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  1. Anybody who's also coming tot BKS: enjoy! Please, do mind it's getting pretty hot this weekend, all of a sudden. So stay cool and hydrated; free tap water at the toilet blocks. And like last year there might be problems with hairy caterpillars causing irritated skin and eyes. So, do mind where you sit down, preferably not without blanket on the ground, especially near trees.
  2. I've looked up some training plans for the half marathon, and it's pretty similar to what I do now. Only have to up my long weekend run from 70-80 minutes to 100-110. So indeed, I'll probably be fine. I'm not one for endurance actually, and I'm usually totally knackered after 10 miles. But will take it easier of course, this first time. Have to switch off that competitive part, but I'm looking up to some really fast guys in my running group
  3. In the next few weeks I'll probably decide whether I'll do a half marathon in the autumn. Handful of local 5-10k races coming up, combined with training. Never did more than 10 miles in a race, and I already feel a bit terrified about the half. Let alone a full marathon - can't ever see me doing one. Training wise, would be great to not have a very hot summer
  4. Glad it's easy on the new releases this week, time to catch up and spend more time preparing upcoming gigs/festivals. Also loving the new Big Thief, glad I'm seeing them soon.
  5. Indeed, this is near impossible. 'I Am The Walrus' is one of my all-time favourites.
  6. If you'd consider this a serious option, I'd say only Noel Gallagher seems likely. Liam could only do the 12th and than has four gigs in four different countries. Noel only has Mad Cool on the 11th. Actually, Noel playing main stage on the 12th would make perfect sense. But again: why the hell wait so long? (Very though (last-minute) negotiations?)
  7. Spiralling Somehow that song works for me. But I'd be perfectly happy with Hopes and Fears in full.
  8. They released thema new map in an animation, couldn't find an image on the website. Stage seven will be close to stage five, on the old spot of the Kornuit bar, which will now be a beach. Looks like five will be the old tent/barn of three. Stage three entirely new. Don't see other big changes based on this.
  9. Similar feelings here. Haven't completely finished my first listen, but I enjoy it more than anticipated. It's sort of sunny here but cold, and this gives me a summer-y feeling. But like always with VW, want something heavier after a while. Next for me is the new Pile. And somewhere try to fit in Big Thief today.
  10. I'm a bit too young for Bananarama (although at first I thought: yes of course I know them), and I tried a couple of songs... But no, not for me, at least not whilst sat at a desk. Of course, Venus is a banger, but it should be the Shocking Blue version for me
  11. No, this probably shows The Cure demanded (given the other acts that day) to be on top that day in the biggest font possible. Quite some bookers have issues these days coming to an agreement with acts about poster positioning. They are by far the biggest name on this year's line-up (at least historically), so I wouldn't expect anything less than this. And wow, an announcement!
  12. They seem to refer specifically to those two-wheeled hand trucks. It's in the section about motorised vehicles and trailers, so I think it's because these things can be heavy and can carry a (very) heavy load. This can put others in danger (when heavy) as they're difficult to handle and accidents waiting to happen with inexperienced people using them. (They have to draw a line somewhere.) Maybe if you go through security it's also a bit of a hassle to check the load. They'll indeed (probably) have less of an issue with lighter-weight carts and four-wheelers, if not stacked very high.
  13. I'm always baffled when people can never find their stuff, apparently it's really unique to be organised Also when camping/travelling, I always keep everything in the same place and in a 1-m perimeter around my bag, too afraid to lose something. But I get it, organisation takes time, time you often think is better spent differently
  14. I think it is perfectly doable. Walk to the cars/shuttle bus is a bit longer than to the camping, so let's say it takes you some 20-30 minutes. Depending on the traffic (of course worst right after headliners, especially Sunday but maybe not as worse this year with Christine). Depending on where you're staying it will take you 15-45 minutes if you're pretty close (also here, depends on if you go by car/bus/taxi). So if you like a really good and quite rest and some luxury of a hotel/airbnb, it will take you 1-2 hours if you start walking at stage ONE I don't mind a bit of travelling each day, but of course camping could save you quite some time. May be a better option if you plan to stay until 3-4 AM each day. For the shuttle buses, from their FAQ:
  15. I did a revisit of her top songs, but it's still All I Wanna Do.
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