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  1. Just wondering if anyone here has used ticket swap before? some lovely savings on combi tickets on there but wondering if its legit. Looks it but was curious that if it's all etickets then how can you be sure that the seller doesn't still go into the festival with the barcode they've sold you before you do, making your ticket void?
  2. None on See for GA, there's some left on Fatsoma so I became a rep, if you buy through this link some of the fees are reduced, https://fatso.ma/Iaog
  3. Left it a bit late for tickets for The Strokes day, if anyone is selling a pair of General Admission tickets id be happy to pay face value OR has a link to a site with some left (gigantic is now sold out) that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. More names!! Lewis Capaldi and Johnny Marr are highlights for stereophonics day, no big opinions on any of the other additions to be honest
  5. local band No Teeth have self announced for Foals day, still no other new supports announced as far as I can see on the official this is tomorrow account
  6. not happy but expected... wish they'd announce the undercard tho
  7. Confirmed to have two stages this year in the comments on their instagram
  8. Frustrating, but also we got a lot of names earlier than most festivals so I can hold off till next year before I start getting impatient
  9. This is a good point, I believe doors last year were around 5pm so adding an extra hour on Foals day and even taking an hour off on day 3 must mean it's expanding to multiple stages otherwise bands would have like 20 min sets, especially when they've already doubled the amount of acts playing per day with 'plans' to add more
  10. Funny wording but basically more acts to be added to both days still and an unannounced third day - great!
  11. This is 100% a shout, they already hold gigs as an independent venue for those who don't know
  12. I'd love for any of them to show up bar Gerry Cinnamon who is just the worst IMO. Slaves, Tom Grennan, Jade Bird my personal faves these. Also worth bearing in mind last years days only had 5 acts for Thirty Seconds and 4 for Catfish, so the 7/8 acts on the already announced days is already an upgrade from last year. Could mean second stage or could mean everything's been announced for those two days so far. Just got to wait and see
  13. Also talking about multiple stages - I honestly don't think Spiller's Wharf could have had a second stage, Exhibition Park could do though realistically, so long as bands didn't overlap as I think sound clashing could easily be an issue. With the more acts issue - this poster has the "More TBA" text across the two days. This could be a good sign to a bigger undercard for each day being added, however it could also just be referencing the unannounced third day that is on the ticket website. Depends if they are still wanting to treat them as three separate outdoor gigs like last years two shows were marketed as OR if they want it to seem more like a festival like this years marketing sort of looks like. A second stage (possibly with just local acts like The Pale White and the possibility of Sam Fender returning for example) would deffo help cement it as a festival.
  14. I would kill for Tame Impala! Although, I honestly think the 1975 are in with a shot of playing, the lead singer has a huge attachment to Newcastle (even got a tattoo, plus strong family ties and supports NUFC) and yet they aren't playing here on their upcoming tour... slightly odd since they play here every time they've toured iirc Also I went last year, so any questions can be directed my way. I personally had no problems with security; the layout was quite strange despite it being a big carpark. The pissing rain over the first acts like Sam Fender and Little Comets meant a) we stayed in the pub instead of seeing them and b) huge puddles in the dips and pot holes in the standing area. No one's fault but obviously fields and grass (like exhibition park) are a lot better when it comes to shitty weather. With it moving to a far superior venue and having an extra day I am super excited we finally have a decent festival that's able to pull big acts. Thirty Seconds To Mars last year was a massive shock to everyone here but sadly the fanbase in the toon wasn't there, myself included, but I could appreciate the money that would have been spent and it showed the aspirations of the festival and what they wanted to do in the first year alone. To be honest, I'd be surprised if we don't see a camping version of the festival crop up somewhere in Newcastle in the coming years as Exhibition Park itself is bloody huge and could possibly fit a decent amount of tents somewhere - but if not that there are plenty of other locations relatively close to the centre that would be capable of accommodating this. It fills a nice gap up North for those (like me) who are throughly unimpressed by what Leeds Festival has to offer and if we could camp I reckon it could be contender to midsize/big festivals in the North (which to be fair there is a lack of)
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