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  1. Tbh I can see it like this: Khalid/LG, Garrix/VW, The Libertines/?, Foals/?
  2. Aaaaaaaand, they have postponed price raise to 15/12 Ian Brown have just been announced for the Victorious Festival, good option for today's announcement
  3. On Instagram they said "who is the new confirmation", so we'll definitely get only one name.
  4. Or eleven according to their instagram Guess it will be LG.
  5. So Liam for FIB is done I guess. Hope we can get announcement tomorrow.
  6. So they postponed price change until 4/12, and 5/12 is Thursday, their typical announcement day. Probably will get some names then.
  7. Liam Gallagher is rumoured for FIB, so guess we could include him too.
  8. The will definitely headline festival on Moscow 17-19 July, so I think there is big chance for them at Ostrava
  9. The Killers is about to announce some shows in Eastern Europe this week, so I would say they are very likely
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