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  1. First time question… the red block, is that camping too? So the weather of the site is general camping?
  2. I’m guessing everywhere will take card? It would be good to know, as I was planning to be on the card all weekend!
  3. We have a spare weekend ticket from our party if anyone on here is interested? I know Festicks and Twickets are the best online locations, but wanted to ask on here first if anyone knows anyone whose keen. Forum solidarity!
  4. FYI emailed them and Orange car park tickets are sold out… available on the day though 🤷‍♂️ Recommending settlers car park tickets which thought was strange
  5. Hi gang, more questions from me! Has anyone managed to get a car parking ticket yet? Also, is there usually a site map released? Any tips on camping areas, or is it just a free for all?
  6. Well, the last time I went I got a sauna pass for (I think) £25 for the weekend and was the best money I’ve ever spent, potentially in my life, haha! Sweat out the previous day, quick cold shower. Was a very good vibe!
  7. Bit of a wild card question, but what’s the shower situation like? The last time I went to Glastonbury it was my little morning ritual to get zen and ready for the day, haha. Coming off the back of lots of Primavera trips so trying to remember the camping vibe!
  8. Buzzing! Bring it on gang! Very happy with that. I honestly can’t imagine cutting loose again, music, a field, people, good vibes… it’s going to be an emotional one
  9. Cheers Zep! Ceremony is at 1pm so just in time for what seems to be the announcement!
  10. I’m at a wedding today. You know those memes of people watching sports on their phones at big life events? Today this will be me, but on here 🕵️‍
  11. I think we're close, that's for sure. Monday is also a natural day for it, but I think strike while the iron is hot, as I'm sure if any negotiations are taking place it wouldn't happen over the weekend anyway. Though Monday would be exactly a month 'till the fest, so could be a natural fit? Given recently how open they've been about the financial impact the festival has on the local area, I'm sure they will have been having behind the scenes chats with the gov about how to proceed for some time
  12. What are we thinking about an announcement then gang? Is tomorrow optimistic? The line-up MUST be drafted, surely just a case of pressing play on it and sending it? We're approaching the one month mark now, get those double jabs on the go if you haven't already! 🙃
  13. Let’s hope this means tomorrow… I think we would’ve know by now if it was off. I have to say, while everything today has been positive news, I’m not convinced and do understand why they’ve been tentative.
  14. I'd love a Wednesday announcement from the Gov, and a corresponding announcement from GM... I can't see that being out of the question. Buzzing if this goes ahead, I think I'd almost settled for a no-show.
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