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  1. Crrrrrrrrickets. What a borefest of a line up. Roll on full drop.
  2. Can't wait for them to announce Paul McCartney tomorrow though!
  3. Looks like tomorrow, crrr... back to my toad hole.
  4. Crrrrroak Take a look at this Nugget - If you google King Gizz 2019 tour, their website seems to list certain pieces of information that don't appear to have been announced yet.... 🐸🦎🐸 Also Listed for Werchter and Lytham Festival.... crr
  5. Leaked footage of my last visit to the Arcadia spider off my bonce 4am.
  6. Attenborough Confirmed.
  7. Legitimate Musical Discussion my child. We'll have no irrelevant talks of Virtual Leaderboards and online circle jerks here. Beak> WG day time Saturday 76%
  8. HUNCH? How dare you insult the Mighty Toad.
  9. IDLES will play a WG slot Thursday about 9pm like Wolf Alice c.2015 - 90% sure of it Fontaines to play WG at any point during the weekend. 86%
  10. Crrrrrrrrrr Williams shall surely be GREEN this year on the farm I predict an Irish take over Murder Capital Just mustard Fontaines DC 90%%
  11. I left the house for work this morning to Piers Morgan ripping into Jermaine Jackson about MJ being a nonce and now this nugget drops? What is happening! i mean er what, croak, ribbet etc..
  12. The Toad.

    2019 Headliners

    Black Sabbath Saturday night shocker Slayer final final final show Friday subbing Stormzy Smashing Pumpkins, AiC, Tool and Slipknot are all doing a Secret one after the other Park stage setlist of Nightmares. You heard it here first.
  13. The Toad.

    2019 Headliners

    Let alone the Saturday night main highlight attraction. Strokes are Croaks.
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