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  1. Doing both sounds like having a wonderfull time
  2. Oh wow! It is sold out. Back in the days Silent & Clean was the last area to fill up, but people wants to sleep these days. I would camp in the outskirts then. I've had pretty quit nights in outer are "P" in the past. A little longer walk to the festival site, but the closer you are to the festival site the more hardcore parties and soundsystems you will find and less sleep you will get. I camp in a somewhat calm area as well and then go into the more part infected areas when I'm down to go crazy
  3. I've also found it strange that it gets so little attention. It has some of the Sziget party vibe (for 8 nights!) and a big ass program and 7 scenes sort of like Glastonbury (I know nothing is, but this comes close) and the festival is not expensive at all (way cheaper than other danish festivals). Maybe it is becuase they always start out with attracting the youngsters - last year with Stormzy, Bruno Mars and this year with Travis Scott and Cardi B. Then people think Roskilde has gone to shit, but it really has not I think they've missed out on the Rock Line-up this year as well. It's not bad as they have Cure, Plant, Dylan and Johnny Marr, but they are all pretty old names. Had they put just 1-2 of Strokes, Raconteurs, Smashing Pumkins, Muse, Tame Impala, TOOL!!! next to the names above they would have smashed everyone in my oppinion. I'll get my rock from Cure and Plant from the top and Shame, Phil Anselmo (with a Pantera only set), Fontaine D.C., Parquet Courts, Alkymist and La Dispute in small font (and I don't like metal so do not know if there's some great names there). I think the Hip hop is great this year. Denzel Curry, Cypress Hill, Brockhampton, Skepta, Bikstok (Danish), Chance The Rapper and Death Grips are all high on my list I personally also like the always great batch of world names. Roskilde is very picky in terms of recycling acts. I think they claim more than 70% of the program every year is completely new, so artists really have to put out a new great album or have been away in a long time to come back, so they seem fresh again. Sometimes it results in Roskilde not taking seemingly obvious headliners like Rock Werchter for instance.
  4. Honestly Roskilde always have an amazing Line Up if your taste is in more than 1 genre. People in Denmark are pretty hard on the line up this year since 2018 was great. Camping is amazing if you ask me - everyone is friendly and has the 'Orange Feeling'. It is quite the party warzone though and it is not easy to sleep in the general camping site. Music until the early morning, but I've enjoyed it for 12 years Now. Most people my age (29) and older have moved to the silent and clean areas, where you can sleep from 10pm-10am. Go for the Full experience. The first 4 Days people party and it is so much fun - the next 4 Days is about the concerts😁. Feel free to ask more questions
  5. I like the Line Up as well. Very decent in a mediocre year. BUT friday is the shitty day IMO Jungle will be amazing, but I've seen them twice already. And the acts lined up for Orange is weak by any standards.
  6. But that is also incredibly weak. I have not seen a day this weak in my 12 times at Roskilde. I like the Roskilde Line-Up overall, but the friday on the big orange stage will be pretty lame with Bring Me The Horizon, Robyn, Vampire Weekend.
  7. For me personally Roskilde somehow always wins the Line-Up competition. To some extent because of what you write exactly (often times you have no clue about half the bands even if you are into music). They are great at getting "the next stars" in the undercard and new love for new artists have started at Roskilde countless times for me. If you enjoy a wide variety of genres Roskilde is the festival to go to. I love that I can go straight from a World Music concert to a rock concert to a Hip hop concert to a pop party and so on. But if you e.g. are only into rock/metal you should go to a genre specific festival. I've seen Tame Impala, Anderson .Paak, Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monae, OFWGKTA, Justice, Major Lazer, Gojira, Florence and The Machine, The National and many more as "small font" bands in tents/smaller stages.
  8. Roskilde is amazing - 12th time this summer and have not been to any festival that can top it (albeit I'm still short trying Sziget and Glastonbury). I can strongly reccomend trying it out. The Campsite is a party war zone (I love it), but there is Silent & Clean options, where there has to be silent from 22.00 - 10.00 I believe. The prices are very reasonable and I have not been to a cheaper festival. On campsite you can get 24 ice cold 33cl beers for 20£. Beers are more expensive on festivalsite, but there you can get 1L of white or Rosé wine for 8£. That is my "value for money" drink on the festival. Go go go
  9. Must admit Roskilde is shaping up nicely. Still 100 acts to go. I suspect 2 headliners more (and Underworld have already been dumped to a sub compared to the picture). Must be the most diverse festival of the bunch. Having Dylan, Plant and Cure next to Cardi B, Travis and Robyn. Suspect Strokes will fill the age gap between the current headliner.
