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  1. Oh yes, I didn´t like the new Night Pro site at all. By the way, great stages that don´t exist any more are the Firestone (in or outside that mobile home), the one inside the horrible Mango store on site and of course the surprise Shellc gig right behind the entrance without any real stage...
  2. I like the Ray Ban, but not the long viewing shadow behind its mixing desk / whatever you call it. Takes away so many good sitting spots. Actually I almost like the Adidas best, small, almost intimate and hard to beat with the proper band (last year: Fucked Up, Frank Carter, the year before Idles, Shellac, before Against me and so on). Liked this little OCB Paper Sessions thing last year (will they continue this?), also think that the DayPro stage is underrated. And Sala Apolo, of course. Don´t really like Primavera and Pitchfork. Main stages have improved lots with the "grass".
  3. There´s a nice big Primavera-sized hole in the touring schedule of Einstürzende Neubauten between June 2 and June 9...
  4. Gang of Youths are playing RaR/RiP June 5-7. Maybe on Wednesday or Thursday? Have a new record, are a big thing in Australia.
  5. Uh, sorry, looking again, that was a link to years old news. My bad!
  6. Also, a Hüsker Dü comeback seems to be in the works...
  7. Black Crowes reunite and tour Shake Your Money Maker in the US from June 17th. Warm up in Europe? Are they a fit at all?
  8. Raphael Saadiq first album in years (tours Europe in October, though). !!! (Chk Chk Chk) also with a new album, visit Sala Apolo in December. The artists would fit, I think. Their touring schedules not, possibly.
  9. Kim Gordon solo record coming. Wouldn´t she be a natural fit for 2020?
  10. Also, Korean Bands are always worth a look!
  11. Pro has just upgraded to 33 artists. Additions from Ireland, amongst others, lokking promising. Still no Australians, but Primavera is marked on the calendar of Music Australia...
  12. On the Primavera Pro page 15 bands, from Uruguay, Poland, Hungary, Taiwan, Austria and Spain can be found. (No Aussie Barbecue? Please nooooooo!)
  13. Well, I would put Miley Cyrus far behind at the end of that list. And trying to sell her as an indie rebel now seems a little desperate to me. Anyway, I still believe it will be a great festival again. At the same time, I would appreciate having just a couple more big indie names in the lineup. And there is still some hope, isn´t there (Hidden Stage?).
  14. This is the line-up that Sound Australia will bring to Brighton in early May 2019. Probably - if they bring in the Aussie Barbecue for the Day/NightPro again, which I hope very much - the BBQ will consist of some of these: Allysha Joy Body Type Cable Ties Emerson Snowe JEFFE Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Sons of the East These New South Whales Tropical Fuck Storm SKYND
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