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  1. 1 minute ago, Matt42 said:

    A lot of people wanted her to fail and she didn’t so I’m happy with how it was.

    Yep, agree with this as well. She did a very good job, especially with the extra production added from tour.

  2. 5 minutes ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

    Pls read back to where I say I enjoyed it. Cos I did. I had fun.

    But in terms of legendary memorable sets on El Pointo I don't think it was an all-timer.  Not the end of the world and not a fucking flunk. Just not the echelon. 

    And to be fair, it didn't need to be. A pop gig isn't life or death.

    I really love Billie, but completely agree - it was a very fun time regardless though as you say, but from other sets I've seen (even if I wasn't there IRL), it definitely isn't right up there for me. If I hadn't have seen Billie on tour I think I would have preferred it a little more, but definitely still a great time!

  3. 1 minute ago, BenG92 said:

    People will eventually accept that rock music isn't very rock 'n' roll any more. This is a shot from Dave's BRIT performance.

    Grime's been done. Gospel backups have been done. Guitars have been done. Flames coming out of guitars has been done.

    But all 4 at once? Not often, if ever.


    ...and i cannot wait!

    out of reactions for today, otherwise i would have given one 

  4. On 7/11/2022 at 12:23 AM, gfa said:

    Looks like Wireless Birmingham had a closed off front section with turnstyles ala reading - wonder if finsbury wireless (and therefore these gigs) have it


    Yeah I think Finsbury had it as well.

    20 hours ago, dj_tim said:

    How does the turnstile system work? Never seen it before

    There's an entrance with the turnstiles which they open when the front section isn't full, then close them when the area is full. There is then an exit route as well from out of that area if you wanted to leave and head into the rest of the crowd. It is mainly just a system that is in place to stop the front section from becoming too overcrowded, it is the same system as at Reading and Leeds if you have seen that, they also had it at Big Weekend in Coventry this year too. 

  5. Yeah I'd defo say Springsteen, maybe T Swizzle if she's back touring. Then some others I can think of are Robbie Williams (on tour this Autumn/Winter though) and maybe Postie as he was supposed to be there in 2020, and is on tour still in 2023, and yet to announce UK dates

  6. 5 minutes ago, willgooneday said:

    I've not once denied that he's a hugely talented hip hop artist with an important message and leaps and bounds above everyone else in his genre of 'music' for want of a better word - I just don't think it's the kind of music that should be headlined the UK's biggest music festival over bands I've mentioned. He could sell out stadiums or play R+L. 


  7. 22 hours ago, gooner1990 said:

    How did the new fresh and black owners get on over the weekend? 😃

    absolutely incredible, not even joking when i say it's the best tent i've ever had! cheers for the recommendation guys! 

  8. Yeah, was convinced on O Rod being a sub, but I think judging from the crowd she got at Glasto, and how bloody good her set was, plus she most likely will have have more music out by next summer and probably a very high slot at Coachella next year, she'd make sense and draw a huge crowd. Wet Leg have seem to have a great team behind them, so think 3rd down for them would make sense as well personally, especially with them seemingly going from strength to strength - and them also supporting Harry on tour early next year. Bicep I really hope happen, they deserve it, plus think most people who haven't already seen them will be pleasantly surprised, especially with their incredible laser/light show. The Kooks I am not 100% on, but could easily be someone like Sea Girls or another dark fruits band

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  9. After Glasto and the size of Sam Fender and Olivia's crowds especially (and from how well Bicep went down there too), decided to do another quick little hit at a poster for 2023. To me it looks very R&L, and would imagine go down pretty well with most people - could also see Sigrid in place of Charli, Sigrid absolutely packed out the tent and did a really fab performance. EDIT: Forgot to change Future to Lil Baby, so just pretend it says that where Future is beneath Trav.


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  10. Fri: Harry Styles / Dave

    Sat: Arctic Monkeys / Fleetwood Mac

    Sun: Taylor Swift

    Legend: Spice Girs / Robbie Williams / Shania Twain

    keeps changing, but those would be the top few choices i'd have for next years 3 headliners and legend

  11. Hi guys, seeing some mixed things on the Glasto website, I am getting dropped off tonight at around 11pm/Midnight or so - from the looks of it the shuttle bus will be running to the festival, will the queue for the festival be open at that point to join? Or would I just be waiting around elsewhere or at the drop-off zone? Cheers!

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