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  1. Not sure, but for all 4 days, it was probably around 250-300€
  2. Just look at my screenshot. Europe STADIUM tour, not festival.
  3. What about Pearl Jam, are they touring next year?
  4. Rammstein is on stadium tour in 2020, not festival, just like Metallica this year. I'm not sure if they would ever play festivals again. They sold out almost every show in few hours, ticket prices are from 80-150€, why would they even bother with festivals? And this could be their last tour. p.s. And production is huge, that's why they're playing stadiums
  5. One hard copy ticket for sale. 85€ + shipping
  6. Next year’s edition is set to take place from 2 to 5 July 2020.
  7. So festival starts in a two days and there is no timetable. Can't believe it. How's that possible? Only because of that I will never ever go to this festival.
  8. Is it possible to pay in Euros on festival?My friend is going first time on exit and she is convinced she can pay with euros, but I'm telling her she is wrong.
  9. And of course, this comment is deleted
  10. Thanks. I will probably go only to see Foo Fighters, even I saw them twice in Pula. Is there a fan pit? Is it a big problem to catch a place in first rows? Okay not first rows, but some 50m from stage will be cool.
  11. Ticket bought at the festival 🙂 I know it's impossible to play at INmusic, but Social Distortion are back in Europe next year.
  12. Let's hope next year will be better, but for 300 kn (or 0 kn if you won the ticket) who am I to complain 🙃
  13. That's not excuse, this is festival for 30k people, they need to be prepared for everything. Or maybe they wanna be like Ferragosto Jam
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