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  1. Hello, I previously made a post about campsites at Reading... However, as the summer nears, I have more enquiries haha. The group I am going with (around 13+ people, all age 17), are all relatively peaceful and don't want to be in the really rowdy campsites. With that being said, we still want to have fun and don't want to feel to withdrawn from the action. We had agreed on brown campsite, after reading it was relatively peaceful whilst also being fun? Upon research, some of our group have decided that they want to be in orange campsite as it has a silent disco and is closer to the action! Honestly, what is orange campsite like (how crowded, toilets, noise levels etc..)? Festivals are festivals and there will always be people off their heads being rowdy, no matter where you camp; however, some are worse and tend to be more turbulent haha. I don't want to argue the toss for brown if it isn't much better than orange, I've heard that brown is quiet, so on one hand that's good but my group is young and quite loud, so if it's full of families then maybe we should go to orange? I'm just in need of some advice, so any info on the two camps would be greatly appreciated!
  2. So, I know that it is early in advance to be asking about Reading 2018. However, I will be purchasing my tickets fairly soon -apparently they're selling fast- and wanted to know a few things before I do. 1)I am 17 and will be going with a group of school mates, we are all fairly peaceful and want to know the best campsite; we aren't too bothered about how far away we are from the main stage, but we don't want to be too far. Which are the more "quiet" campsites? My cousin stayed in green and had someone fall on her tent and her "neighbours" fighting and doing all sorts, off their heads on ket!! Despite being 17, I don't want to be in a rowdy campsite, and want to avoid the loudest and the ones that are prone to flooding. Are white & brown nice? 2) What time do all the acts finish: including smaller "dance" tents? I heard they finish around 23:30, but do any other music tents go on later? Is the silent disco good? 3) Are you allowed to leave site? 4) Do they have a drug testing tent? and is there easy access to drinking water near campsites? I am a regular festival goer, but I usually got to Glastonbury and Bestival, so it'll be my first reading experience and I want to know what it's genuinely like? Sorry for the stupid questions!!