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  1. Excellent troll post 8/10. Would rage again. Particularly liked ‘most of them don’t even take drugs’
  2. No that's what I'm saying. They accidentally put in your reg number but type in their postcode correctly. Would that lock you out?
  3. Does this mean that, if someone you've never met who has a reg number similar to yours accidentally puts yours in, you'll be locked out?
  4. Agree with this, it would have been brilliant. I was always a passive Roses fan (in that I really liked their debut album), but saw them twice in Belfast on each of their comeback tours and they are 2 of the best gigs I've ever seen. I was so surprised and totally blown away. On the original comeback tour in 2013, there was a pretty strong headlining trio (Stones, Arctics and Mumfords [who were massive at the time]). Similarly in 2017 you couldn't really see Radiohead, Sheeran or the Foos being bumped for them. RHCP obviously pulled out in 1993 but were arguably the big
  5. I need to travel over from Ireland. In previous years, I've been happy enough to try for a coach ticket and see where we land, but its too much of a faff as I get older to be honest (particularly as you need to go with whatever time is allocated to you). A general sale ticket allows me to spend as little time travelling as possible, ideally a return flight from Belfast to Bristol and then a short coach journey to the site. In a previous year it was Belfast - Dublin - Leeds - Glastonbury
  6. Re: Elton, there's no doubt that he's big enough to headline one of the nights, however, I wonder if the legend slot would appeal to him for a variety of reasons. 1. It's less work. Bang all the hits out in an hour or so. 2. It generally gets massive media attention (see Kylie), and usually draws the biggest crowd. Nice and handy if you're rounding out a 300 date tour to shift some back catalogue units 3. He strikes me as someone who would like to be called a legend
  7. Ha. Yeah, I told you that I'd texted the picture to my wife and daughter and they loved it. Glad you had a great time.
  8. I spoke to those guys and told them how much I loved their flag at the VW set in the park
  9. There's always going to be substantial litter, that's the cost of having big crowds unfortunately. Over 5 days if every person dropped one piece of litter per day, that's around 1 million pieces of litter that need picked up. People generally try their best, but I can understand if somebody's in the middle of a crowd and they drop an empty drinks cup. Keep in mind that a lot of people aren't always thinking straight at Glastonbury too. It can always be better, but I'm usually impressed with how aware most at Glasto are about looking after the area (certainly in comparison with most lar
  10. Foals were sat beside me on my flight back to Dublin. I wasn't actively trying to eavesdrop but they were very pleased with themselves and there was a fair amount of chat about 'next year', suggesting they've been offered a pretty major slot. Phil Jupitus and Mark Steel in the Park for Idles
  11. No worries mate. Try to be more careful though.
  12. Flying in tomorrow. My very kind friends have gone on ahead with our tent and have it pitched on Bushy Ground. Not doing a lick of work today
  13. Apologies if already asked, but is there a reason that Clashfinder have a Foals bio in the Park 6.15 TBA. Is this what they typically do for a strong rumour or has something slipped through the net?
  14. Yeah, our first night last year was a nightmare as we got on one of the buses which left you on the very outskirts of Madrid. The other 2 nights we got the tube and there were taxis aplenty when we got off. We were staying in Sol, so a 10/15 euro ride back at that point
  15. To be fair, once you get to one of those stops, its fairly straightforward to get a taxi
  16. Really? Wow, I was just of the opinion that if you had the ticket plus corroborating evidence, there is no reason not to let you in. You're still the same person as in the photo, and the onus is not on you to stay looking exactly the same!
  17. I'm sure if you can provide some form of reasonable backup with your name on it (eg a bank card) you should be OK. It would be unreasonable to expect you to look exactly the same and if you can show them something to allay any worries, I'd imagine they'd be keen to accept
  18. National Express sent me an email yesterday saying that baggage is actually going in s separate vehicle that will drive alongside the coach so, with that in mind it seems like they have made provisions for people coming 'fully loaded' and also, they would have some cheek to separate you from you belongings and then complain that you've brought too much.
  19. At least you'll be sorted if you break into a nervous sweat
  20. Aye, coming over from Belfast via Dublin, which, although I’m coming from the UK, I am leaving the UK to get there, and I’m technically going over a sea to get there.
  21. Did she know Michael's secret though?
  22. There you have it folks, Billboard have confirmed that Janet Jackson has influenced no fewer than TEN songs!
  23. Thursday teatime all being well. 6.45am bus from Belfast to Dublin 11.10 flight to Bristol *Spot of lunch and pick up some booze* 3pm coach to G
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