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  1. Nice of you to edit out the actual complaint I was referring to
  2. You do know a lot of these poles are telescopic and don’t stay 20ft all the time? So not much lugging around to be done. again, I don’t bring a flag but a lot of these complaints are being wilfully obtuse.
  3. Janet Jackson and Kylie are both in their 50s and the Cure have a combined age of 297.
  4. Should Glastonbury decide to go the Twickets route, I'd have confidence that they'd be prepared for it (perhaps with a separate queue for buyers). At any rate, id prefer they didn't as, if you were able to sell on the ticket, you'd get a lot more people trying on T-Day without any rel intention of going
  5. AFAIW twickets provide a list of resold tickets to the event so they can cross reference them
  6. Post your photos up on here and anyone who looks enough like you can buy them off you
  7. I don't bring a flag but I agree that they look cool and have never noticed having my view blocked by one
  8. Gotta be more specific than that, Benny
  9. It's a bit out of leftfield, right enough
  10. Username taken

    Ice on site

    So, nobody in this thread knows where to get any crystal meth?
  11. I went to see Brian Wilson instead of Daft Punk at Oxegen one year with the rationale that I could probably catch Daft Punk loads of times in the future. It was a poor decision.
  12. Lineup page has Billie Eilish on there on Sunday. Not sure where she fits. Would it be outrageous to suggest she could headline it? Be a good option up against the Cure
  13. Its alright, it was an absolute doddle last year and nobody nearly died of heatstroke in the 3 hour queue for wristbands
  14. Really hope Jeff Goldblum doesn't clash with Kylie
  15. Janet Jackson is shite mate
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