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  1. What they choose to do with their small amount of fame is up to them. I was there, I spoke to the guitarist for a bit, they're nice as pie. Every person I saw in there was having a right laugh. You're obviously a boring robot. Have a beer and relax, or go to another stage.
  2. Not enough people mentioning Fontaines D.C. if you're only looking forward to a handful of acts so far, give their album a few listens. Might not grab you first time but I'm obsessed with it now. They'll make heading in on Thursday a bit more worthwhile for sure!
  3. Can someone tell me whether or not its worth getting the zodiac fields add on for £63? I wanted to get a pre pitched 2 man tent which worked out at £90, that seemed worth it, but they are sold out. Zodiac alone gets you a less busy camp and hot showers and proper toilets. Are the general toilets as rank as other festivals? Does it get as packed? And does general camping have showers? Oh also, i have Thursday entry so shouldn't be too tricky getting a good spot to camp. Mainly wondering about toilets and showers. thanks Cheers
  4. can people please let me know the best time to book flights/if they ended up with any great deals over the past few years? I'm happy to fly from Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol, Heathrow, Gatwick, Exeter, Luton and I'm never quite sure when flights are at their cheapest. /flights to castellon seem to be like gold dust. Anyone manage to snag any before?
  5. Nice one. Haven't been since 2011 but remember the stages filling up mega fast is all. Yeah 2nd stage, I'll prob just rock up half an hour before
  6. This has probably been covered but alas. How early do people reckon I need to get in the mixer, in order to get in the first few rows for wolf alice? Would I have to put up with several bands before? Stage doesn't seem too big on the map. Cheers Sidenote: 'just barge through' isn't the sort of answer I'm looking for either
  7. Jesus there are so many shit/nobody acts being mentioned in this thread. It's time to just give up and enjoy it primarily as a beach holiday for me.
  8. Website says so. But it only releases the next 2 months of tickets at a time. So it's possible they may go up. I'm willing to wait rather than shell out 70 nicker
  9. Official return coach from barca 70 euros in total? That some sort of sick joke? The renfe train from airport to benicassim town is only like 12 euros each way? Does someone know something i Don't?
  10. Travis Scott? If he's a headliner I'll cut my own head off and eat it with my ass.
  11. Thank GOD everyone has stopped banging on about Jack White. Should be absolutely nowhere near a headline slot.
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