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  1. Is the drink cheaper in the VIP bar ? Also can you use your VIP band in all stages or is it just the 2 main stages that has a VIP area
  2. Ye I'm waiting on ours. I emailed festiticket and they said they are working closely to get them sent and I will get an email
  3. Just seen the Spanish twicket site has 2 weekend passes for face value
  4. I have seen on a facegroup page that festiticket can change the name on the ticket. I doubt they will be checking ID against the tickets but contact festiticket anyway. I've sent them a messge on Facebook and got a quick reply.
  5. Hey. Try this page. www.milanuncios.com. There are people selling tickets that already have the bracelets.
  6. Looking for a VIP weekend ticket if anyone comes across one. Tia
  7. Do you still have it ? I need one
  8. I just go got sent it and checked with my friends they got one too.
  9. Received this from festi ticket just incase it's useful to anyone as the deadline isn't today
  10. Hi. I am looking for a 3 day vip pass if anyone has one now or in the coming months.
  11. Could 120 ×11 mean 120 bands announced by the 11th?
  12. Mad cool have said on their Facebook page that they are putting on shuttle busses so I think it's best to stay in the city centre
  13. Does anyone think haim or the war on drugs could play ?
  14. The suspense is killing me. One more question. Can anyone tell me is puerta del sol a good location to stay. I've booked there for a week
  15. Does anyone know when the next announcement is expected?
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