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  1. I did some experiences with the font and I think you'll get Pet Shop Boys, but, obviously, the point could be in an incorrect position...
  2. DA WEASEL AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH Possible headliners: The Black Keys, The Strokes, Muse and Tame Impala.
  3. Maybe 3 more names for Sagres to be announced? One for each day.
  4. That is another option: Tame Impala being co-headliners with the missing co-headliner from Mad Cool. My question is: if they have Tame Impala, why aren't they already announced?
  5. I think the two festivals are working together about this question. So, I think they will be chasing the same names until they get something, but, if they can't, probably will go separate ways. The affiliation between the two festivals is real and probably they signed a contract or something, like NOS Alive did with Bilbao BBK before. We have two examples that prove this: they sell tickets together to see the same band at both festivals and there is a contest where a non famous band can join both line-ups. I guess Tame Impala could be a option... if they'll go separate ways.
  6. The third headliner only could be same that will co-headline with Bon Iver at Mad Cool.
  7. Bought a day-ticket today. What can we expect for Friday? I read somewhere about James Blake... but why are you considering him?
  8. Yeah, then I saw. I don't know why Phoenix are considered as headliner material for a festival like SBSR. They're not that famous in Portugal. I don't understand portuguese festivals anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Why are you saying that Phoenix will headline SBSR? I think it's just one more announcement.
  10. Sorry, but... who is Tom Walker?
  11. The Voidz are playing Bilbao BBK that day.
  12. He meant Doctor Music and he's right. Still listed for Friday.
  13. Good addition, but Primal Scream played the second stage in 2011, so I think they're completely running out of options. PS: the only way The Strokes could play NOS Alive would be on Saturday.
  14. + Janelle Monáe Interesting line-up. I think that if they have Kings of Leon an announcement would have already been done and The Strokes are announcing new gigs "every" week... or I'm just being positive lol.
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