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  1. Frequency announcement on march 3, tuesday
  2. F*uck 😒 I'm in Budapest that day, Pearl Jam
  3. Killers day is 67€ (500 kn) for sure.
  4. everest


    I'm suspicious about early 2021 because on Puscifer's instagram you can see hashtags #puscifer2021 So I think that Tool EU tour is postponed to 2029 😂
  5. Sum 41 maybe on 23rd as second stage headliner They have a gap between 21st at Hurricane and 25th at Arsenal fest
  6. everest


    @Kusy what happened with tour? Do you have any info because you had a info about a show in Prague on May 9th
  7. Johnny Marr was playing before 21P, same day as Foos
  8. I saw them on nova rock, I expected nothing and they gave us nothing. After rhcp, probably worst "big" live band I've seen. I really like Matt Skiba, but he simply doesn't fit in Blink 182...
  9. Nope. Placebo have a show in Macedonia and that's region exclusive. 21P are not that big in Croatia, they don't need to spend money on them. Lineup is so far really good for 70€
  10. 8 front of stage tickets for Vienna show bought, price was 107€. And it is sold out in a less than 10 minutes. Okay few tickets for sitting B is still left
  11. Any info which day is reserved for The Strokes?
  12. They have a show in Greece so when they said region, it is ex-yu
  13. https://www.trusty.hr/scena/glazba/438-pokrenuta-crowdfunding-kampanja-za-plocu-grupe-sumski.html Two years ago there was crowfunding campaign for new album, but...it's never too late. Support Šumski like you support your local pub
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