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  1. ALT-J pushed up to headliner, defo had bands pull out
  2. if theyre putting the prices up, surely they must think the headliners they have are big names? they must be confident that they'll sell tickets at a higher price, so i actually think we can rule out smaller names such as Tame Impala (already out) and even PSB's
  3. bit of an odd suggestion, but have we considered Rod Stewart?
  4. at least we can officially rule out: MCR Liam Gallagher Tame Impala Post Malone narrows it down a bit
  5. the strokes and royal blood????? would be insane or the strokes and RHCP
  6. feel like that non rock comment has kind of opened this thread wide open now, ffs
  7. they tweeted about a price change wednesday 11.59pm. Headliners coming thursday morning!
  8. 5SOS European tour with All Time Low for June and no Madrid date, hope to god it’s not them
  9. Would love to see Catfish and the Bottlemen back, been 3 years. Would also love to see Blossoms & Courteeners out there. Seem more Beni type bands but hopefully do Madrid at some point
  10. Headlining medium sized festivals and still selling out arenas in the UK, could certainly be somewhere on the line up, maybe not headliner though
  11. Has anyone considered Stereophonics? maybe not a huge band but if they’re gonna go for 2 medium bands then maybe them and Tame Impala etc?
  12. Any name could fit on the right hand side, the left hand side has enough space for 15 characters, because of the way they’ve moved the dot. So think of an artist with 15 characters in the name (a gap counts as a character) Liam Gallagher would be 14 so hopefully they not him hahaha
  13. Lewis Capaldi...could we will be seeing him announced as like a second line act? Has continued to get bigger and bigger since he played last year at a very early time. Has a gap between Manchester 8th July and Glasgow 12th July and been announced for Rock Wretcher
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