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  1. Baby Keem could be a solid booking 👀
  2. Yeah I am, I’m from Australia lmao
  3. I’ve seen people shout AM for reading in three different forums, surely we’re on here
  4. Not a strong source, just wishful thinking that she knows what she’s talking about. Apparently she knows someone with connections in the industry.
  5. Scrolling through the AM forum and this person is doubling down on her claim, could be on here 👀
  6. Might be a bit of a stretch, but the Reading and Leeds social media team put up that Halloween video to the sound of a bring me the horizon song and quickly deleted it and replaced it with some stock standard Halloween sounds 👀
  7. How likely are we to see AM and Rage? Would definitely fly over in a heart beat just for those two
  8. New sticky fingers music tomorrow come on let’s see a reading slot
  9. I’m all the way from Australia and I came to this festival in 2018 and honestly It was the time of my life. Seeing Travis Scott was absolute chaos. I really fucking hope I can drop my goon sack and leave the country to return to reading next year! Bring on 2021
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