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  1. Nadineh5097

    bottled it this year

    Hey jay jay You going to creamfields this year?
  2. Nadineh5097

    Creamfields 2018 On Sale 29th Sept.

    Hi Jodie I've decided I'm going solo, are you?
  3. Nadineh5097

    Creamfields 2018 On Sale 29th Sept.

    Hi Becca I've ordered silver ticket, I'm also planning to go alone, I'm flying over from Ireland and was there last year, we could meet up and go together of you like? My friends are being bores so I've decided I'm going with or without them
  4. Hi friends have bailed this year and I don't want to miss out so was wondering if there's any groups that get together for the festival or if anyone is going solo and wants to go together??