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  1. So they included Supergrass in the list of groups. That's very interesting
  2. So it's definitely not The Killers headlining
  3. So I think it rules them out of Beni
  4. It seems that they will start selling 2 and 3-day tickets on February 2
  5. They have updated the official site. So now you can get information about camping options, food, drink etc. However, there are still no single day tickets available
  6. It seems that they sent an emails to a lot of people with different line-up variations
  7. Girl who received an e-mail wrote that her choices were: drake, lana del rey, tash sultana
  8. On the official site they say Easy Tent equipped with Combination padlock. How useful and safe is it?
  9. Taking into account Liam's voice condition I gues he will take a break before huge Finsbury solo show. But everything possible
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