  10. What ? They've headlined Roskilde Festival before and I suspect and hope they will do so agains this year. And Roskilde is a pretty damn big festival. They would headline most European Festivals I'm sure. (I know Roskilde has a lot of headliners, but on each day the band playing at 22.00 is the "real" headliner, and The Strokes had that spot in 2011)
  11. They were amazing at Roskilde in 2011. Spectacular actually. It was a top 10 concerts of my life I think. I'm beyond exited that they are back touring. In 2006 at Roskilde though it was mediocre, so they might be a band that has to "feel it". Pretty nice setlist: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-strokes/2011/darupvej-roskilde-denmark-5bd36b58.html
  12. Roskilde started last year with Stormzy as the biggest name and quickly followed up with announcements including both Bruno Mars and Cardi B and some was getting hyped aa others were close to losing their shit. It seems that they want to get the youngest part of their audience to get hyped first, and I can assure you that it seems to work. The Facebook thread is full of "kids" getting fired up for this autotune/moshpit inferno of Travis. The older segment is shaking our heads slightly as we are seeing Copenhell book Tool and Northside getting Bon Iver/The Streets. Especially Tool hurts when you get served Travis Scott. I still have faith in the Line-Up. The undercard is always extraordinary and last year we got Eminem, Nick Cave, Anderson .Paak, Massive Attack, Gorillaz and many more at a quite late stage (January -> april).
  13. Very good program in my oppinion!
  14. I agree. Roskilde started out strong with announcement, but then came Eminem, and whilst being a great booking we also got Cardi B and Khalid making the poster look very mainstream / popish, but great for selling tickets to the youngsters. This announcement with NIN, MBV, Black Star, Sampha, Fever Ray and others (depending on taste) got it back on track, and I'm very optimistic. When the final 88! names are revealed I'm pretty sure Roskilde will once again have one of the most interesting and diverse Line-Ups, where everyone should be able to find bands they like and artists they did not know the liked yet. If you like me enjoy artists in different genres it is just THE festival. There should still be some big names to be announced as well as David Byrne is currently the biggest name on the Friday, and I'm not even sure he should play the Orange stage today. But there is not that many big names touring that have not been announced for a danish festival yet - Mainly Nick Cave, Massive Attack and Jamiroquai as far as I can see. Nick Cave looks likely, but maybe a surprising headliner is still lurking. With that being said Roskilde have definently missed out on some great bands touring festivals this season (do not want to mention names, but look at Mad Cool)
  15. Thanks a lot guys I'm readin about camping now, and they write that "No Hard Liquer is allowed", and "you can only bring 12 cans of beer". I thought Holland was more open minded in that regards. Is it a performa rule or something they really seek to uphold? We are used to the campng of Roskilde, which is a crazy war zone
  16. We are coming from Denmark. How fast does this usually sell out? Do we need to be ready to buy saturday because of Pearl Jam/Foo Fighter?
  17. Would love A Perfect Circle - The others not that much.
  18. Any rumors about act? Looking like A Perfect Circle and Alice in Chains could fit in well on their Tour schedule, which would really make my day! Are the entire Line-Up normally announced with the release of the tickets, and does it usually sell out fast at Pinkpop??
  19. Roskilde lacks 100 names so they can stille make a comeback, but it was indeed sad today, where they announced Khalid and Cardi B and put them as headliners. They got Eminem yesterday so they will sell out without a doubt. It is a wonderfull festival, and I still hope for a lot of magic in the coming announcement. The young segment must be satisfied now!!! Give me Nick Cave, Jamiroquai & NIN etc.
  20. Seen AM several times on festivals and I've been underwhelmed each time. Last time (2014 at Roskilde) was better, but still not amazing, so I do not get the hype either. They have a shitload of great songs, but do not seem to be able to translate into a truly amazing liveshow for some reason. I doubt I'll go see it next time I get a chance at a festival.
  21. We are also considering going from Denmark because of PJ. How difficult is it to get a spot in camping A? Do you know why the average age is so "high". Not that it is a problem (we are 26-29), but where do the youngsters get their festival on?
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