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  1. 6 minutes ago, Alfie Clayton said:

    Omg soo cool! And yeh I heard it sucks!! Poor Dylan!! Do u think they will get back together?

    also always wanted to know!!! How big and liked are they over there?? 

    They are one of the best biggest bands in Australia everyone loves them! every show they ever did sold out in seconds, begging For them to get back together I miss seeing them all the time! 

  2. 6 minutes ago, Alfie Clayton said:

    Jack white for secret set? Seems to be the right size...

    or how likely is he to play reading!? My dream is to see jack white and foos at my favourite festival!!


    also anyone know an Austrailian band called sticky fingers!?

    I’m from sydney where they are from and unfortuantely they are still on a break due to the lead singers antics 

  3. Cheers dude, I've been keeping my eye on this forum for months I just figured its about time I joined haha! Aw man king giz are insane live they'd be a real treat! And yeah I'm coming just for the festival, It's been my dream to come to this it looks bloody insane, British festivals look way crazier than Aussie ones! 

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