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  1. Do we think Florence will appear in some capacity next year, given that she absolutely loves the festival? I’m not sure I could really see her headlining again yet, so maybe a secret set?
  2. I can’t listen to Catfish anymore as they’re too same-y, but I used to be a big fan and thought this gig was just as fun as the previous couple of times I’ve seen them. I think they very much fulfil their purpose for me - a wholesome, high energy, pissed-up sing along with mates, and the crowd were great as usual (I agree that there was a welcome lack of dark fruits lads compared to what was expected). The extended rendition of Business was fucking dreary though.
  3. From what she’s said recently I’d imagine she’ll have her third album out next year, and she clearly loved performing in 2017. If it does well then I suppose she’d be at other headliner/pyramid sub level?
  4. 1) Maribou State (very in love with Holly Walker now) 2) Jon Hopkins 3) Vampire Weekend Kylie gets the honourable mention but no points.
  5. Bicep show probably won't be anything like printworks given that its a DJ set so I don't think that should be the link?
  6. Peanut butter vibes

    TBAs 2019

    I'm pretty certain Orbital were meant to be playing the John Peel since I'm not sure why Paul would lie to my dad, so I'm not sure if something changed in that regard or they're doing the secret set.
  7. I don’t want to sound like too much of a fiend with this but, hypothetically speaking, if party substances were to be consumed on the Friday evening, would you go for Impala or Hopkins?
  8. Really hope Stormzy nails it and draws a decent crowd, but having caught him in 2017 I’d rather either confirm my feelings that I do find Tame Impala a bit boring for the sake of some pals who are big fans or head to Hopkins with the padre
  9. Turns out this isn’t live either
  10. The Bicep live set at the Gas Tower on the Saturday night for me, was gutted that I missed them at Bestival last year.
  11. At the moment I’m thinking: Friday Wombats > Pond > Gabrielle Aplin > Maribou State > Dub Pistols/Two Door Cinema Club > Michael Kiwanuka > Tame Impala > Four Tet > Lets Eat Grandma Saturday Ezra Collective > Hozier > Park TBA > Sharon Van Etten > Jungle > Hot Chip > Bicep Sunday Loyle Carner > Vampire Weekend > The Cure Realistically the Friday is quite impossible unless I miss half of 2 or 3 of them...
  12. Can I say the Teardrop cover? She plays it live sometimes. If not Running With the Wolves.
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