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  1. JC-NYC

    Primavera 2018

    Got a spare tix to Spiritualized. My friends flight got delayed. If anyone wants holla 👍🏻
  2. JC-NYC

    Primavera 2018

    BTW - where is the Day Pro location? Thx!
  3. JC-NYC

    Primavera 2018

    So The National performing Boxer on Thursday on the Hidden Stage makes sense....?
  4. JC-NYC

    Primavera 2018

    Prob. Paul McCartney announced tomorrow (as the 'old' band)
  5. JC-NYC

    Primavera 2018

    What about Jamiroquai ? As a nostalgic headliner with new album last yr...
  6. JC-NYC

    Primavera 2018

    Florence and the Machine? Much rather them than London Grammar Shame about Slowdive - they are amazing live.
  7. JC-NYC

    Primavera 2018

    Not interested in Oasis either but... Blur did play one year... never say never...
  8. JC-NYC

    Primavera 2018

    Hope they got The Streets for PS18!
  9. JC-NYC

    Primavera 2018

    https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/12/sources-eminem-beyonce-and-the-weeknd-to-headline-coachella-2018/ .... worst headliners ever by Coachella?