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  1. Without one of the original members or something. Trinity marks the return of the original band members or something
  2. Royal Blood (30) +5 Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes (25) -5
  3. My mistake I thought it was the full band for the first time in years or something
  4. Pendulum Wouldn’t be a closing set
  5. New frank carter track is sick and I’m not really a fan of his
  6. Wish reading had more Thursday and late night fun
  7. Yeah Travis Scott’s set really was astonishing
  8. Sick man would you say he’s as good as Travis Scott live?
  9. Same or a bicep live set or something mid afternoon
  10. Reckon any dance acts to be added to the radio one stage
  11. Anyone here seen lil uzi before? Debating whether to bother watching because of how poor Migos were in 2017
  12. I pray to god that imagine dragons never set foot in r&l again
  13. Agreed although it felt abit flat compared to the 2015 set. Longer show with more tpab and adhd would be splendid
  14. Think both are solid lineups with loads I wanna see on both. I’d say glasto is probably superior but I’m still pretty chuffed with the r&l lineup this year
  15. Seems abit lacklustre in terms of bookings than previous years but I’d still say it’s superior to r&l. Saying that I do love this years lineup for reading
  16. For the years I’ve been got to hand it to 2017 two headliners who truly felt like a massive deal to watch (Eminem and muse), kasabian put on a great show regardless of me not being a huge fan. Weather was outstanding and Giggs bringing drake out was a special moment.
  17. Yeah I agree completely. No issue at all with lil uzi and juice world just would have personally liked to have seen something more kind of ‘indie rap’ than them
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