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  1. Anyone selling Friday or Saturday tickets to Leeds???
  2. Frank Carter has to pop up somewhere, right? 🐍🐍
  3. This will be my 13th Leeds Festival. Didn’t think I’d miss it as much as I would but this video was just what I needed. fucking let’s go ❤️💛
  4. Probably reading into it too much but I know this guys meant to be fairly big in the states but if he can fly over, surely that’s a good sign for a lot of the other American acts?
  5. Usually I’m really anxious or on edge about who they’re going to announce. Now I literally couldn’t care. As long as I’m in that field with my wrist band and a bouncing crowd I couldn’t care who’s on😂😬
  6. Could it also be the extra costing the festival would take on to do testing on site? R+L have been going for years and have numerous ways of bringing in income to accommodate the extra costs to make sure the festival goes ahead, where as smaller festivals their sponsors may not be as keen to put their hand in their pocket.
  7. Mad this album is 20. Love to see these on the main stage to see how they would perform and put on a show
  8. I’ve seen blink 182 live when Tom was in the band and they were phenomenal. Then I’ve seen them with Matt Skiba and they were good, but it was pretty much the Mark Hoppus show with Travis doing his thing behind him.
  9. Make sure she’s got someone waiting to give her a lift home or to walk with her. Why would you ever walk home alone after an event
  10. Self announced it on their insta. Don’t know how I feel about this if I’m honest
  11. Also I know it’s not R+L related but noticed that Drake had liked this single post. Could Wireless be big enough to draft him in as a headliner?👀
  12. I managed to get tickets to the album launch show in July at Stylus I’m buzzing!
  13. Not very subtle about who they will announce 😂
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