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  1. So they postponed price change until 4/12, and 5/12 is Thursday, their typical announcement day. Probably will get some names then.
  2. Liam Gallagher is rumoured for FIB, so guess we could include him too.
  3. The will definitely headline festival on Moscow 17-19 July, so I think there is big chance for them at Ostrava
  4. The Killers is about to announce some shows in Eastern Europe this week, so I would say they are very likely
  5. + Angel Olsen, Charlie XCX, NIna Kraviz
  6. Low-price tickets will be available till 1 of december, so probably we will hear something before Christmas
  7. Yes, you'll need a separate Camping for Glamping. So for 2 persons it will be 2 Camping tickets and 1 Glamping option.
  8. Oh, so it will be LG's third time in four years. Unbelievable.
  9. Don't know how about "defined rock music", but Interpol is my second guess after The Strokes.
  10. So, yes, they had poster before announcement and Biffy was there.
  11. Liam's third time in 4 years is nonsence. The main issue for me now is that we dont know what to expect and when. And how many non-Spanish bands they gonna add.
  12. They hinting at Vampire Weekend, LG or NG, Foals, Garrix, Khalid, The Hives and MGMT. Dunno how reliable is it.
  13. Hardly can relate them to indie, but who knows.
  14. So they included Supergrass in the list of groups. That's very interesting
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