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  1. I’m all the way from Australia and I came to this festival in 2018 and honestly It was the time of my life. Seeing Travis Scott was absolute chaos. I really fucking hope I can drop my goon sack and leave the country to return to reading next year! Bring on 2021

  2. 1 hour ago, swede said:

    Give over man ! FOB were incredible in 2016 playing as a co-headliner, even though they subbed both sites. Proper made a show of it,  hiring the fuel girls, great setlist, great staging,  the Bowie tribute,  it was a class . Your telling me they aren't going to try to blow people away with their first ever outright headline set.

    Chill man I’m from Australia we get fuck all over here

  3. 16 minutes ago, TheWaters said:

    So now Lil Pump's probably been booted off the lineup there's slightly less rap on the first announcement :P

    Then again, he's still got his artist page on the Wireless website so maybe he isn't gone just yet.

    What makes you say he’s been booted?

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