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  1. That'd be absolutely insane. If there is a secret set it'd probably be someone like Dream State.
  2. Nice one, I nearly overlooked this email
  3. When are the stage times announced? Been regular Download by myself a few times but this will be the first time camping alone.
  4. When are we supposed to take our covid tests?
  5. Are tickets ready for anyone yet? Mine still says "Your tickets aren't quite ready yet..."
  6. So basically you could just send the link to anyone and they'd be eligible?
  7. So I've received the link to the presale... What now, do we just wait until the timer is at 0 or are we getting a code?
  8. What bands are you looking forward to, if you manage to get a ticket that is? For me, this is easily my favourite lineup and I really hope I can get a ticket. Nothing against regular Download but it seems to cater to the older audience nowadays. I'm 28 and I'm much more into the "Slam Dunk" style bands. Neck Deep, Boston Manor, Holding Absence, Hot Milk, Shikari, While She Sleeps, Creeper, Twin Atlantic, Yonaka, Vukovi, The Hara, Bleed From Within, Bullet, Trash Boat, Cassyette, Saint Agnes... And they're just the bands I want to see. Bands like Skindred and Frank Carter/Turner I'm not too fussed about, but I'd still watch them if i'm not in another crowd.
  9. Made a 'fantasy' festival using the Download template. A mish-mash of modern(ish) pop, rock, indie, metal but no "Monsters of Rock" style bands.
  10. Using the Download template as an example, but something like this to draw in the R/L crowd that doesn't want pop/rap, but the Download crowd that doesn't want 'classic' metal... Which is basically R/L if they stayed rock.
  11. If they could (somehow) fuse All Points East, Slam Dunk and 2000Trees into one Download sized festival we could have relevant/popular bands headline while bringing in some newer acts like Yungblud and Billie Eilish without getting hate from elitists.
  12. Deftones are subbing one of the days. The final sub will be Alter Bridge, ADTR or Architects. Edit: Saw the error. Yeah, this lineup is (in my opinion) the worst yet. First time I saw the 2020 lineup I groaned, so to see pretty much the same lineup rolled over twice with even less bands I would've liked to have seen (PUP, The Menzingers for example) isn't very encouraging. Just makes me wonder what kind of bands would've been booked for 21/22 if not for Covid...
  13. This does kinda confirm that Download won't change the lineup until the festival actually happens, for better or worse. If for some bizarre reason it doesn't happen next year, this will be pretty much the 2023 lineup with one act replaced with SOAD. If that doesn't happen, it'll be the 2024 lineup etc.
  14. People would honestly lose their shit (for better or worse) if either of these were the lineup.
  15. They would be, but much of the current R/L demographic now is under 20. Look at the mixed reactions RATM got from the Darkfruits. "Who's this goth band?" If Rage are considered a "goth" band I'd hate to see what they think MCR are. I think they'd get a better reception at Download now compared to Reading. Even Glasto would get its fare share of MCR fans if they played there. They've moved into that "next" category where the majority of the fans that followed MCR in their heyday are pushing 30 (and even older). Slight tangent but when I saw Metallica Download in 2012, they were roughly the same age Green Day are now. In a way, bands like Green Day, MCR, Linkin Park etc. are slowly becoming the "oldies" for the millennial generation.
  16. I'm getting worried that this will also be postponed due to the new covid variants.
  17. Would've loved them at Download next year to make up for two years of waiting. MCR in May and June, but alas it's the same rollover headliners from 2020/21. DL2023 is a good possibility though considering Reading and Leeds have turned into VFest.
  18. If 2021 is cancelled (which is looking more and more likely), will we just get a roll-over of bands that were supposed to play 2020/21? If so that means we'll likely get the same headliners/subs as well, possibly with Maiden replacing one of them. 😴...
  19. Might as well start this. Ideal: Bring Me The Horizon/My Chemical Romance/Rage Against The Machine (sub RATM for Metallica if Copping wants the older audience) Realistic: Avenged Sevenfold/Rammstein/Iron Maiden
  20. Wishlist: BMTH/Foo Fighters/Metallica Prediction: Kiss/Biffy/SOAD Kiss are for their ""last ever"" show, Biffy were heavily featured on DLTV and have new music, and SOAD are on lineups pretty much everywhere else.
  21. It's gonna be Kiss/Biffy/SOAD isn't it? With 95% the same bands we were expecting this year... Even though 2021 probably would've had something like RATM/MCR/Metallica if not for COVID.
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