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  1. Lewis Capaldi...could we will be seeing him announced as like a second line act? Has continued to get bigger and bigger since he played last year at a very early time. Has a gap between Manchester 8th July and Glasgow 12th July and been announced for Rock Wretcher
  2. fully agree with this based on previous line ups, but given that the festival is a sellout for 4 day tickets already, could they possibly just be looking at changing the direction of the festival? clearly they arent struggling with sales so maybe the line up could be evolving to a more pop based line up. Granted there are still a few rock bands on the line up, but i wouldn't focus too much on the genre as this last headliner isnt that much of a bother for them in terms of sales, they could put any artist in there and we'd all still be going...
  3. It’s definitely been discussed previously, but what are people’s thoughts on Foo Fighters coming back? Same gap as KOL, would be a HUGE name for the Friday, we’ve not really got a “rock” headliner so far so suits the heavier European taste. They’ve just announced a US tour in May and they’ve got European dates in June across Portugal and France so could easily extend that into July for Mad Cool. Expecting a U.K. tour for some point too so could coincide dates wise with a return to Europe. It’s the 25th anniversary year for them...
  4. Guns n Roses announcing a date for Glasgow Green later on today (info from work). Could they possibly be the final headliner? They're signed up with Live Nation, would pull a huge crowd, we know Mad Cool have the money for them and it seems they're open to playing festivals (Pinkpop). They don't have a Madrid date on their tour and we know they're in Europe till end of June at least (Dublin 27th June). Can anyone give some argument against them?
  5. Third MCR UK date added as I found out from work, if this sells out I wouldn’t be surprised to see them add the Friday 19th in there too! Mental if they manage that. Regarding Glastonbury I could possibly see them doing a secret set on their travels as they’re around but it won’t be a scheduled set. Possibilities for MC now are wide open, have we considered The Who coming back? Will be on their tour around the same time and new album seems to have got a good reception...
  6. seems reliable as i mentioned about MCR 3rd uk gig yesterday in this thread cos we got info about it at ticketmaster so im gonna assume all this is correct. Interesting about foo fighters only doing a few concerts this year though, because they put a big thing on social media about this year being their 25th anniversary and theyre gonna make it huge, so i would have thought theyd do ALOT this year rather than 2021. Link below: https://twitter.com/foofighters/status/1217122689619353601?s=20
  7. tbh mate we've not heard anything, by the sounds of things there has been a lot of issues with contracts and stuff. Usually they announce acts way before Christmas, lg was only announced because they were forced to because he announced it himself haha
  8. if he's doing Beni he defo wont be doing Mad Cool, too much political turmoil there haha
  9. he has a HUGE contract with Live Nation, could definitely see him here as he's headlining most other Live Nation festivals (R&L, Latitude, TRNSMT etc)
  10. i know its a big name, but have we considered Queen + Adam Lambert? playing in madrid 7th and 8th july so could stick in madrid for it at a push haha
  11. the set itself was fine and brilliant, but they were angry about the death of a performer before it and they weren't told before going on stage. quite a few people left after seeing someone die. Maybe they'll come back to play again under nicer circumstances.
  12. i'd assume Friday 19th June but we haven't been told yet.
  13. hearing more from work (ticketmaster) about MCR, apparently a THIRD date is going on sale either 5pm today or on Monday morning. Details not very clear at the moment but promoters obviously keen to sell more tickets, highly doubt MCR and their promoters will be bothered about festival announcements when their own gigs are selling so well.
  14. We get a fair bit of information here at Ticketmaster! Wish i worked for Ticketmaster Spain then i'd get information about Mad Cool cos its a Live Nation festival, ah well, at least i can give you info on any UK stuff haha
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