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  1. New bands announced: A Day To Remember, Baroness, Black Veil Brides, Boston Manor, Boys Noize, Bush, Code Orange, Creeper, Daughtry, Devin Townsend, Digitalism, Donna Missal, Fire From The Gods, Gojira, Jan Delay & Disko No. 1, Kafvka, KC Rebell & Summer Cem, Kodaline, Mastodon, Of Mice & Men, Poppy, RIN, Schmutzki, Seasick Steve, Spiritbox, TEMPT, The Pretty Reckless, Wage War, You Me at Six, Yungblud, Zugezogen Maskulin. I hope it happens, it shapes up pretty great 🙂
  2. New Killer's album is great, would be nice to have them at Werchter 2021. I've seen some rumours here on the forum in the past that they are a possibility, any news on this ?
  3. Just a quick update: - refunds deadline is midnight July 15th - returned tickets will go on sale on July 16th for registered /July 21th 10am open sale - the festival is sold out since Feb - full line-up announcement expected in September, including details on one day tickets
  4. both very likely, were on 2020 lineup and are touring in this timeframe in 2021
  5. Starting a new topic for the 2021 edition. New date: June 10-12, 2021 First 20 names announced, all copied from the 2020 line-up.
  6. Yeah, it seems to be copy & paste. Not super inspiring lineup for me personally but apparently it sells well so it's logical to keep it...
  7. Yeah you're right, my bad. So many reconfirmations floating around and I was under impression they're confirmed already. Their website is not helping either, mixing 2020 with 2021 🙂 Anyway, I guess it's safe to assume they will be confirmed soon given Electric Castle, Opener, etc.
  8. 21P are already confirmed, alongside The Killers and Martin Garix. The Lumineers are the only one not announced yet, as per my post, but are very likely because of InMusic confirmation. Many of the undercards reconfirmed too.
  9. The Killers re-confirmed today. All remaining headliners except for Lumineers confirmed already. Given Lumineers' InMusic confirmation, 2021 seems to be a copy of 2020, so no surprises there
  10. I wouldn't panic, not at least before June 20th. The original RfP date is still on GD website... 🤔
  11. RfP Home edition is happening on 20/6 (with limited attendance, strict rules and local acts only), so I guess it's fair to assume we hear (by) then 🙂
  12. 2021 headliners re-confirmed
  13. Pure guess - seems that SOAD are limited to first two weeks of June, hence Nova + Download move to early June dates in 2021. Would be interesting to learn what does it mean for Wechter...
  14. Afaik, SOAD are working on rescheduling tour to 2021, so 99% should be at RW. Any ideas when the 2021 lineup will be announced?
  15. Moved to 2021. Dates tbc. Details here: https://rockforpeople.cz/en/novinky/oficialni-vyjadreni-reditele-festivalu-michala-thomese/
  16. 2020 edition cancelled. Next edition June 11-13 2021.
  17. 2021 dates set for June 2-5th (probably same as RaR/Rip)
  18. Despite the festival is sold out since January the lineup has been completed by several interesting names recently: - For The Fallen Dreams, Imminence, Deadly Apples, Northlane, Childcare, Wattican Punk Ballet, Ikan Hyu, Kieff, The Faim, Fickle Friends, Cemetery Sun, Bad Nerves, Do Nothing, The Pale White & Spector. Plus bunch of local acts, all here: https://rockforpeople.cz/en/lineup/
  19. I am sure it will be better than that 😉 The least attended headline show I experienced was The Cure at Novarock last year, good example of misplaced booking. They were on against Slayer and ended up playing to 5k people at best. This was a disgrace, given Novarock main stage is the same size as Reading... RATM will do just fine
  20. Airbourne opened the main stage last time they played and didn't grow much since. I am sure more names are coming for Saturday. Volbeat day is the weakest from my POV, I am not a fan of Disturbed at all, so hoping for a decent 3rd stage line-up. HC/metalcore bands focus would be great, the day split is promising in this regard...
  21. Taxis are better/more convenient in the night afaik as I am not sure about the train schedule past midnight. But it's pretty easy to move around. FYI - there's a thread already for all RiP/RaR related:
  22. 2019 clashfinder https://clashfinder.com/s/rfp2019/?user=0oxgqv.dl
  23. Main stage headliners are usually on at 11pm, second stage headlines follows after that, finishing at 2pm (curfew).
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