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  1. And even if Primavera did treat them well, still be kind to them... They're working hard for a bog portion of the day/weekend, so you can get your beer and have a good time for an entire weekend. Not that hard to be kind to other people, just don't be an asshole. Everybody's there to have a good time.
  2. Is the entire festival area concrete?
  3. Pretty sure they'll both play the Main Stage
  4. Also true, but if you ask me if people are dying or getting hurt, then you're a fellow human being, and your role as "performer" don't mean shit. We're talking about lives here, not about "I should act cool, because otherwise my street-cred is going down and I can't ask as much money on the next show anymore and then my label is going to be pissed". If an old woman is hurt on the street, and no one is helping her because everyone's thinking well I'm just a waiter, I'm not qualified to help you. Well then I gladly call all those people douchebags. This example is a bit exaggerated, and not really comparable. But still he was the only one as "performer" who could talk to the audience. If a security guy came up and talked tot hem it wouldn't have done shit. And the more I think about it, his shows were like that for a long time. He should atleast have had a training on how to act on that. Since this could've happened on a gazillion of shows he did before if you must believe his documentary.
  5. Well... I knew something like this was going to happen sooner or later after I saw his documentary. The way he/his crew just let the insanity happen at every show + he even fires the crowd up even more after the show was paused because people were getting trapped. And the way he "just gets out of there" when things get dangerous, while he's probably the only one at that time who can calm the crowd down. I don't say it's entirely his fault, but he could've handled the insanity of his shows way better, and not only at Astroworld.
  6. If only... A weekend with both a Replacements and a Pavement reunion... Oh boy.
  7. Are Pixies playing primavera???
  8. Rage Against The Machine - Arctic Monkeys - Oscar & The Wolf Little Simz - Liam Gallagher - Bastille - Halsey - Run The Jewels - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Steve Aoki - Sigrid - Beach House Enter Shikari - Jungle - BadBadNotGood - Meatbodies - Wet Leg - Yves Tumor - Yard Act - Beadadobee - Sons - Pinkpantheress -The Comet Is Coming - Parquet Courts - Cate Le Bon - Sad Night Dynamite - The Murder Capital - Meskerem Mees - Protomartyr - Geese
  9. All jokes aside. This is the strongest track they dropped in years if you ask me.
  10. Weekend 1'er 1. Pavement* 2. The Strokes* 3. Wet Leg* 4. Turnstile* 5. Parquet Courts 6. Dinosaur Jr 7. 100 Gecs* 8. King Gizzard 9. Warpaint 10. Tame Impala * = first time seeing them
  11. They played the 2nd and 3rd of october 2021 They played the 11th and 12th of september 2021 They played the 1st and 2nd of november 2019 24th, 25th, 28th and 29th of november 2017... Most of them were in the same venues though, but not all. I think if you throw enough money it's a possibility. So I guess it'd be more of a "too expensive for GMM" thing than a "they never play 2 shows in a row" thing
  12. Didn't say I expect them to be added. I just concluded that it's weird they are not their. It'd be a perfect fit if you ask me
  13. Van Der Graaf Generator is touring Europe in May and doesn't have a date in Spain yet... Bit weird that they're not on the Primavera lineup. Suits as the perfect underground cult-act spot.
  14. Nothing personal, just a sidenote but Pearl Jam (as a band) is roughly 8 years younger than RHCP 😉
  15. That's why I used the word 'want'...
  16. Hope you're not one of those idiots who's doesn't want to get vaccinated. I actually hope that those kind of people are not allowed on festivals.
  17. Modest Mouse, Sleaford Mods, Lucy Dacus, Warpaint,... https://www.rollingstone-beach.de/
  18. Though you make some good points, all festivals in Europe are working together in making something like this work for next summer. So every point you can think of has probably been over-analyzed a hundred times by them already... If it was really as expensive/(impossible?) as you say. They wouldn't have communicated it that this is what most likely will happen and this is what every festival is working on for next summer. And they would've throw this idea off the table a couple of months ago. We, at forums like this, don't have to forget that they're working/thinking about festival stuff day in/day out 24/24 (not only corona-stuff but also line ups, time tables,...). Everything we talk about is probably discussed multiple times internally.
  19. The Hives, The Offspring, Suicidal Tendencies, Hatebreed, Frank Turner, Bad Religion, Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch,... are a good, big top-card fof Jera though... Bad Religion, of Bullet For My Valentine could've been stand alone headliners as well.
  20. Pretty sure the RHCP show in SPortpaleis was announced on the day they played RW though...
  21. The last time they've played RW was 2013 (I think?)... So actually 2 new albums out, if you look at it that way. Brand new album is mostly the case but not a must for RW to book a band I think.
  22. I understand you bought your ticket for Kendrick. But c'mon there's a worldwide pandemic going on... They never promised he would come back the year after. This is more Kendrick's "fault" than RW's. I understand people being gutted as wel. But reactions such as "Damn, when will we see Kendrick" and such are things I can't understand. It's like a lot of people over here are forced to go to RW and only go to RW. And then complain about things like this or 'we always see the same bands' for example. Just hate that attitude, nothing personal. And with communication I meant communication between RW and bands/bookers not their social media game and such.
  23. I truly can't understand all those reactions. If you really want to see him so bad. Go see him somewhere else. You all act as RW is the only festival that matters. You're all talking about they "lost" again and what a shame it is. But to me the shame is that you guys apparently only can go to one festival which is RW... As a music enthusiast I truly can't understand that. Go to the festival that interests YOU the most. Don't go to the biggest one because you're always going to that one and then complain about it the whole time. + the fact that RW anticipated so quickly with a very worhty replacement (not as unique but at least as big a name as Kendrick) only shows how fast they work, how good their communication is, how easily they can convince headliners on short notice,... It might be a shame that they now missed out on Kendrick, but c'mon only a very well-oiled machine could do that. Organisation-wise RW is the top of te festival world... That's it!
  24. I heard that they might not use the first wave of vaccinations on the elderly, because studies show that they're often too weak to build immunity against the virus... So in a lot of cases it would be a waste of vaccinations.
  25. Let me start it off for y'all... Blur - Daft Punk - Thom Yorke - The Cure Sigur Rose - Stone Roses - Modest Mouse - Neu! (sort of reunion) New Order - Robyn Belle And Sebastian - Zeal & Ardor - Lykke Li - Shame - dEUS - The Notwist
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