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  1. Same as RHCP and Imagine Dragons only proves my point since they were als co-headlining with The Killers and Twenty One Pilots. Green Day + London Grammar for example is not a strong day for RW. Green Day + Tool or Green Day + Editors or something like that is something far more likely to happen. That you would love those 4 headliners is indeed an opinion. That these 4 being the 4 biggest bands on the line up is weak (for RW terms), is not an opinion but a fact.
  2. In your opinion, which i disagree with. Well... If those are the biggest acts each day. Then sorry to burst your bubble but that is pretty weak, nothing to do with opinions. Placebo are sub-headliner at most. They were only 3rd last on TW Classic. Wouldn't be surprised if they play the Barn (as headliner ofcourse) next time. Snow Patrol is barely a subheadliner these days. Think the years that Green Day was a stand-alone headliner are gone. They were once asked to co-headline with Blur (if I'm not mistaken) and they declined. And RW wasn't interested in them as a standalone headliner.
  3. 20 years Postal Service 'Give Up' anniversary? They had Pavement reuniting after 10 years and then again after 20. So why not the same with The Postal Service?
  4. This was my first Primavera. Enjoyed it. But it’s the kind of festival that really needs a stacked lineup. Don’t think I would enjoy myself if I had a couple of hours to kill every day. First day the bars were shite. But all the other complaints were a bit too much if you ask me. Okay it was busy. But I never felt unsafe during shows like King Gizzard, Dinosaur Jr, Pond, Tame Impala (which were probably the busiest I attended or at least from the place where I stood). If you have a tiny bit of brains. You were smart enough to go to a bar whenever you were walking to a show and pass a stage which no one were playing. Mostly I had my drinks in a couple of minutes that way. If you were extra smart you'd buy a beer and something stronger, which still tastes good if isn't cold anymore, like gin-tonic for example. First drink the beer. And after that you're still good for an hour. Best acts: Pond, Pavement, Caroline Polachek, King Gizzard (both at Razzmatazz 2 at la Ciutat, and at the festival).
  5. The Linda Lindas - Wet Leg Faye Webster - Girl In Red - Dinosaur Jr - Gustaf - Tame Impala - Pavement - Black Midi - DJ Shadow Beach Bunny - Pond - Fontaines DC - Beck - Warpaint - The Strokes - Caribou Porridge Radio - Einsturzende Neubautan - Jawbox - Caroline Polachek - Bauhaus - Idles - Shame King Gizzard
  6. Well... Normal that Weekend2 will have it's covid-dropouts as well. Which we can't know by now. Especially since a lot of the acts are ar Primavera weekend 1. Doing some festival is a huge risk for getting covid I suppose. I think we might be even lucky, that primavera is so early. I think it might be even worse in july and/or august. Want bands are touring for a couple of weeks doing loads of festivals.
  7. The Strokes was my number 2 reason I initially bought a ticket (after Pavement). But was gutted about missing King Gizzard... Since their ciutat-shows are probably going to be special(full album?) sets. So you win some, you lose some I guess.
  8. There's so many great bands playing. That even seeing half the bands I'm excited about will be quite the challenge. So I don't give a flying f*** about who's replacing who. The argument that you paid for this amount of bands is just ridiculous... You can only see about 10% (probably not even 10%) of the lineup so what does an extra band mean...? You've got plenty of options. It sucks if it's your favourite band that cancelled, but pretty sure you can sell your ticket if it's not worth the money anymore. It's been a disastrous 2 years for music/festivals/culture/everything related to that... So those organisation deserve some slack for atleast the next year. They probably wokred harder than half of the forum members here the last months/year while going bankrupt or losing jobs was just around the corner.
  9. Loads of timings has been moved 5 minutes up or down it seems. And Girl In Red have been moved for about 30 minutes (if she still comes)... Which apart from 5 minutes don't make them clash with Dinosaur Jr anymore. Nice!
  10. 28'er here. Saturday is the worst day in a looooong time for Werchter. Only really want to see Phoebe Bridgers. Think I can enjoy myself at Twenty One Pilots and Bicep as well... But that's about it.
  11. Awesome, love me some open air stages. Thought I saw a lot of Primavera Youtube videos in tents. But that's probably because loads of bands play at night and you don't really see the difference between the top of a dark tent or a dark sky.
