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  1. I agree! I honestly love them live, their music to me is quality stuff, and tbh, the chill vibes of Latitude need this reconnection with what people love about the festival. The headliners and line-up should be about introducing the best in music and who have the best sound and quality in songs, not nostalgic acts just to please everyone. I think giving the line-up a try (which looks GREAT tbf) instead of thinking what 'could' have been is the best option, because it looks so well rounded!
  2. I just don't know why it has to be about the size of the act, the quality of the music at Latitude has been incredible when you see the full line up come together! Yes, it may happen to be that the headliners are what everyone is hooked on the most, but experiencing them at Latitude is a pleasure in itself!
  3. Wait what?! If this true, I'm DOWN for Haim! ❣️
  4. True, but it wouldn't bother me at all if it means The Chemical Brothers headlining, seen them in Cardiff the other day and wow!
  5. Less than 3 hours now! Headliner predictions, Chem Bros, Dido/Grimes/FKA Twigs and Supergrass/Liam Gallagher/Bombay Bicycle Club. In a dream world, Chem Bros, Dido and Sigur Ros, but if Supergrass headline that will more than knock the socks off a lot of past line-ups. Other acts I expect will be M83, Metronomy, Kaiser Chiefs, The Amazons (after their announcement), Sam Fender, R Plus, Hot Chip, FONTAINES D.C., Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Half Moon Run, POSSIBLY another Aurora reappearance, Car Seat Headrest and other acts. This is just guess work of who have been around a lot this year/last year, so just big hopes based off this...
  6. If Chemical Brother headline, I'll be over the moon! I'm not a huge fan of Kraftwerk, ngl, but if they were headlining, I'd still be up for it none-the-less! Also, I still think after their tour, Hot Chip would be an insane addition to the line-up!
  7. Just that it's Wednesday now is all. I really glad though as I have a deadline in Tuesday for Uni so NEED to get everything done before getting excited
  8. There's always the possibility between Noel or Liam Gallagher, but then again, I know who I'd prefer out of the two... Also. as much as alt-J are getting back on the scene, I don't think we'll be seeing them for a while... or will we??? Nether the less, I think them for 2021. Grimes could also be a possibility, and tbh, artistry wise, she would be a GREAT fit for the stage!
  9. Haha, seeing The Chemical Brothers in Cardiff tonight, but would be VERY much up for seeing them in Latitude too! I have a STRONG feeling however that a certain Bombay Bicycle Club may be on the line-up
  10. I was trying to get tickets to see Foals at Cardiff Castle this year as I live VERY close to it but failed to get any Honestly, this would save the year for me!
  11. Only bought my first The Specials album the other day from HMV, never knew how much I loved them, think that'd be a massive decider for so many people too.
  12. Would LOVE to see a bit of Madness there, could do with a Ska note on board!
  13. Nick Mulvey in the mix hopefully, his new music is incredible!
  14. Really hoping to see an appearance from Michael Kiwanuka this year, new music sounds amazing so far! But yeah, definitely expecting The National to headline. Also, Sigur Ros headline set considering how long it's been since 2008?!
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