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  1. AdXly

    Boomtown fair 2018!

    Ah cool! Yeah ill be joining in on that but i just wanted to start a new one tbh! I thought it was just a free for all regarding the amount of threads for one event.. new to alll of this forum setting lol X
  2. AdXly

    Boomtown 2018

    I am attending for the first time with my boyfriend, absolutely cant wait! more than welcome to arrange a get together :)!
  3. AdXly

    Boomtown fair 2018!

    Hiiii anyone here got tickets for Boomtown 2018?! I made this thread so we all have a place to ask and answer any questions about the upcoming year. I personally cant wait and it would be nice to get to know some other boomtown attenders:) First question - Who's going /planning to go?