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  1. Mad Cool have released their lineup - about 70% complete according to their post yesterday. Billie and Taylor both missing and KoL but none were scheduled for RW anyway, just we probs won’t get them as replacements I guess. On a quick glance I see HAIM is missing who I was really looking forward to seeing at RW. I would love for Wolf Alice Glass Animals Foals and Tom Misch to play as all are present in this Mad Cool poster
  2. This announcement was awesome, so happy about Royal Blood & Gorillaz & Jamie XX and will be interesting to see Alt J live for the first time. The acts that have stayed like Thom Yorke the streets & Fontaines are also must see Acts for me. Controversial opinion, but I couldn’t care less about most of 2020s headliners/ like Pearl Jam, Kendrick, Volbeat and SOAD so if they replace some of them (which they may have done with Gorillaz and maybe Royal Blood) then that makes me very happy. I really need The Strokes to play again and hopefully get Tame Impala onboard this year for it to become one of my dream lineups. Could start to rival 2018s awesome lineup which was my first RW
  3. https://zaphod.vvhp.net/vvreg/14634-703613.html?t=1581675075
  4. I'm still holding out for any/all of Foals, IDLES, Vampire Weekend and Tame Impala to come
  5. REX, MILES KANE, FONTAINES, LOYLE CARNER, JAKE BUGG Great announcement for me, Miles for a second year in a row is a bit odd though. I need to listen to LP and Jenny Beth as well I think
  6. I have a nasty suspicion we might just get all Belgian names today (which I am just completely unfamiliar with) - with any luck it'll be some medium to big names mentioned earlier in the Thread eg. IDLES
  7. Line up is getting better - very excited by the HAIM addition and one of my best crowd experiences was at Leeds 2017 with LG subbing Muse so I'm hoping (I know the Belgian crowd aren't likely to top and and I don't anticipate a lot of flares) it will be a good time so happy with him playing. Again, just need a few more names like Foals, IDLES, Rex Orange County, Fontaines DC, Royal Blood, Everything Everything and Tame Impala (aware they are rumoured to be out now as far as I can remember) and I'll be sold. Not interested in any of the headliners so far apart from The Strokes (who I am over the moon for) so I'm in need of a strong undercard. Still holding hope Gorillaz do a handful of shows, inc. RW, but I know Damon has plans in Iceland so likely won't happen
  8. Royal Blood would be great - saves me having to go to Newcastle and back that weekend, (not the worst as I'm from there and go to uni in London so the only ball ache is the train travel + prices but got accommodation all sorted), which is what I did to catch both Foals at this is Tomorrow and then the Strokes at APE last year. Unfortunately, if they follow Foals' touring pattern from last year it looks like APE might not be on the cards and they'll do truck but I'm optimistic. Biffy/RB co-head is interesting and would sell great IMO but to be honest, with them putting on Christine & The Queens last year alone I don't think this is something they'd go for and want to spread them over a couple different days, both with decent subs. The Fontaines/Blossoms/Royal Blood lineup from This is Tomorrow would translate really well to APE I reckon so something along those lines. I can see Bombay and Rex Orange County making some high up appearances, similar with Sam Fender, Everything Everything and lower down maybe Oh Wonder & Confidence Man
  9. They always seem to nail the Friday and this is by far the best day they've ever produced. Fointaines, Blossoms and RB and even what I've heard from Inhaler are all absolutely cracking. Puts me in the same position as last year. Want to do the Friday of this and the Saturday of All Points East - last year that was Foals then the Strokes the day after, this year Royal Blood and Tame Impala. It's do able but I was exhausted last year, getting an early train to London from Newcastle wasn't that great not gonna lie. Just wish there was a day in-between to recover lol
  10. Wolf Alice are on Dirty Hit which could make for a really good sub for the 1975. Would love that at APE tbh and if there was an opportunity for them to curate a day, like BMTH last year, then I'd hope they'd go for that over Manchester but can imagine playing hometown for their own day/festival being more exciting for the band.
  11. My bad sorry! Maybe Gwen Stefani could pay I guess if she would take that slot? Not sure she would though and with talks of decent headliners like Tame Impala now I hope they don't fill a spot with her.
  12. Although I actually had very fun and drunk time at P!nk this year, there was so much backlash on the Thursday I don't think Rock Werchter would repeat the same mistakes again; plus I'm sure that day sold really badly, perhaps @Ken19 could confirm I could only see her doing a Barn Headline against SOAD or Pearl Jam for example but I doubt she'd accept that. Just those three names on one lineup doesn't seem right. Also, is she even a big name outside the US? Kylie played mid day Barn last year if I'm not mistaken, deffo didn't headline it, and I swear that she is a bigger name than Stefani right? I will happily be told I'm wrong over that mind you, I think Kylie has mad popular in the UK with big hits in the past so I might be more biased but can't remember the last time I heard Gwen Stefani on the radio bar Great Escape.
  13. Surely The National won't do a third year on the trot of big outdoor UK (London) festivals - they coheadlined BST with Florence last year remember? Everyone who would want to see them will have seen them, plus I swear they did a small UK tour last year also? I'm surprised the band don't want a break but I'm sure casual fans might. I don't doubt the organisers could still put them on but they've got to understand that it might not sell well, even if they are playing a new show. For the record, if Royal Blood finally put out an album or at least a handful of singles, APE would be a great place to show them off with a strong undercard. Plus, I genuinely would go and see Wolf Alice Headline, again with a strong sub, I think same applies with new material plus the Mercurry Prize has go to have elevated them to closer to an APE headliner, just think about Christine and the Queens Last year. Surely a Wolf Alice headline makes way more sense than that. Would it be inconceivable to have WA sub RB? With Slaves a bit further down? That would sort me right out. If did the same to IDLES and Johnny Marr and put them third that day I think they'd be in with a winner.
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