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  1. Would also love that wolf parade set!
  2. Surely Arcade Fire being added is a given at some point.
  3. What I wouldn't give for another Jane Birkin performance like that last one
  4. Wolf parade have already cancelled their UK tour starting next week - I’m guessing more will soon follow.
  5. Agreed. Was going to wait but will be buying a ticket today.
  6. Yeah, I tried for it. I'll 100% be buying a ticket for this.
  7. Wonder if the two dates at Hammersmith Apollo will prevent sales though? Surprising as both dates will be after the festival appearance
  8. They headlined citadel there a few years ago, last time they came to the UK. I’d guess they’ll do an indoor venue next time but who knows.
  9. Also the crowd for caribou for citadel when they were before sigur ros was possibly bigger than for sigur ros who headlined. They’ll draw a lot in I think.
  10. I think a lot of Americans are unaware of how much of a c**t he is. I know a few members of Broken Social Scene did something with him on that covers album and then publically said they didn't know when made aware.
  11. Lana del Rey o2 arena end of the month, I expect that she’ll be announced for a day after that gig
  12. It is but last few years the national and spiritualized have done both and others around size of Jesus and Mary chain, Mogwai have done in previous years. but yes, you’re probably right
  13. It is but last few years the national and spiritualized have done both and others around size of Jesus and Mary chain, Mogwai have done in previous years. Same with when it was field day, future islands, battles and ride. but yes, you’re probably right
  14. Ypisrock announced next Wednesday, presuming they’ll announced APE next week and it’ll be the same headliner / someone announced on undercard next week
  15. I was obviously stood at the wrong part of that because the talking was quite intense where I was!
  16. I can’t imagine people being quiet enough for nils frahm to work at all. Good line up though!
  17. Sorry I mean in general with festivals, not exclusive to this. Also, for the free part completely agreed.
  18. I hope it is two, I’m getting quite bored waiting for what I presume will be quite mediocre lineups. im not sure why I do this to myself every year.
  19. Looks like there’ll be an announcement This week, their Instagram stories are active again
  20. I've wanted to go for a few years, it looks amazing doesn't it. Tied a holiday with my girlfriend in around it - a few days at a beach, staying in the village its in, then more beaches. It's not too far from Palermo, an hour to Cefalu (where i'm staying first) then I think 30 odd minutes to where it's located. Looking at last year they have loads of shuttle buses and things.
  21. There is absolutely someone who can't be announced yet. I'm going to Ypsigrock in Sicily this year and they said they are not allowed to announce yet. I still feel if it was AF they'd be doing Primavera or be announced for something else by now.
  22. Can't help but feel her UK dates will have to pass first. They're mid feb. Surely thats too late. Seems weird to announce for it before doing arena gigs which will cost more (close to £100 FV at O2 i believe, but could be wrong).
  23. That Black Midi day is just weird. No thanks.
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