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  1. Is Sir Elton John ruled out? It's his last tour ever.
  2. Is Sir Elton John ruled out? It's his last tour ever.
  3. Is Sir Elton John ruled out? It's his last tour ever.
  4. What about the Chromatics? https://pitchfork.com/news/chromatics-announce-first-tour-in-over-5-years-share-new-song-time-rider-listen/
  5. Some names are missing... I was expecting Tame Impala, Suede, Primal Scream, Mac deMarco, Kurt Ville, Deerhunter and Janelle Monae. But there's a lot of good names. At least 25 acts I'm happy with. A bit disappointed with the portuguese ones...
  6. Last year Jamie xx was a NOS Primavera Sound Porto exclusive. The Libertines playing Up the Bracket would be awesome...
  7. Totally agree. It's hard to understand what's taking them so long to announce the lineup once and for all. Could they' been trying to book an unexpected act (not booked for BCN) to headline one of the days?
  8. Wasn't the lineup supposed to be announced like a week ago?
  9. https://blitz.sapo.pt/principal/update/2019-01-09-Jarvis-Cocker-voz-dos-Pulp-no-NOS-Primavera-Sound Jarvis Cocker.
  10. Soooo... Lineup probably won't be announced this week, right? Why is it taking so long? Are they trying to get some big names that won't be in Barcelona?
  11. I hope Cass McCombs gets booked for NOS Primavera Sound in Porto, like Amen Dunes did last year. It's a shame Barcelona PS missed that chance. One of the best american musicians.
  12. What about the Yeah Yeah Yeah? Wouldn't they be headline material?
  13. It would be great to see Thom Yorke performing the Suspiria soundtrack.
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