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  1. where did you get this. As for taken a guess at a replacement headliner I think there is little to no chance that the likes off metalica will replace Justin. If they do anything it will be another Pop act or as has been mentioned putting a new sub in and that would make more sense.
  2. https://welovebudapest.com/en/article/2021/6/16/budapest-the-chain-bridge-closes-for-18-months-boats-now-serve-the-two-riverbanks Boat will take you over or the person above has a good route
  3. From my apartment it is 4.1 miles there and 10 miles back after 12 pints 🙂 Maybe half that distance from the Island
  4. never walk its about 5 miles away. I have never bothered with a Taxi. The Boat takes 30 mins and the train about 15 mins. They both stop at the entry points and there is never much of a wait at Either apart from the first day. It will depend where on the Island you are staying. If you are at the south and have a city pass I would get the boat its so much more relaxing. The Train is also close enough. If you are nearer the north off the Island I would look into this as you maybe better getting a local bus. Also it will depend if you have a city pass as the boat costs more. Have a look into the buses
  5. It can get busy going from the tent to the main stage when the acts have finished but that just tends to be the busy nights and if there is anyone decent in the tent. Apart from that it's very well controlled . Going in the first day can be busy over the bridge but that's about it The bars are fine, the only time you wait is when the main act is on but even then it's not to bad. You pay be your wrist band so no waiting on change etc your lucky if you have to wait behind 1 or 2 folk. Leaving at night is fine and depends how your going home there is a wait for the boat but nothing huge There are plenty bars about. The only thing I would say Is.watch what you eat for the dust. Also get there early the first day to get your wrist band etc as that's the only busy day
  6. Thanks for this, I did think they may add a few names but as time goes by I am not sure the names will be anything to get excited about but I live in hope.
  7. I assume they will have plans in place and had talks with management companies. I am pretty confident he will be there Where did they say that's the line up filled?
  8. Say what you want Justin is huge and there are not many that will fill it like him. Cant be bothered myself but its a long way off and anyone could pull out with covid cases rising and anything happening I thought a few acts would be getting added at this point but the poster looks like it could be full and I am less optimistic that anyone classed as a larger act extra will be added. It may depend on Ticket sales and what dates are sold out or nearly full. I am not sure how many extra UK/IRE/US acts would bring non locals as most folk with have the flights, accommodation all booked so they may look at acts that appeal locally or to this area off Europe.
  9. I don't think it's a great line up, monkeys and dua lipa were on last time and it's not to my taste but it is what it is. I would rather the killer to KOL and someone diffenet to the other 2 but they will be a big pull. Justin has pulled a few dates but we are 9 weeks away from him playing so I think he will be fine. If not I will not lose any sleep
  10. I think I have managed the tribute acts once but all my friends loved it. I may need to try and stay sober this year 🤣 Anywho, when will the last acts, times and final line ups be announced. That's the festival season started in the UK and I can still see 3 half decent acts to be added
  11. I am a bit older so I have never been approched but I have been to other festivals and been offered. I have not seen or heard off a bit demand for it. Drink is that cheap maybe people just prefer that. More importantly when are the line ups coming
  12. I would think there are 3-4 names still to be announced for the main stage/A38 but this may depend on who they move to the different stages. If you look at clash finder there are a few gaps and I think the names will not be that big but we live in hope. We should know in the next few weeks.
  13. It's acts that are going into the night after 12. This happened before with their communication. They would be hard pushed to add a new act/headliner and call it the festival with just 12 weeks to go. I also fly back Tuesday so they better not 🤣
  14. There will be no more big name far less headliners. We will maybe see a few names for the tent or sub but I still think we may get 3 to 4 nanes that are known but nothing huge. I would love to see a few like Liam, wolf Alice, Kasabian but they are all sub levels We only have a few weeks at most to wait in my view.
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