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  1. Feels cheap ofc, but I bet this nu-metal best-of (they do various bands in that style, not just Limp Bizkit) will be a lot of fun to start the day !
  2. Not sure I agree here, I think the setup works nicely. A festival is also about making choices, if you want to see every act, you can always buy tickets for indoor shows. Those closed doors are indeed sometimes annoying, but I feel like a double main stage would not work well (hated this so much at Primavera).
  3. Like the look of this but I think you forgot to include the Saturday for the younger crowd acts in there, not that it bothers me 😅
  4. Disappointed I could not spot you and your Portuguese flag for a small efest meetup, but glad you enjoyed it!
  5. If you plan on being at the front of the stage for every single show, you can of course forget it, but arrive 10-15 (careful with the biggest tent names though) mins early for a Barn/Klub C act and you usually get a good spot (back is crowded but front is kinda ok). There are no "middle" barricades in the Barn and Klub C btw ! For the main stage, this can get more tricky if you want to enter one the 2 front pits, and for big acts, this usually mean arriving at the gates of the pits as the previous act finishes, which means a bit of waiting. However if watching main stage concerts from further is ok for you, no worry. The walk from Barn to main is max 10minutes, a tiny bit less from Klub C. Barn and Klub C are next to each other. The Slope is located 5 min from Klub C and max 10 from Main Stage.
  6. Can't add reactions anymore to do this, so I'll do it by responding : 🏆 Here are my (very) early picks: Thursday: Tame Impala - Arcade Fire + Nine Inch Nails (Barn) - Bonobo (Klub c) Friday: RATM + SOAD - Charli XCX (Barn) - Little Simz (Klub C) Saturday: Kendrick Lamar + Billie Eilish + Foals - Gojira (Barn) - Four Tet (Klub C) Sunday: Arctic Monkeys + QOTSA - The Smile (Barn) - Caribou (Klub C) 100% need to get my own hopes down, but please give me a few of those and I'll already be happy.
  7. When I left Primavera earlier this month, I though that I had found my new favourite festival, because even though there were many problems, the lineup + place of Primavera was just that good. How wrong was I. Werchter still is by far my favourite. Insane 4 days, will probably be back next year, and for many more if it keeps being this good. Everything just works so well: short queues, easy to find water, free sunscreen, the pit system, security fast to act when there's a problem in the pits + nice receptions of crowdsurfers... I am being picky but 3 main things I guess could be improved is number of toilets in the Hive, lines were ridiculous at times + hand sanitizer (that one should be mandatory tbh) + maybe a more dynamic way to manage how people can enter the Barn - Klub C, or just a way to ensure that people in the back actually come a bit closer ? These 2 tents always felt extremely crowded at the back, while I could just find so much room at the front. Highlights were Thursday : Fontaines DC (crowd was a bit dull though), The War on Drugs (sun finally coming out during Strangest Thing was peak), Pearl Jam (strong set, as they do) and Ry X (so much talking in the back of Klub C though) Friday : Idles (somehow, each of their show feels better than the last,Turnstile (wasn't used to this type of moshing, still enjoyed it though), Metallica (this is what the term "headliner" feels like to me, what a show), and Girl In Red (she blew the roof off) Satuday : Nothing But Thieves (they might not have been good, I was just drunk with a bunch of friends for most of it, so this was very fun), Phoebe (fortunately I had drank plenty of water between NBT and her) and the Bicep - Jamie XX combo (a night of dancing) Sunday : Big Thief, Royal Blood (always fun), Dry Cleaning, Keane (nostalgic, just as I hoped it would be), Michael Kiwanuka (left early but looked great) and the RHCP (broke my heart that I had to leave early but was working today so I had to avoid the pain of late parking exit at Werchter). No major disappointments, the friday was scary for me at first because I wanted to see so much stuff, but with the cancellations of GVF and Sam Fender, it turned quite well in the end, even though I missed ALT-J for Turnstile. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, bring on next year !
  8. What surprises me the most is the fact that they have tickets giving access to both w-e, which makes me think that the lineups will diverge quite a bit with for sure some repeats; kinda like this year except you now also need to travel from Barcelona to Madrid.
