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  1. Are you joking? They literally put messages on the screens before the set began that both sides were full. It was rammed
  2. I’ve seen both Travis Scott and the prodigy and know who put on the better show (it wasn’t the prodigy)
  3. Dark Fruit twitter has turned to MCR Twitter
  4. MCR new album featuring some emo soundcloud rappers and going that style might go down well with the kids
  5. Friday-Catfish and the bottlemen (subbed by Tyler the creator) Saturday-bmth/Travis Scott (closing) sunday -stormzy
  6. Friday-Catfish and the bottlemen (subbed by Tyler the creator) Saturday-bmth/Travis Scott (closing) sunday -stormzy
  7. If he’d played in 2016 instead of cancelling how good a crowd would he have got in the 1xtra?
  8. Travis Scott would 100% be a bigger draw than the strokes
  9. That was such an exciting time on the thread
  10. Kiss, iron maiden and soad for dl apparently
  11. Got to agree. As much as I’m not a huge fan of his you can’t argue that drake is act that would sell the most amongst the current demographic
  12. We were able to easily get from just behind the third barrier to the front of the middle section very easily halfway through the set. Was a far sparser crowd than AJ/Billie
  13. Just to add the foo fighters crowd in reading was so sparse compared to post and 1975
  14. Courteeners would be by far the weakest headliner that they have ever booked
  15. Friday BMTH Saturday Travis Scott(closing both sites)/Tame Impala Sunday Green Day strong sub for bmth needed
  16. Risky booking. He’d probably not turn up or just have a tantrum on stage if he did. Would go down an absolute treat if he brought his a game though
  17. But then they billed Kendrick and post as co heads and closed both sites. Could do same for stormzy with bmth or catfish or whatever
  18. I really really don’t think slipknot headlining would go down well with the majority of reading festival goers (not sure if the Leeds demographic is different as not been)
  19. Great answer but can’t see Tyler subbing. Radio one headline for him against green day I think
  20. Yeah seems the logical cheaper option. Who else could do it? Drake? Kanye/KSG?
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