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  1. From the Primavera site: "The countdown starts with this first announcement of more than a hundred names, which will be completed over the next few months to shape the definitive lineup for our 20th anniversary." Looks like we can expect the full lineup very early for 2021!
  2. My hotel also had no problems to reschedule for the new dates next year (Gates Hotel Diagonal).
  3. Finally people can stop complain about this. Time to start to hype for 2021!
  4. I totally understands the frustration for the music industry in Spain. Here in Norway is events with over 500 attendees banned until September, and we have pretty good control on the virus at the moment.
  5. They won't cancel it before the Spanish government are denying events for August, like any other festival in the world.
  6. ...and gets 11 signatures on a petition for refund. lol Just read The Guardian article above here and relax: "Primavera initially wouldn’t comment beyond their official statement – “Until the state of alarm is over we won’t reactivate the ticket sales, nor are we allowed to give more information about the ticket policy”– but have now stated to the Guardian that they do intend to make refunds. Organisers said they were “contemplating various solutions for this edition’s ticketholders, which will be announced after the state of alarm decreed by the Spanish government. One of these solutions, among others, will be the refund. We have never said that we wouldn’t offer them.” They said they were “waiting for the legal framework on this matter to be defined” across Spanish, Catalonian and European law before announcing details, adding: “We must be patient and wait for these new extraordinary measures to be fully defined. If we were to do so before, we would not be guaranteeing legal certainty either for our festival or for our ticketholders. We want to inform our buyers on the basis of certainties, not speculations.”"
  7. lol, calm down. They will offer refund when the Government is coming with restrictions for the summer.
  8. Cant't wait to see Thee Oh Sees again at PS21:
  9. The problem with this: If I rebook my flight and hotel now, and the festival still gonna be cancelled, I don’ have any right to get my money back from insurance, since it’s not recommend to book any vacation now...
  10. SXSW didn't have insurance that cover something like Corona. That's the main reason they didn't had any refund. They also had to lay-off a lot of people too. It's very difficult to compare SXSW with Primavera, so we just have to wait to see. Source: https://pitchfork.com/news/sxsw-2020-cancellation-leads-to-major-layoffs/
  11. Sorry to hear that! Guess I’m lucky that something like that would never happen with a travel insurance from Norway.
  12. That's fucked up! Hope you get your money back if it's no Primavera this year.
  13. Ah, I understand. Buying a travel insurance now doesn't make sense now, since the problem is already here and that's why the insurance won't cover it anymore. My travel insurance cover travels that was made before 12/3, so I'm safe if it this won't take place.
  14. wtf, what kind of travel insurance is that?!
  15. And this is the reason why people should have travel insurance when you order a travel so many months ahead.
  16. lol, people will complain if he doesn't say anything either. I think it's fine that he comes with a statement that they are planning on going on as planned, but that's something he can't control. It's still over two months, but don't get your hopes up with this statement.
  17. Got to see Squid and Black Country, New Road live this weekend. Both very good live, but wow, Squid is a must see for everyone that loves punk, excellent live band!
  18. Change in price the 6th of March, maybe some more acts then? Could be the Hidden Stage etc.
  19. Damn, the new King Krule album is fire! Not really a suprise, since Archy can't do nothing wrong.
  20. Hope she cancels Primavera too. She is excellent in studio, but so boring live.
  21. They sent out this mail soon after the lineup release, so I think the sales is okey: "Primavera Sound Barcelona kicks off its twentieth anniversary with the best sales figures in its history. Enthusiastic reaction from audiences and media to a lineup that brings together twenty years of musical uniqueness. Over 10,000 full festival tickets sold in 24 hours promises a historic edition."
  22. Oh fuck, that Tobias Jesso Jr. concert was such a awful experience. Could almost not hear him because of the Rayban stage.
  23. Seems like the sales is very good so far. Got this mail now: "Primavera Sound Barcelona kicks off its twentieth anniversary with the best sales figures in its history Over 10,000 full festival tickets sold in 24 hours promises a historic edition"
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