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  1. Haha, what a place to put the Glastonbury headliner, Stormzy!
  2. Why don't they just do a indoor festival at the winter in London, like the Pitchfork festival in Paris. Imagine a Primavera festival in January/Februray. I would love to go to that!
  3. Just give Grimes the 03:00 slot at Rayban, and I will be happy!
  4. Nope, the Bits area has always been open for everyone.
  5. Thursday: Alice Phoebe Lou > Dream Wife > Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks (only the first 20-30 min) > Big Thief > Mac DeMarco > Christine and the Queens (the end) > Sigrid > Guided By Voices > 070 Shake > Dirty Projectors (the end) > Charli XCX > FKA twigs Friday: Lucy Dacus > Snail Mail > Pond > Kurt Vile > Piroshka > Jawbreaker > CHAI > Aldous Harding > Miley Cyrus > Tame Impala > Jungle > Mura Masa > Peggy Gou Saturday: Boy Pablo > Built To Spill > Channel Tres > CL Final > Solange > Tierra Whack > Sterolab > JPEGMAFIA > Modeselektor
  6. Don't think so, seems like it's a new place indoors: "Your Heineken Stage, that takes over from Heineken Hidden stage in the Parc del Fòrum and will be located in a new marquee with a 2000-people capacity that will host meetings with artists and the broadcast of the UEFA Champions League final."
  7. Confirmed: https://www.primaverasound.es/noticiaSingle?id=1679
  8. Seems like my music taste for the moment is ready for this years Primavera. Kind of surprised with the result really: You can check yours here (if you use Spotify): https://smirnoff.withspotify.com/
  9. Oh yes! Can't wait to see them live!
  10. They are only chatty at the two main stages, but that is really every main stage at every festival in the world. So if really want to see something there, you should be there early to get a great spot.
  11. Mac is back, with a new album before Primavera!
  12. The concerts usually is on the Primavera scene (yupp, inside the festival area) on Wednesday, and it has never been a problem to get in for me. Last year they also had concerts inside Auditori (Stereolab played there) with more limited space. There is also concerts at Apollo at the night, which is also more limited. If we trust this quote: "The inaugural day on Wednesday in the Parc del Fòrum will be completely free with concerts by Big Red Machine, the post-millennial genius Cuco, dream pop by Hatchie and the local Melenas and Mow." I think both BRM and Hatchie will play at the Primavera scene, so you should have no problem to get in.
  13. I rarely go to see headliners on festivals, so there is really no competition for me, Primavera is my pick for this year.
  14. @Fabrizzo and @xxialac: Discovered both of them before, so that's why I didn't mention them.
  15. Have (finally) started to go through the full lineup now, from A - Z. First hidden gem: Cariño. Lovely spanish indie rock!
  16. Body Type is awesome, so would love to see them there!
  17. Woosh! It's strange and just sad that I have to explain why they did this in the video. Both men and women flash their chest at the end, to show both should be treated equal. The discussion of women flashing their chest is strange and men flashing their chest is normal fits perfect "The New Normal" slogan. That you think women's chest = men's penis, just prove the point.
  18. Breast is just breast, so why look at it different? Same with the music. If you guys think this is sexist, then you need to wake up and understand that we're almost in 2019 and not 1900... You and some other people here just prove the point Primavera is doing and why they need to do this.
  19. I can give you a hint. Do you only see women flash their chest?
  20. wtf, mate? See the video one more time, and maybe you'll get it...
  21. Primavera wrote this when they announced the lineup: "the champions of psychedelic pop Tame Impala presenting their long-awaited new album". You can read it here: https://www.primaverasound.com/noticiaSingle?origen=ps&id=1658
  22. I just went through the Mad Cool lineup to see how bad the male/female difference is, and... wow, just wow! I know this is not the full lineup, and I really hope it's getting better. If we remove all the full male band/artist they would have this lineup (non of them is headliners either): Tash Sultana, Rews, Alma, Helena Hauff, Sophie Hunger, Sex Museum, Milk Teeth, Jorja Smith, Pip Bloom. That's 9/38 acts. No hate for Mad Cool, just so sad that so big festival(s) in 2018/19 has so few female acts. Someone has to go in the front and do something about this. Iceland Airwaves did it last year and now Primavera Sound is doing it. Hate or love it, but it's so needed in this industry!
  23. I really hope they bring back the "Unexpected" thing they did in 2017. It really got people buzzing ever day and we got some nice surprises with Mogwai, Arcade Fire 360 set and HAIM.
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