and Sia played more or less 1 hour (people wasn't actually happy about Rihanna in particular - I wonder why...)
  8. So they took out the parties, cut a quarter of the subheadliner performances to do what? An assembly? Other change I notice is that they cut 15 mins from first performers on A38. Meh
  9. Thanks, you made a point here. I reckon that The National was a late contract in a situation in which they couldn't fill the bill with anything big enough (Tame Impala were probably unavailable - sadly because this is the kind of show that fits the demographic and raise the level of quality) and if things didnt work out with them they would have probably gone for Macklemore headliner (kind of strong sub, super weak headliner, as The 1975 are, as a matter of fact - what troubles me is the fact that The 1975 were a first choice in that spot). The Strokes are just not touring in August for as much as I know, so they have never been in scope for the management this year. Next? Who knows: if I had to give my 2 cents starting from the missing names of this edition, I'd go for Tame Impala and Billie Eilish, surely not The Strokes (since in 2018 they brought Mumford and Lana who were touring in 2017). I reckon a period in which Sziget tried to satisfy also the french/german/dutch population (apparently they stopped caring about italian goers in late 00s) with the lineup (Kraftklub and Cro in 2015, Die Fantastischen Vier and Casper in 2014, and a whole lot of people I dont know nor care in 2016 and 17), in the last two years they just gave that up in turn of a massive headliner-generalist orientation with a scope on british audience (that is the largest slice of attenders, I reckon). Nothing wrong with this, the only thing is that this year they had no balance, as two headliners probably costed about the 30% of the total budget and there is one day in which literally every artist in the Main and A38 are blinking at only the british attenders - and that, unless one is biased, is crystal clear
  10. 1- It might sound unfair for Ashcroft, but, believe me, you would struggle to find somebody non-anglophone who knows something else rather than Bittersweet Symphony from them: we are not talking about Oasis here, The Verve for everybody on the outside were a one-hit band, not so different from The Fratellis/Chelsea Dagger or The Dandy Warhols/Bohemian Like You. I am not saying that this is the untouchable truth, but at least that is how I see it. Of course I respect the pick, but that has clearly been done for the brits, same as 1975 that in most of the festivals (excluded R&L, wonder why) are not having subheadlining spots (I can only remind of Mad Cool, but list might be longer). 2- Yes they are, but yet I reckon they should be the more expensive bands in the bill this year: probably 21P and Post Malone are on the same level, I have no idea, but I don't think that The National (late contract), Martin Garrix or The 1975 (both not headliner status in the major events' circuit) are comparable to the ones I mentioned. Let's say that Sziget could have taken the chance to use the empty year to propose an heavy-undercard year (as they attempted to do in 2017, although the situation there was highly unbalanced, or better they did in 2015), instead they decided to diversify from PKP and the other direct competitors and bet on few big names: I guess that will be successful, but I'm personally not thrilled.
  11. But yet again, day 2 makes sense because you are british: to most of the foreigners the only worthy name of the MS will probably be Franz Ferdinand, as Ashcroft is something so old and neglettable that it is like to call back The Dandy Warhols or The Fratellis to sub-headliner, while The 1975 just does not appeal, if you are over-18 and non-brit (again). About the rest, I agree: Martin Garrix's day is a faded day compared to others; The National's day is literally "what is left on the market we throw on the stage" day, with no connection to create a mood among the names whatsoever; Post Malone's day is one of the poorest days I have ever saw on this festival, with only Masego, Parcels and Jungle bringing something of value to the cartel. The festival is always more expensive and I get that this year was a difficult year to come up with a glorious lineup, plus it is always hard no matter what to define an harmonious and balanced lineup, but this year it seemed like they literally started top to bottom, picking 4 very big names (Foo, Ed, F+TM, 21P) and make a game of joints not to exceed the budget while covering all the spots. For evidences about this, just take a glance at the sub-headliners of the MS and the headliners of the A38 (21Pilots vs Tove Lo, or James Blake vs Anna of the North), or even at the DJs of the Bacardi Arena. (Sorry for the rant, it was one of these posts that starts like "yeh fella, you right" and ends up with a declaration of war to a random country of East Europe)
  12. LMAO and people moans about that too? No wait, moans is not the right word. Damn.
  13. Won't sellout and I guess they are paying the unbalanced lineup: surely Ed Sheeran's and Foo's days will sell out - chances are that also the 1975 and Florence will - depends on how many brits are looking forwards to the event -, but all in all the lineup this year is one of the worst for the undercards and composition at least since 2014 (included 2017 half-aborted lineup)
  14. You should have tried to ask that girl, she was working for you all in all ahah
  15. PTSD coming up by only mentioning the event
  16. They stick with the scam of 2,5 for a water bottle, unbelievable for a festival held in 40° average til 10 pm. Anyway, if they are not satan's sons there will probably be a fountain in the middle of the site, well hidden and with no signal of course, but I reckon you can see that in front of the main stage, way to the left from the Madrid stage. Good to know that the only changes from the last year almost-fiasco have been a worsening of the lineup quality and less transportation, they must know what they doing
  17. Afraid to say that Pink belongs better to the must have, given the things they have given up in order to have her this year... I do not know if you can reply to such a request, but I was wondering if there were any other major negotiation fail like this one in recent history. Just out of curiosity, I'm a fan of the what-ifs
  18. Do we really reached that point in history where we compare Cardi B and a Gallagher? I mean, I dont even like britpop, but what comes next? Aphex Twin vs Aqua?
  19. I am not sure they will allow it, for copyright reason (should fall under the pro- category). Moreover, I dont think you want to bring with you that piece of work at a music festival, could be the last place where you bring that to
  20. Please, let's make a deal and make KOL not find a place in RW anytime soon, kay? Thanks a lot
  21. I actually dont believe you gonna have troubles to be in front row for Years and Years, The National as well should be the least favoured artist by the crowd (funnily enough). For Florence you may wanna be there from at least the second show of the day: in 2015 I had no problem to get to front row 15 mins before the start of the show, but these were different times, I suppose
  22. Give a try to Pip Blom and Cut Copy, they are worth the time! Plus, RBCF in the third day is a great band live, I wouldnt skip it
  23. Not severe, but there is one: you will not snuggle booze in easily, but you can bring caps for your bottles (they will take them away from you). To be fair, I don't believe that Mad Cool is one festival where you wanna get fucked up... too many concerts to attend and the general atmospher is not so chilled, I do not know how to say, but that's not Sziget EDIT much needed cause early in the morning my english is ashaming at best (while the rest of the time is just embarassing)
  24. That would be super weak, tho... I reckon that next year will have more interesting name than the one that is passing
  25. No fan pit or prime pit or whatever, but for Foo Fighters you probably will have to queue the whole day (which is quality anyway) on the main stage
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