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  1. everest

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Or maybe admin didn't understand you 😀
  2. everest

    Punk Rock Holiday 1.9

    So there is a big chance to Slovenians to see NOFX three times in a 14 months. I'm pretty sure there will be 2nd edition of Punk in Drublic in Ljubljana
  3. everest

    Bayfest 2019

    BAY FEST 12•13•14 August 2019Parco Pavese | Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)#bayfest19 Il tuo ferragosto punk-rock! Lineup: THE OFFSPRING - NOFX ...more bands coming soon!
  4. everest

    Punk Rock Holiday 1.9

    Pears announced
  5. everest

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Last few years they didnt ask for any document or check name on the ticket.
  6. everest

    Firenze Rocks 2019

    Nice. Pumpkins are back. p.s. new album leaked
  7. everest

    INmusic Festival 2019

    The Smashing Pumpkins will be great, but Inmusic people are more into Muse, The Cure
  8. everest

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Dont care about Croats, they are always complaining. They want to see Radiohead, FF, Muse etc. for 50€. I dont wanna go every few months to Vienna to see biggest bands, I'm tired of that, I wanna watch them @ Inmusic. I will sell my ticket for 40€ (bought at entrance this year) and buy a new one for 100€ if they announce Foos. p.s. I'm from Croatia 😭
  9. everest

    Punk Rock Holiday 1.9

    Propagandhi! More bands on November 21st.
  10. everest

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Probably not. So on november 30th we will have only one headliner and the ticket price will be around 70€. Last year around Christmas I paid 50€, at that time we already had QOTSA and Nick. This has to be something big, probably one of the heads from Hurricane/Southside.
  11. everest

    Rammstein 2019

    OMG almost all shows sold out 😮 Good job Rammstein https://www.rammstein.de/en/tickets/
  12. everest

    Nova Rock 2019

    I think I've read somewhere that Madrid is their last show on EU tour, FQ is in august
  13. everest

    Mad Cool 2019

    Tool is playin @ Download Madrid
  14. everest

    Rammstein 2019

    Yes, they have, but maybe not for all concerts, I'm not sure. About shipping, it's 20€ with dhl
  15. everest

    Rammstein 2019

    Austrian oeticket will also sell tickets