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  1. Legendary musician singing on legendary songs she recorded doesn’t sound like tricking people to me.
  2. "Massive Attack with Elizabeth Fraser" is still a prominent female name at the top of the lineup, whether you people consider her a "real" act or not.
  3. How is it like that? Liz is on the album and part of how all those shows were announced. It's more like saying a steak with a side of brussel sprouts doesn't count as eating veggies because you're still also eating steak.
  4. Massive Attack with Liz Fraser works for the new normal too.
  5. I love Kacey Musgraves but is she headliner level in Spain?
  6. burial's tour dates seem open that weekend.
  7. Jai Paul has never played live ever, it would be a big deal. He's probably not here so it doesn't really matter.
  8. Gabi said today the lineup is waiting on some special/orchestral set confirmations, not a headliner. guess you could say jai paul first show ever would be a special set but it'd probably be a headliner level as well.
  9. why would we take anything Gabi says like the 5 reunions things seriously anyway?
  10. I'm not even upset about it, but it's still delayed from when they wanted to release in early December.
  11. Gabi was teasing the lineup in November and said he only needed one more name. He said it would hopefully be out in early December. Why do you all get so defensive about the lineup being late? it's not that big of a deal. They're replying to people on twitter that the wait will be worth it for the lineup, why would they do that if it's on time?
  12. the lineup is late. it is not years ago, it's 2020. All of there competition has most or all of their lineups released for a long time already.
  13. How many of those gigs did you attend? I thought the production was insane when I saw him. I still don’t actually really expect him here though tbh.
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