  12. Doe anyone know which stages are open air and which are tents?
  13. Those are the Main Stages or what???
  14. I think we'll get atleast 25 songs. Since they're playing about 100 minutes
  15. SPOILER ABOUT PARQUET COURTS SET INCOMING No Total Football, no Wide Awake, no Stoned And Starving, no Outside, no Berlin Got Blurry,... Can't get my head over the fact that songs like Plant Life, What Color Is Blood, Pulcinella, Paraphrased got chosen over them...
  16. Atleast 5+ of their bests songs not played (if you ask me). Don't want to spoil it for everyone, so not going to say which ones. If you'd like to know check setlist.fm. And everytime when they played a song that was well received and got people moving a bit, they seemed to play a slower/experimental song after, so that the atmosphere was dead again. Like they didn't want to win over the crowd on purpose. But the band played very well, just a shame what decision they made regarding their setlist.
  17. I saw Parquet Courts last night, very disappointed with their setlist. Don't know if they change their sets a lot on the same tour. But it makes the clash Parquet Courts / The National / Warpaint atleast a little easier for me.
  18. WEDNESDAY The Linda Lindas - Wet Leg THURSDAY Faye Webster - Dinosaur Jr - little bit Yo La Tengo - Tame Impala - Pavement - Black Midi - DJ Shadow *bummed about missing 100 Gecs and Black Lips FRIDAY: Beach Bunny - Pond - little bit of Wet Leg - Fontaines DC - little bit of Beck - little bit of Parquet Courts - Warpaint - The Strokes - Caribou *bummed about missing King Gizzard, The National, Autechre and most of Parquet Courts SATURDAY Porridge Radio - little bit of Einsturzende Neubauten - Jawbox or Black Country New Road - little bit of King Krule - Caroline Polachek - little bit of Bauhaus - Idles or Diiv - Tyler The Creator - little bit of Shame *bummed about missing Gorillaz, Idles or Diiv and Beach House The "little bit" parts are depending on my level of energy and how far the walks are of course.
  19. Don't care that much about Massive Attack but I suppose they played on the same stage after Pavement. Which would've bumped Pavement down a spot. So Pavement would've played around sunset + they wouldn't be clashing with Black Lips... That would've been wonderfull
  20. Fingers crossed that these don't clash on Weekend1 (all other clashes I think I can handle): DAY 1: Pavement vs. Dinosaur Jr vs. Black Lips vs. 100 Gecs DAY 2: The Strokes vs. King Gizzard vs. Warpaint vs. Wet Leg vs. Parquet Courts (though I plan on seeing both Wet Leg and Parquet Courts before the real festival starts... so normally those 2 clashing shouldn't be too much of a bummer).
  21. bought mine for like €95 months ago... Still a lot but far from 250
  22. They already said multiple times "2 weeks in advance". So it's not getting ridiculous. We know for atleast over a month that's it's going to be 2 weeks in advance. So we can only start complaining if we don't have it on this thursday
  23. But let's face it... Even without Nick Cave and Massive Attack, we still have Tame Impala, Pavement, Gorillaz, The National, The Strokes, Tyler The Creator, Beck, Jorja Smith as headliners on a 3-day festival. No reason to complain here.
  24. Fucking hell.... So looking forward to the clashfinder... Let alone the weekend itself. It's really happening this year isn't it? Wednesday trying to get into Poble Espanyol on time for The Linda Lindas + Wet Leg THURSDAY: Tame Impala, Pavement, Black Lips, Dinosaur Jr, Pond, 100 Gecs, Black Midi, Girl In Red, Yo La Tengo, Faye Webster, DJ Shadow, Cigarettes After Sex, The Linda Lindas FRIDAY: The Strokes, The National, Fontaines DC, King Gizzard, Parquet Courts, Wet Leg, Warpaint, Beck, Bikini Kill, Beach Bunny, Shellac, Tropical Fuck Storm, Caribou, Autechre, Weyes Blood, Low, Lightning Bolt SATURDAY: Gorillaz, Idles, Shame, Beach House, Diiv, Caroline Polachek, Jawbox, King Krule, Porride Radio, Black Country New Road, Nick Cave, Tyler The Creator, Bauhaus Upcoming days: Trying to see King Gizzard atleast once more
  25. Big Secret show/last minute replacements contenders: Kevin Morby and The Brian Jonestown Massacre are both in France during Weekend 1 and don't have other shows that weekend if I'm not mistaken.
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