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  1. I think major festivals will happen next year, if not, then some festivals and booking agencies will not survive. Governments are fucking us in the head through media every fuckin day with this fuckin corona...many scientists already said that flu is more dangerous and because we have vaccine we have less deaths from flu. People need to calm down and keep on with their lives and then we will have normal lives and festivals next year
  2. THESE MEASURES HAVE BEEN ADOPTED: - From tomorrow, it will be obligatory to wear masks in Belgrade indoors, ie by buses, city and intercity transport, cafes, shopping malls - STARTING TOMORROW AT 6 AM. - Persons who do not wear protective masks in transport and indoors will be sanctioned. - Restriction of gathering to 200 people, both outdoors and indoors.
  3. Bigger problem will be self-isolation when I return to Croatia...
  4. Expected so much more from regional acts. But Laibach and Goblini 👍
  5. Probably waiting for Kiss to reschedule their tour
  6. This year they also didn't have UK dates all dates are rescheduled except Nova Rock But if they add Download which I doubt, then schedule could be something like this: Nova Rock 2 - SOAD 3 - Volbeat 4 - Foos 5 - Seiler und shit Download 4 - SOAD 5 - Kiss 6 - Foos For 2020 Nova Rock was scheduled between Berlin and Milano, but next year, Nova Rock is before Berlin and that's the problem, they need to change route and that brings new expenses blabla
  7. Foos are rescheduled all dates for 2021 on same day except Nova Rock so obviously there are some problems with tour planning, maybe too early So far it looks like they are out, and only worthy replacement will be Metallica, or at least Nine Inch Nails + some act that isn't on Nova Rock every 2-3 years like Volbeat, Billy Talent, Toten Hosen...
  8. Rival Sons have a gap between London 23rd and Manchester 29th, so they are not so sure, maybe reserved for Glastonbury if they will play there with Aerosmith
  9. Another update about Foos, probably they won't come next year. "Don’t know yet if they will be available. We try our best 💪🏻"
  10. RHCP or Metallica or both
  11. I've found only one new band, SISYPHOS - ALPINE REGGAE SYSTEM edit: about Foos, found out that they can't tell anything yet about cancellation or confirmation
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