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  1. Pink got a gap in her schedule between the 14th and 20th July so could be possible for the 1st 2 days of beni
  2. If foos are announced I'll be going back no matter what cost of the festival ticket is similar to what we pay here just for a foo fighters concert
  3. Mumford and sons playing rock werchter few weeks before fib so say there's a chance of them being on the lineup
  4. Personally wouldn't make me want to buy a ticket but the man is majorly popular among a large % of people that will be attending festivals next year so is a safe bet in regards to ticket sales so don't think can say it's a waste of money
  5. Rumour is metallica going to announce a tour sometime in september so could be them not long to wait find out anyway
  6. Last year was my 1st year so would of asked alot of similar questions as you have *i i did glamping in campfest last year and it was grand. It had its own showers (communal) toilets etc as well as security checking for the glamping wristbands. I paid €70 for mine which was the 2 man easy tent option but there was also a 4 man tent option. If wanted to splash out a bit they have bell tents that have beds etc in them think they like €800 tho. Alot of people i talked to that stayed in villacamp said they didnt really think it was worth the extra money (not sure on villacamp prices but it was def €100+ extra) *is lockers in the campsite that can be booked nearly the festival dates. They something like €20 for the week. I didnt bother with 1 last year and just left my things in my tent. The glamping tents come with their own combination locks *is a place in the campsite that sells portable chargers for €20 and will also charge these when dead for €5. Best thing you can do is buy a decent portable charger before you go that will last for the week you are their. I did this last year and was the best €30 i spent in lead up to the festival *tickets went up to €125 last year and stayed at that price until the end of January. I wouldnt worry about picking up a ticket tho as in a few months will probably be loads of early bird tickets beensold by people who cant attend. I did thislast year and will probably do same thing this year
  7. True could do that too will most likely have no bother selling it on
  8. You know yourself will be plenty available at early bird price closer to the time can buy 1 then. Thats what i did this year bought on 1 of ticketswap at the cheap price. Becoming unemployed at the end of September myself so havent committed to buying a ticket yet either but know will get 1 nearer tge time for less than the price on ticketmaster
  9. Could be right is possibility of arctic monkeys being their since did alot of the festival scene this year but will still be touring. Went with chemical brothers as they always seem to have a good mix headlining. Think a good chance twenty one pilots will be on the festival scene next year so could be another possibility. Metallica will be touring next tear too but think they more suited to mad cool
  10. Would have to think muse could be in the running to headline next year with them bringing a new album out soon. If id to guess 4 headliners would go with The 1975 Chemical brothers Muse Florence and the machine
  11. Was my first time at the festival and must say i was very impressed. I traveled on my own but the chilled out environment in the campsite made it so easy to get to know the people camped near me The buses into the townare great and so well organised and even the way they have barriersalong the road to seperate people who are walking from the traffic is great i walked into town a few times The arena is well setup with onlyshort distance between all stages which made it easy to move between them after bands finished etc meqnt i could catch parts of sets of some actsafter others finished (last bit of sofi tuckker after pale waves). Good choice of food options in the arena and once i got used to the tokens systen didnt have to wait long to get a drink at any bar For me personally the lineup was good alot of bands i wanted to seeover the weekend and managed to catch the majority of them. Highlights of the weekend for me where The Petshop boys The killers Liam gallagher Catfish and the bottlemen Pale waves The magic gang Eric prydz Justice Chase and status Two door cinema club (been 8+years since id seen them forgot how good they are) All in all a really great experience for my first trip to benicassim and dont think it will be my last would recommend it to anyone
  12. Expecting them to push the boat out a bit next year with it been the 25th anniversary of the festival
  13. Wasnt the worst them flights have actually come down a good bit from what they were when i booked my original flights a few months ago
  14. With the threats of more ryanair strikes and the delay issues they been experiencing recently ive bite the bullet and booked new flights im now into Valencia direct from belfast. With my planbed stopovers etc was just too much thst could go wrong that i was comfortable using my original flights
  15. Id say theres a chance they wont be tgere next week when see why they cancelled this weeks shows
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