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  1. Thanks it's put my mind at rest.
  2. Jonsey, thanks for this. Was this ticketmaster who said this or did you see it somewhere. A bit stressed with it all as taken my son who is too busy being stoned to help . Have you had the same issue. Thanks to someone who PM me as well. Really can not wait. I have been to Szighet for the last two years and its been great and a better line up but I think this could be ever better. Meeting a few friends and the water park Thursday and then FBS at night. GC, FTB, HUNNA KOL and FF finishing with the Hot Dub if I am still alive
  3. Still unable to print my tickets, if the worse comes to it are you able to buy tickets there. I have been on the phone to ticket master for 4 days now and they are useless. Just need my tickets and I will be buzzing
  4. i am unable to print my tickets been onto ticket master twice and still no good. They said they would e mail me the tickets direct. it looks like those who booked early are having issues. No good as I fly out soon. My friend got their as well. Called them, emailed and still not able to print mine. Let me know if you get there
  5. Stage times are out. Most times look good to me except the HUNNA, GC and 1975. I would rather GC was on the same time as Lana but overall, I am happy with that. Not sure if I should see You me at Six or try the Sea Girls for the Saturday early slot. Sunday has no clashes for me. I expected FF to maybe be on the same time as Ezra or Hot Tub I would rather GC was on the same time as Lana but overall, I am happy with that. My son and I are going and this is our first year. Reading the reviews on how well run it is and the cheap drink it all sounds good. No sure about the line up but at £100 what more can you expect.
  6. Emily Sandie stepped in at Trsmt but I think there is very little chance she will not be there. She has lots of hits and popular with lots off people and must be losing a fortune and reputation for pulling out her gigs. Personally I could not care that much for her but the replacement could be worse. I hope they announce that Gerry and Blossom have a decent time and dont clash with any one I want to see. Has anyone been able to print there tickets yet?
  7. This is the first Benni I will be at, so I am not sure what to expect. The set list was announced on the 4 July last year, so I expect the times to be announced on Monday. Maybe they are awaiting news on Jess Gylnne and if she is going to be fit.
  8. Lewis Capaldi stepped in at TRSMT so we could get him I think she will be there regardless and if she pulls out they will just say its to late to replace her
  9. Well if thats the case, I think we will be at the same acts
  10. what do the green dots mean next to the artist
  11. Fly to Valencia on the Tuesday stay the night in Valencia, get the train up about 16:30 and meet a few friends. Leave Monday about midday to Valencia and fly back the Tuesday to Edinburgh. All sorted. What happens the Wednesday night?
  12. There will be charging points ?
  13. I watched the IOW Festival over the weekend and FBS looked great. Looking at the Line up at Benni I don’t think Benni is that much different to IOW or Trnsmt, not that they are looking great. Tip Toes, Sea horses Hunna are looking good. Gerry Cinnamon should be great as should most the acts on Saturday. Still not sure about the Friday and the Sunday. When is the times announced as I hope Gerry gets a decent slot.
  14. Still not heard anything as yet. I am still hoping for a few decent names but I think they will be mainly Spanish bands and a few DJs. I think there will be enough big name acts on the Friday and Saturday and hope they add something for the Thursday before FBS and something for Sunday. Will they have have Franz and George on the main Stage on the Sunday? Trains from Castellon to Barca start at 7:00, you just need to get a bus or a Taxi down. The train is about £35.
  15. Thursday- Fat Boy Slim but I will take in Kodaline Friday- Hunna and Gerry Cinnamon possibly the 1975 Saturday- KOL, Blossom, You me at six and possibly Jess Glyne Sunday Franz and George Ezra then onto the Hot Tub Time Machine That makes 8 that I want to see, possible 3 other possible and the Hot Tub Time machine. It also depends on the times and who is playing the same time as Lana and V Morla
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