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  1. Just realized that there is one day gab in the festival - Saturday, Sunday... Tuesday, hahaha First time seeing such thing, but hey - anything is possible "...in the name of" getting ratm:)))) Could become interesting if they don't mess up the line up like Reading did. Any of you been on this one? I've heard stories of it being generally boring festival both in terms of atmosphere and crowd... Also, is it really 120 000 capacity, jesus, this used to be one of the small EU fests:)
  2. Sorry, if this was cleared out by now, but... this Capaldi guy is not headlining Sunday, right? I hope we will have real headliner for this day:)
  3. Lolla Berlin announcement is not a surprise to me. Similar in quality every year. RATM are the surprise Still struggling with this LandR line up though... I've been to Reading 2014 and 2017 and every year I'm like: "If they pull out good (for my taste) headline acts - We're going! Undercard is very diverse and always good. Like ALWAYS! Organisation and festival spirit are perfect. Plus, for us this is a trip to UK..:)" And now... we have very solid (and one amazing) headliners and I'm still not convinced:/ I definitely need 2-3 more solid bands but at this stage I don't see where they can fit. Main stage is almost full and I don't think there will be a huge name there. Dunno... I'll decide next month (probably will go) P.S. Please no Die Antwoord, please no!
  4. yeah, forget about Foals. They're in Russia this weekend
  5. where is this Eminem rumor coming from? Yes, there's this new album, but absolutely nothing else, right? I can understand the (unrealistic) hopes for RATM. They're back together, they will play in the US, they said they'll not tour Europe... still in forums like this people can hope for one exclusive show. Eminem - why?
  6. Absolutely agree for Deftones! Furthermore, I'm very happy Hellfest moved away from maiden, kiss, judas etc. headlining the main. Lineup still looks antique and proper for a fest 20 years ago, but in the same time miles better than all others (GMM, Download, RaR...) Kinda regret I don't have tix-s for this year
  7. Graspop Metal Meeting don't think so. For them It's definitely 1994. Actually dare i say it.................. 1989 hahaha Anyway, we'll see what will the line up bring. Lot of competition to get our savings for concerts:) Most of mine are going towards Deftones (no GMM) so we'll see. P.S. I'm now starting more and more to compare RW with Mad Cool for some reason.
  8. The Voidz / Modeslektor clash on the first night is veeery unpleasant... for me at least. Thom Yorke is just before Modeselektor. Do you think there's a chance for him appearing on their stage? Other than that... looks pretty cool. See you there! ❤️
  9. poor announcement, yeah... but hey, this is one of the best line ups this summer (to me at least). things are not like they were some 8-10 years ago when there were total of about 10-15 festivals in whole Europe. Now they're hundreds...!! and all sharing pretty much the same amount of decent acts. Major headliners/artists now tour pretty much every year and still most lineups feel incomplete and or underwhelming. Look at Nos. Fib, Reading and so on and so on... The biggest festivals that used to sell out by Feb./Mar. like Werchter, Rock am Ring, Primavera etc. etc. still have tickets even with stellar line ups. We will see how the festival scene will evolve in the next years but definitely things will change in one direction or another...
  10. "sounds more exciting than actually is" means no st. Vincent, Karen O and other females in this caliber. We'll see soon. I'm very happy with the current line up so any decent additions will just add to the flavor for me (and secretly hoping they drag Yonaka from Mad Cool... )
  11. Interesting discussion for the headliner slots. In the same time on their home page you can see that Blossoms and You me at six are both listed twice. Probably we'll have Lana play twice as well and also twice KOL and there you go... (Rant is now over, sorry, couldn't stop myself) I really hope they have more exciting names for the next announcement... Pretty much nothing for me at this point, except the cool beaches:)
  12. is it soon or not - I cannot tell but it appears that Foals will tour all summer. Already announced for RaR in the beginning of June so I expect them to pop up at most major EU fests during the summer. Already two Festivals in Spain though - I doubt they'l appear at Benni as well
  13. seeing a lot of guesses, wishlist's here etc. I thought the headline slots for next year were pretty obvious and will be: Mumford, Florence and the Cure. I'm not super hyped for any of these of course so anything more would be pleasant surprise. Honestly I haven't done a lot of research as most of you here and hope I'm wrong (hope you're wrong for Tame Impala as well, HAHA)... We'll see soon I guess :)
  14. Very similar with 2017 Lollapalooza Paris but without the good (for my taste) stuff:/ Anyway - lots of other good festivals this year to choose from:)
  15. Here are all dates incl. Mad Cool! http://arcticmonkeys.com/
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