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  1. It was a secret tweet for FF fanclub members
  2. Foo Fighters' tweet says differently..
  3. The Strokes and Chili Peppers it is!!!
  4. How is it ‘dickish’ if I call out someone’s lie? Bit of a ‘dickish’ piece of cyber bullying from you here Simon
  5. One of the biggest bands in the world regardless of whether you like them or not...so how exactly could they not be headliners? ?
  6. Why wouldn't they be headliners you idiot?
  7. Told you: https://twitter.com/madcoolfestival/status/1189240821922652166?s=20
  8. Bigger announcement incoming tonight. Coldplay, Tame Impala & Foals TBA NME have confirmed too, 'more acts to follow later today' Can't wait!
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