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  1. Isn't it time to create a new thread for Primavera 2019? Woop woop, excited already.
  2. This was my 4th Primavera and still enjoyed it despite the same probs like all years before (talkers and long distances). Highlights (in descending order): - Mike D: I've been a Beastie Boys fan for a quarter of a century and never got to see them live, so at least seeing one of them was a lifelong dream come true. Jumping up and down in the second row, yes yes ya. - Ride at Hidden Stage. Great sound in an intimate setting. Could switch of my constantly worried mind and let the psychedelic sound take over. - Björk: not a fan of Utopia but it worked tremendously well in this transcendental live show. Was so mesmerized I forgot time and place. - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever with the sunset and a salty sea breeze: wonderful. - Nick Cave: obviously! - Jorja Smith: that voice! - Slowdive: another magical sunset show - plus feet-friendly seating on the Primavera hill - Ross From Friends: nerdy Balearic beats at 4am was exactly what I needed then - Josh T. Pearson: the new Hidden setting doesn't disappoint. Plus he was "funnier/friendlier/chattier" that I thought he would be (expected this uber-cool Cowboy persona, hehe) - Nils Frahm: the last song he played, Says: how the sound over an enternity gradually transforms from very quiet and sparse to this bombastic wall of sound - Sparks: didn't expect them to put on such a fun show. I saw them by chance, so a good surprise. - not to forget the amazing food options. In previous years we used to eat in town but because of wanting to start with earlier concerts this year we opted for the on-site stalls and were positively surprised. For quite reasonable prices you get amazingly fresh food. Especially loved the Poké Bowls. Disappointments: - Missing too many bands because of clashes - John Talabot: wrong expectations. The word "disco" should have been a giveaway, but from his records I'd expected a house DJ set and not a 70's inspired Abba-esque sound. My fault. Even more gutted now missing out on Public Service Broadcasting because it took us forever crossing back over that bridge from the Bits area - generally the Apolo shows. I sadly missed the Sunday ones because of having to head back home, but the Wednesday shows were too electro. I generally like that genre, but I would have preferred the odd "heavier" band thrown in (saw Shellac, Sleaford Mods, Japandroids etc. there in previous years). The heavily praised Shanti Celeste had a sloppy set in my opinion (the crowd even gasped at one especially botched transition) and we left after 15 mins listening to Kedr Levanski because the sound was really bad, you almost couldn't hear her singing. For those with: - bar problems: I found out that smiling at the staff helped me being served before others. ? - transport problems: we're always staying in central Barcelona (prefer this to a close-to-festival-location because of the atmosphere and the shopping/sightseeing-possibilities) and rent bicycles for the 4/5 days. From Barceloneta/Born it's an easy 15/20-minute ride along the beachfront (free sunrise at 6am after a DJ Koze set!). No bus queues, no taxi waits and fair prices, too. Plus you get to have the bike all the time and can use it during the daytime to cruise round the city. Perfect!
  3. My plane arrived quite late on the Thu last year, so had the same problem: sent a message to Primavera via Facebook and they said writstband exchange is open til approx. 2am. However, I don't know if it's the same on Wed. Ask them to be sure, they reply quite quickly.
  4. Do you know how often these vehicles run? How many people can get in there etc.? Is there actually some information on the website? I haven't found it, yet. I remember those aching feet after trekking back and forth between the electro-beach area and Mordor, so getting easier transportation there would be great.
  5. Is that 100% certain that Sonar and Primavera don't share artists? Especially unannounced unexpected ones?
  6. https://www.bandsintown.com/a/26092-thom-yorke Thom Yorke tour dates for Europe leave a gap on 31 May. Maybe an unexpected visit?
  7. https://www.redtkt.com/safeMarketplaceInfo?lang=en
  8. Did you download the Primavera App? You can already "star" your favourite artists, but of course there's no timetable yet. Maybe eases your impatience nevertheless.
  9. Still hoping for the likes of The Charlatans, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage or REM to make an unexpected appearance.
  10. This theory has already been mentioned somewhere on page 31 of this thread. Regarding the phone-announcements of the secret gigs: I agree with you that it's annoying to do it this way. Besides, I kept having problems with the app/my phone like the connection was down occasionally (so I didn't get notifications in the first place) and I'd also lost my starred artists three times in total, so I had to uninstall the app several times. So yeah, would be happy for an alternative way of notification.
  11. Pardon me, but you're not listening to me - I was at parties as a 3/4-year-old, and already as a child was a night-owl so I had no problem going to bed in the wee hours. Plus, Spanish (or Italian, as a matter of fact) children seem to be fine going to bed way past midnight, too. How would we know when other people's children get tired? Oh well, I guess with parenting there can't be a consensus. I didn't mean to get involved in a discussion about principles. ALL I was saying was that I saw kids (also small ones) in the VIP area last year and they didn't seem traumatized. That's all...
  12. Obviously the Spanish are more relaxed about bedtimes - whenever I was in Spain I always saw kids running around way past midnight while their parents were chatting with friends at restaurants or even bars. I'm sure Sam is responsible enough to recognise when his son is tired and would take him to the hotel instead of insisting on seeing band xyz at 4am. Plus, I remember my own parents taking me to quite wild parties when I was little - they usually went on until the wee hours and I thoroughly enjoyed them, chatting to the grown-ups and dancing weird wiggly kiddie dances. No harm done - unless still being a party animal counts as lasting damage. To be fair, I've got to say I've always been a night owl. What I want to say is: we don't know Sam's son and he's his dad and should decide what to do.
  13. Well, I saw quite a number of families with kids in the VIP area last year, so maybe that is an option since you have the chance to get away from the crowds. It's for the two main stages (there's another one at the Primavera stage if I'm not mistaken) and you're quite far away but visibility is good and as I said, it's pretty relaxed there. With no kids myself I can't really say anything about the suitability in general - but the children I saw around seemed quite chill about the whole experience. Good luck and have fun if you decide to go!
  14. I'm totally looking forward to a number of electronic acts such as Four Tet, DJ Koze, Mano Le Tough, Âme [which yes, I expect it to be both guys together], The Black Madonna, John Talabot or Ross from Friends, whom I've discovered through someone recommending him in this forum: I'm already in love, so thanks! Possibly it is down to personal preference or perception of what I consider to be "big/important", but in past years Underworld, Moderat and Aphex Twin have just had a bigger impact on me personally when reading their name on the line-up. Caribou was lovely in 2015. Perhaps I was hoping "the big mainstage electronica" to be along the lines of Orbital, Leftfield, Chemical Brothers, UNKLE/DJ Shadow, ... .
  15. Sure, but BnBs and similar don't.
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