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  1. yeah, "the leak" seems logical:) AM I think will be there as there are no dates in Belguim on their tour so far Also looking at the Reading poster, I believe Halsey is a good fit for PKP 2022. Some good potential names can be shared with Szitet as well.. Bottom line if they play their cards well. it could be very solid line up! Usually they share line up later in he year though, so let's see
  2. yeah, sleep token would be veeery nice
  3. Well... going through through this tread, Frank Carter and Architects really seems to be one of the most obvious candidates for surprise set. To be honest, I was hoping for more bold or interesting acts... ever since I bought tix for the festival a couple of months ago I was hoping for Thom Yorke - either with the Modern Boxes show or The Smile. Still, I hope FR have some interesting surprises we didn't thought of there:)
  4. Unfortunately, this is not something new for RandL. In 2014 we bought tix mainly because of Chino Moreno's Crosses pretty much Europe exclusive gig in the Pit. The Band was removed from the poster without any explanation a month before the festival:/ I guess such things are inevitable when you're organizing a festival with 200+ bands. With the COVID situation, things are obviously worse... I don't know if Daniel P Carter still curates the Pit. I'm sure (if possible) he'll come up with some quality replacements. Let's see
  5. Spiritbox just cancelled Reading because of the Limp Bizkit tour cancelation. (their instagram) Can’t see how both things are connected unless Bizkit were supposed to be secret set. shame really, was looking forward this gig:///
  6. Well, you know this goes for everyone... Don't know what special arrangements are made for those bands. I was watching this news (not only for me, thinking how and when to travel) but what it generally means for all bands that were supposed to play Lowlands/Pukkelpop and then travel for R and L (Stormzy, Liam, Fever 333, Cleopatrick etc. etc. etc.)
  7. I see the bigger concern in the moment is towards who will be excluded... I also believe that on the 19th we will have the info. Would like to see Sleep Token added to the pit as well
  8. I was 11000 when entered the queue. Still managed to bag x2 for the NIN day after around 70mins of waiting. YEY! Obviously there were more Metallica fans waiting today and the Saturday & Sunday were already gone when I got in. Hope you had some success too
  9. don't think I had a chance. maybe too few tickets left after yesterday's sale. I was 15000th on the queue when I joined there on the second... and an hour later when I was at around 6000 it showed the Sold Out message. It'll be hard tomorrow...
  10. Totally in the same boat. Any experience from today will be very appreciated. Can I register/sign up somewhere in advance, are all tix digital or I should provide address for physical delivery, how fast tickets sell out (is it Radiohead in Roundhouse fast or a bit better) etc. etc.
  11. Stormzy is in the Press release (Eng version)
  12. so BMTH & Stormzy are 100% out? They said more to come but probably nothing big... At least Denzel Curry, Biig Piig..
  13. There is a Presale?
  14. I presume they'll say exact hour when passes will be on sale... Anyone with experience from previous years? All tix will fly in a matter of minutes... especially for that NIN day. Booking hotel in Nantes sounds like a very good idea though. I can do this while I wait for July 8th:)
  15. I choose Rock im Park this year and it was absolutely the same. I was just coming from 4 back-to-back arena shows in the UK and the difference in quality and band enjoyment was obvious. In 2014 they had only two festivals I believe... RaR/RiP and Primavera.
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