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  1. I had every intention of skipping this, but this lineup is starting to come together nicely. My only real complaints about last year was the location and them overselling it a bit, but trimming off the 5-10k attendees as rumored should help. Not to mention there’s no guarantee this will sell out like last year.
  2. With the addition of TCB I’m definitely giving this strong consideration, since the Primavera Sound lineup is a big step down for me this year. For anyone that has been to both, how does this compare and is the VIP worth it? I love Porto itself, so looking forward to a return to Portugal.
  3. I had a good time at this overall. Allowed me to catch a few of the bands I skipped at Mad Cool. The venue itself is very cookie cutter, but everything went smoothly. Number one complaint is that it’s incredibly difficult to get there. Overall for the weekend: 1) Depeche Mode was a band I could never really get into listening at home, but they have themselves one of the most charismatic frontmen in existence. Ended up being the highlight of the weekend 2) Managed to snag a spot 10 feet away from Noel Gallagher. Good to see him playing ‘Wonderwall’ on a regular basis, so even though he doesn’t bring a ton of energy some of the songs he wrote are iconic. 3) Gorillaz are another band that definitely benefit from a live show. It’s tough having albums so full of guest cameos because they rarely travel with the band, but nearly all the bands hold up despite this. 4) Kasabian put on one hell of a live show. First time seeing them and one of the main reasons I attended this after Mad Cool. 5) The Killers haven’t a good song in years, but Brandon Flowers puts on a good show. They also invited a fan on stage to take over drumming for a song, so that was a cool moment. 6) Made a point to see half of Parov Stelar. What a brilliant unique sound. 7) Do not for the life of me understand how Travis Scott has become has big as he has. I was stuck listening a stage over and it consisted of him shouting generic phrases half the show. 8 Nekfeu actually sounded pretty good, but went over by nearly 10 minutes into The Killers set. I’ve never seen this at a festival ever where two artists were playing simultaneously at the two main stages. It was a bit of a shit move to show a lack of respect for other artists.
  4. I’m going to this as well to help clear up some clashes at Mad Cool. Only tricky conflict for me will be The Killers vs. Parov Stelar because even though they play at 50 festivals a year in the U.S. I’ve somehow only seen a few songs live.
  5. I can entirely understand the perspective of people not wanting to have half the stage sectioned off, but it’s always comes down to economics for festival organizers. To turn away those people willing to spend more wouldn’t make any business sense. There are a fair amount of people who purchased VIP tickets that don’t have a ton of money, but are passionate fans, traveling a long way, that want to be as close to their favorite bands as possible and are willing to pay extra for that. The only VIP ticket buyers that do bother me are the one who stay up at the viewing lounge the entire festival, without ever stepping down to show any appreciation for any of the bands. If you compare it to a lot of fests, the VIP was very reasonably priced given the discounts on food and drinks. There’s not really a perfect solution to this, but do tend to think if 15 minutes into each band if the area hasn’t filled other people should be allowed in, with the exception of headliners who do fill the area.
  6. After the first day, I had myself a great time. That being said, the couple things that will probably make me hold off on coming back are: 1) we’ll likely never see a lineup like that again 2) if you want to stay near the festival, it’s no where close to the city center or the things you’d want to be near the rest of the time 3) While Madrid is a lovely city, I still much prefer Barcelona 4) Primavera Sound is one of the most well organized festivals in the world and never disappoints with the lineup
  7. Going with Wolf Alice, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Kaleo, QotSA, DJ Koze, Future Islands, Richie Hawtin and Underworld today. Seeing Depeche Mode next week, but skipping Nine Inch Nails is tough. Maybe catch the second half.
