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  1. It'll mean nothing. Remember that cowboy year with the ladbugs. I'm long past reading into the nonsense Gabi comes up with! Hopefully tonight?
  2. Always. Dead Cross and Sumac were excellent when I last went.
  3. Not in any real way, no. Old man gloom are turners main thing this year by the look of it.
  4. Need some big pulls for a very disappointing first lineup drop. Not really sure who they can pull that’s different this year.
  5. There was a nine inch nails post saying tour plans in 2020 on an Instagram story. Would absolutely love a Nine Inch Nails headline day. If the volumes were turned up.
  6. I recon a big indie day with Modest Mouse on is quite likely. Arcade fire would suit pretty perfectly.
  7. Seen that Lana Del Rey is playing Italy start of June so would fully expect her to be on this and Primavera etc
  8. Is this real? James Blake and Kamasi Washington also added?
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