  9. Had no idea about this. Love his music, but will be cautious when spotting him on festival lineups from here on out.
  10. Ok no Sam Fender. But it's gone. It's finally gone. Turnstile and Idles no longer clash.
  11. Hope I am wrong but a big act seems like too short notice. I just hope that they'll at least reimburse day ticket holders, but I am afraid a bump + a belgian act is what we'll get. If they indeed cancel, I hope that in all of this bad luck; they can at last fix Turnstile v IDLES.
  12. Main Square in the north of France on the 30th, but they are playing in Denmark on the 29th, that looks tight. But the switch from 29th in Denmark to 1st in Belgium is more than doable.
  13. Don't wanna get any hopes up, but this might be due to the fact they are playing Roskilde late (11pm) the day before Main Square where they were supposed to play quite early (6:30pm). That seems like it might have been a bit of a stretch to try to do these two in a row, and they are obviously gonna choose Roskilde given its size I guess ?
  14. Turnstile just cancelled Main Square on the 30th. Hope this is a one off cancellation, already missed them at Primavera because of this, and couldn't get tickets for Hasselt.
  15. Right on point. I have some hope Werchter will be better. From all the festivals I've been at, it's always felt the safest. Yes it gets crowded during big sets, but at some points the gates to the pits are closed and that's it. Never been in a crush or in a dangerous flow there.
  16. Sum 41 and Rhea switch day. For a split second, I hoped this would fix the Turnstile v Idles clash but still not. Still got hope for a last minute switch !
  17. It's true, but I have hope that the Barn will empty during Jamie XX's set (either people not actually enjoying it, or moving to see ID), allowing me to enter for the always funky/groovy/danceable absolute joy of a way he ends his set.
  18. That's why I have hope of being able to enter the Barn to see Jamie XX "easily" after Bicep (because if that's not the case, I am getting drunk at the Barn).
  19. I probably will end up skipping Greta for the same reasons as you, but the main problem is i dont want to be too far for Metallica. if only they had kept QOTSA.. For Disclosure, I just don't think I stand a chance entering the Barn after Royal Blood, they'll shift a big crowd for sure (the turnup at Primavera for them was huge).
  20. Looks like we'll be seeing each other a lot haha, here is mine: Thursday 14:05 Fontaines D.C. (main) 14h50 Altin Gun (klub c) [Leave early for Carly] 15:40 Carly Rae Japsen (barn) 18:05 Reignwolf (slope) 18:45 Pixies (main) 20:45 The War on Drugs (main) 23:00 Pearl Jam (main) Friday 13:00 Rhea (main) 14h25 Sons (main) 15:05 Turnstile (barn) [leave 15:30] (if I don't get tickets for tonight in Hasselt, still hoping for this one) 15:35 Idles (main) 16:55 Inhaler (barn) 17:55 Girl In Red (klub) 18:55 Sam Fender (barn) Greta Van Fleet or Alt-J this one will depend on my mood on the day.... 23:00 Metallica (main) Saturday 14:15 Nothing But Thieves (main) 15:40 Maneskin from far with a (several) beer(s) in my hand (main) [leave early for Phoebe] 16:35 Phoebe Bridgers (barn 18:20 Mother Mother (slope) 20:35 Jorja Smith (barn) 21:35 Bicep (klub) 22:50 Jamie XX (barn) Sunday 13:00 Fever 333 (barn) 14:00 Sum 41 (main) 15:25 Keane (main) 16:25 Dry Cleaning (slope) 17:05 Balthazar from far with a (several) beer(s) in my hand (main) 18:50 Royal Blood (main) 21:00 The Killers (main) 23:30 Red Hot Chili Peppers (main) Let's be honest I'll probably miss a few, especially on the friday !
  21. They're all correct, only in different languages! Welcome to Belgium 😅
  22. Out of curiosity, any hints on the name ? (Balthazar ?)
  23. Looks like they teased something happening at Primavera Sound x Jack Daniels stage on IG, anyone with info or was It just a random post ?
  24. Florence in the Barn feels a bit crazy to me, surprised that no shuffling occured, The Smile in the Barn would have been nice too. I can also imagine that the Barn will have to be closed before Florence even begins, hope that everyone that bought a ticket for Encore will be able to enter, or that's gonna be a sh*t show.
  25. This merge of events (TW Classic + RW Encore) is actually a good result, because this is really solid day, but gosh the path they took to arrive there 😅
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