  8. Pretty accurate article; Copied and translated from el Mundo The third edition of Mad Cool, the biggest festival in the history of Spain, has started with chaos in the accesses. The more than 80,000 attendees who have tried to enter the IFEMA site next to the sports city of Real Madrid, in Valdebebas, have had to wait between one and two hours, in some cases. "The greatest disaster in history." With these words defined Ignacio, one of the attendees, the Mad Cool festival organization, which this Thursday has opened its doors. He had been waiting for hours to get in and considered "incredible" the situation because "they do not let you in through any door and the parking spaces are complete, it does not help that you have reservations". Many of the people who were trying to access the site, located in Valdebebas, near Ifema, reported on social networks the long lines of several kilometers to enter. "We have been standing in the sun for two hours and they do not let us move," Leticia told EL MUNDO. "We have arrived at 6.30 pm and at 8.30 pm we are still out, people are really pissed off because they are losing concerts". "Tercermundista is to be short, this is an extreme madness", declared to this newspaper José María, who had not yet found his friends and was "lost in the middle of nowhere". Álex and Álvaro's situation was even worse, because they were blocked at the exit of the Ifema metro, as members of the organization's security prevented the passage to the tunnel that goes below the M-11 and that ends at the side of the enclosure. After many minutes of patience "the assistants have knocked down the fences that did not let us pass and have begun to walk, because you could not hold more time to the thousands of people who are here," said Álex. Of course, "we have already made a first security check and we have not even crossed the subway," he said surprised. Also they denounced who tried to enter the Mad Cool that of a door of entrance derived to the other and vice versa and, in the end, the people stayed to halfway. And they criticized the enormous traffic jams, as the parking lots collapsed and traffic congested the surrounding streets, the bad signaling to the site and the lack of information on the part of the security personnel. "They just say you can not go, nothing more," said Pablo. Sources of the organization consulted by EL MUNDO pointed out that the cause of the agglomerations was due to a combination of reasons: on the one hand, the "lack of foresight of the problems that access to Valdebebas could bring", a situation that "will improve this Friday, with a program of joint action with the municipal police of Madrid "to manage the human flow. The other factor with which the organization justifies access problems is the very dynamics of a festival of these characteristics: "The first day there are many people who still have to pick up bracelets or exchange accreditation, which slows down the start". Mastodónticas dimensions of the Mad Cool, which has practically doubled its capacity compared to the previous year, a second edition marked by the death of the acrobat Pedro Aunión during a number next to the main stage. Shouts of outrage The scenes of indignation among the attendees have led to whistles, boos and shouts of "sons of bitches". Many have lamented that a festival of the characteristics and the price of Mad Cool does not have a protocol in place to manage this type of agglomeration. Even more so considering that the tickets were sold out last fall and that the important volume of people planned forced a negotiation between the organization, the Community of Madrid and the City Council to allow the opening of the subway at night, the second time in the last century. History of the suburban Madrid, after last year's edition of World Pride entailed that the entire network operated at dawn. In this case, and at the last minute, an agreement was reached for the trains to circulate between the station of Campo de las Naciones and Nuevos Ministerios. Also the Cercanías service, in the Valdebebas station, will receive a reinforcement with 50% more trains, although without extraordinary hours. In addition to the pilgrimages on foot and in the sun along the outskirts of the M-12 and the M-40 (also collapsed by cars looking for a way to park), the traffic jams have caused the first concerts of the day to look bleak in The gigantic enclosure. This has happened with Fleet Foxes, Eels or Iván Ferreiro. With the sun setting, the concert of the Australians Tame Impala (psychedelia somewhat overcrowded, while I have I fought a little attention for its distorted and noisy pop-rock) has marked the beginning of normalcy. A quick look at Valdebas's surroundings revealed a more comfortable space than the Magic Box, which hosted the Mad Cool in the first two editions. Wide artificial turf surface, the well-known giant ferris wheel, restoration posts and a stage, the Loop, in the form of monumental vaulted tent, to capture the attention of the attendees. The atmosphere recalls in this third edition even more the late Rock in Rio de Arganda del Rey, which the Mad Cool exceeds not only in attendance (70,000 attendees came to be counted on their best nights), but also in media coverage and controversy. The massification at the time of ordering in some bars, the absence of beer in others or the schedules (which placed Justice in a cramped Loop tent shortly after midnight, while the lazy psychedelia of MGMT began to sound close to 3 at dawn) were other complaints. In a statement sent after the closing of doors, the organization explained that, "due to a problem with the network throughout the site, access to the Mad Cool Space has occurred with more incidents than expected on the first day of the festival" . And an apology: "We deeply regret the waits and the long queues to all the attendees, we thank the public for the understanding of the unforeseen, we are sure that the next two days will be carried out with total normality".
  9. At the end of the day the lineup still saved this for me, but I think yesterday shows why they should have stuck to the original plan of 65k instead of 80k. You can’t nearly double your capacity, in a different venue and not run into logistical problems. What I think the organizers will find though is that people came for the lineup and that they don’t have the years of good will and brand loyalty that Primavera has.
  10. I’m guessing the delay letting everyone in was an issue with the scanners. When you have 80k people that’s something you really need to have sorted out in advance. The lineup saved the fest because I can’t see myself going back unless they somehow manage to match this.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on MGMT! They're from my home state and I've never had the opportunity to see them live.
  12. Thank you both! Do I need an access code for ticket preorders? I haven’t received anything by email.
  13. How much did early bird run last year for VIP and did they already send out emails with details? Primavera is one of the few festivals I’d risk a blind buy for.
  14. Can anybody recommend something to check out before The Black Madonna this evening?
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