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  1. Yess! Me and some friends are :) would be good to Have a big group going
  2. Anyone going reading festival alone and want to meet up ??‍♀️ F/22/sandwell
  3. Hey! youre welcome to tag along with me and my lil group?
  4. Me and roxie from here are going again this year with a small group we met on here if anyone wants to tag along are more than welcome. Just DM me!! 22-30 yr old group mix
  5. Anyone going reading this year alone? Going for the full weekend and wanna get some people together
  6. Selling fri an sat tick. £140
  7. Selling a friday and saturday. £160 hmu
  8. Woo! You excired to go?!
  9. ive just recieved mine! friday and saturday
  10. im going alone but 21 and female, youll find someone though! @therealreaper8 is your age i think?
  11. Im selling a friday and saturday wireless ticket £200 and a friday ticket for £100. Selling due to being let down by a friend. Local to sandwell.
  12. Is anyone going to wireless alone on the saturday? Going solo and wanna meet people to go with! ?
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