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  1. Lufthansa a week ago tried for a short moment to talk me out of a refund but didn´t really put up resistance. Told me I will get the refund the way I paid (credit card / bank account / whatever). As of today, no refund, just a message that my bookings have been stornoed. Seems like every carrier has its own way of stalling their refunds.
  2. Maybe let´s agree on: the Cambridge shitstorm is over while the Merriam Webster shitstorm might stay with us for a while.
  3. Cambridge dictionary: Shitstorm: a situation in which a lot of people are disagreeing and arguing with each other That´s what I meant.
  4. I´m sure they had more nightmares about things other than people asking for information but whatever. Don´t want to be too pessimistic but is anyone else thinking/hoping that they are quietly working on an emergency "once in a lifetime Primavera in August 2021" plan? For all the different approaches to opening all over the world, the only overall agreement (with the exception of a certain Donald J. Trump who hopefully will be history by then) seems to be that concerts/festivals/sports events with big crowds will have a big problem until and including at the very least spring of 2021. It w
  5. Fair enough message by PS. Now, if they (not PS) find a vaccine early enough it might just work out. Maybe be prepared for Primavera in summer 2021, though. Almost seems more realistic to me.
  6. Nice. Still doesn't answer why PS have stopped all communication with their customers. Read the Facebook comments. Lots and lots of people want them to communicate. What's so hard about it?
  7. Man, you said work more, complain less. If you had read what I wrote, you'd have seen that what I want from Primavera is some information.
  8. Sorry for making you register. Thank you for trying to do Primavera's job.
  9. Well, I was just repeating what was said here repeatedly. Explanations change with every turn of events. Former facts become speculation. It's always different for PS, even different from NOS, which is for all things PS. That - and PS offering no information whatsoever - is what's really bugging me. This from someone who will go in 2021 99%. Sorry, think I'll go to hibernation on that issue again. There's more important things, really .
  10. Two things: NOS Primavera has now been cancelled - only vouchers mentioned in the press release. Sonar has been cancelled - without the government having declared force majeure (as far as I can see). AND announced they will give choice between voucher and refund. Maybe one of the Primavera apologists can explain how Sonar can do what Primavera can't do and why NOS doesn't even mention refunds. And how after this you can still be sure that there will be refunds. Because what you said until now was: cancelation in Spain only after force majeure and Primavera will always refund.
  11. Maybe PRIMAVERA SOUND could tell us the situation 🙄
  12. The usual "trust us, buy tickets now, the lineup will be great"-approach probably won´t be enough to stop refunds on a larger scale.
  13. Really? Somebody here wrote half would be paid 1 month in advance, the other half after the show. I don´t know at all. But I would assume that the bands won´t get to keep money for a performance they don´t actually make. Frank Ocean? Migos? Cardi B? Money for nothing, indeed. Would be interesting to see those contracts in terms of what happens if the performance is cancelled.
  14. I wonder. Who in their right mind has a contract with Primavera that he insists on being paid as if everything would go ahead as planned - all but knowing that PS won´t happen in August so the contractual obligations won´t be fulfilled anyway? Vendors, security, stage builders? Can´t imagine. Bands/musicians? No. Whoever rents out the Forum/Apolo etc.? Don´t think so. PR people? Maybe. Legal, okay, obviously because they are working now. The actual Primavera staff will get their wages, too. So, I think the biggest part of the money projected to be spent won´t have to be spent. I think.
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