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  1. Aye, coming over from Belfast via Dublin, which, although I’m coming from the UK, I am leaving the UK to get there, and I’m technically going over a sea to get there.
  2. Did she know Michael's secret though?
  3. There you have it folks, Billboard have confirmed that Janet Jackson has influenced no fewer than TEN songs!
  4. Thursday teatime all being well. 6.45am bus from Belfast to Dublin 11.10 flight to Bristol *Spot of lunch and pick up some booze* 3pm coach to G
  5. Courtney Barnett. I was at the William's Green set, it was dreadful
  6. Surely too small a stage for Foals as headliner on the Saturday. even if it was a 'secret set'
  7. How many gazebos do you she-males need?
  8. Final Straw is a great album. Come at me
  9. I'm friends with Nathan and saw him in the pub last Wednesday. His hands looked fine and he didn't mention anything about it
  10. I used the power bars previously and find them to be great. I also have a big charger, which I keep in my tent, but for being able to get a days worth of charge in your pocket I heartily endorse these products
  11. Username taken

    2020 headliners

    Word to the wise, don't go to Australia for the week, mate. You'll not get a fraction of the stuff you'd like to do done and you'll spend half the week turning your body clock over. It sounds like it would be a once in a lifetime thing for you, so do yourself a favour, put it off for a year and save a bit more towards it. Wow, we've gone off on a tangent in here.
  12. Username taken

    2020 headliners

    Combining it with other stuff will most likely have more on an environmental impact as it will surely involve getting coaches / train / more flights / car rides to get around tbf. In all seriousness, I actually agree with what you're getting at @Superscally, and think it makes sense. If you can block out a 2 week window for the trip you could ensure your dates will be right, get over any jet lag so you can enjoy the fest more, fit in a few other cool things and also have the slight environmental advantage too. Win / win / win / win. I appreciate that taking 2 weeks out might not be feasible, and I imagine that she has already considered most of these things though
  13. I've just been home and had a 'We're sorry we missed you' card from Royal Mail. I choose to believe that this is my ticket even though Seetickets says it hasn't been despatched yet
  14. Username taken

    The Streets

    This is good new for me as I was very much in the market for a Sunday night headliner (assuming Billie Eilish isn't headlining the Other)
  15. Nice of you to edit out the actual complaint I was referring to
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