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  1. I went to a small festival while living in New Zealand in 2017, which helped to maintain my run since 2004. Didn't think it would be broken in a year I was planning to go to at least 4!
  2. Postponed to 2021 😭 Interestingly they are asking for people to "donate" their ticket to the festival. As in receive no refund, and also forfeit their ticket so that it won't roll over for 2021. I imagine the balance sheet must be looking pretty grim if they are asking people to donate their entire festival ticket. I am happy to let them hang onto my money and roll over my ticket for 2021, which is the kind of support I'm happy to give.But donating my whole ticket, and then rebuying another one for 2021 is a stretch too far for my budget. All the best to them though, and I really hope that they will be back in 2021 to honour my ticket 😃
  3. Boomtown said they were going to go ahead with a smaller scale festival, and that more details would be coming soon. That was almost a month ago now, and they haven't mentioned it again since, or released any of those further details yet. They have ceased all promotion of the festival, and all their social media posts now totally avoid the subject of a "Boomtown 2020". Their silence on the matter is not exactly encouraging. But what realistically can they do? It seems clear they are just waiting for the confirmation from the government that they can't go ahead, before announcing the cancellation. In the last few days Germany has extended it's ban on mass gatherings until the end of October. Surely for the benefit of the UK events industry (which is currently stuck in limbo), our government will be forthcoming with their own clarification on such summer events in the near future.
  4. The noise coming out of Boomtown I've heard is "full steam ahead"... with caveats. I don't know anything for sure, and the below is based on hearsay... so to be taken with a grain of salt... People "in the know" seem to think there is a prospect of the event being downsized, and even rescheduled if necessary. Even if the event is able to go ahead in August, not enough tickets can now be sold to warrant the usual scale. Boomtown would much rather put on "something" than nothing at all. If it's at all possible for at least some form of event to take place, then it will. The prospect of cancelling the festival altogether could be very disastrous to it's long term viability in the years ahead. With that view, the social media posts are true, they really are still chasing down every possible avenue, and planning every possible contingency. Unlike some of the more well financially supported festivals, this really could be a huge disaster for a big independent festival like Boomtown. They just have to try and make it happen if they can. With the current government plan being to turn "on and off" the taps of these control measures, it is hoped by many in the festival industry that there could be a window in August/September (between lockdowns?) for some events to still go ahead. With that slither of slim hope still on the table, festivals like Boomtown will continue to plan for making their events happen. Though persuading people to buy tickets is another challenge altogether, and thus why downsizing may be required.
  5. Even though we knew it was coming, it was still devastating to read the statement. The good news is, that ticket holders ARE still going to Glastonbury! So in a way, it's a postponement, just a year long one. A small light for us all at the end of the corona-tunnel.
  6. We've all been suddenly thrown into this crisis, and nobody knows what to do, or how to react. All the arguing in this thread is just a symptom of that. People need to properly digest what is happening, and until they do, this thread will keep going around in argumentative circles. Some people think this is really serious, and some people think it's been overblown. But there is no need to attack either of those opinions, people will eventually digest the situation in their own time, as more becomes clear. Everybody is in a state of shock, and it's difficult for anybody to act particularly rational. Just be kind to each other, and we will get through this.
  7. Taken from Glasto Chat
  8. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    They share the same toilets/showers as Oxfam. It's a couple of minutes closer to walk to the festival as well.
  9. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    I applied last year, and they let me know the very next day that it has been successful. There is not a lot of historical precedent for this, as it wasn't difficult to get into Festaff last year, as long as you applied within about 90 minutes of it going live, it was easy to get a place. This year is just crazy.
  10. Boomtown's "theatrical and narrative director" is also the same person who created the widely photographed Red Brigade for Extinction Rebellion. So they are very closely linked indeed. Activism is becoming part of the festivals identity, and I for one don't have a problem with that. Though I can see the argument that from a commercial perspective, it might not be the best plan. I'm glad they don't want to sell themselves out though, and am optimistic they can strike the right balance. Educate, don't alienate. I don't think it has been particularly rammed down anyone's throat to date, but it is still an unmistakable presence at the festival. The balance in 2019 felt about right to me.
  11. While the premise license from Winchester Council has had an extra 10k capacity added on to it ready for the 2020 festival, they also still need planning permission from the South Downs National Park for that extra 10k. That process is currently dragging on and still not resolved, and there is some local opposition kicking up a stink. And so the currently announced lineup will have been budgeted with only the previous capacity in mind. If in the coming weeks, this extra 10k capacity does get approved by SDNP, they will have a potential 10k extra tickets to shift. Booking an act like RATM would certainly help with that. If it's even possible to book them of course. It still seems like a long shot, but perhaps it's not totally outside the realms of possibility. Especially given the additional income that could be possibly be generated if the planning permission is granted. Perhaps 2021 a better chance based on some of the above comments.
  12. Caravan Palace perhaps? They have headlined town centre before.
  13. Last year Nucleus headline sets were: Friday: 11pm, Saturday: 1am, Sunday: 10pm The scheduling on Nucleus and Relic can be a bit unpredictable it's not always "first to last".
  14. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    Shifts are: 8am - 4pm 4pm - Midnight Midnight - 8am On the Wednesday, some shifts will start earlier than 8am. It should be easy for you to get Wednesday 8am to 4pm as it's the busiest shift of the weekend. My pattern was: Wednesday 4pm to Midnight Thursday 8am to 4pm Saturday 8am to 4pm This means I had only an 8 hour gap between shifts, but it was my own choosing to do it this way in order to get two shifts out the way early on. I agreed to work until midnight on Wednesday, in exchange for the cushty shift times on Thursday and Saturday. Queueing as a couple, we were able to choose the same shifts at the same gates (subject to 2 spots on each shift still being available of course).
  15. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    Last year they closed applications after about 45 minutes. However I'm guessing it might be even faster this year. There were no website crashes, it was a simple process. We had not totally decided that we were going to do it or not when the applications first went live, so we weren't that fast filling the forms out. I put my application in about 20 minutes late, and was contacted the next day with news that I was successful. My partner put her application in after about 10 minutes after me, and was contacted 3 days later with the news she was unsuccessful. It seemed like a big setback, but Festaff were in the end able to accommodate both of us, after somebody else dropped out. Everybody has to do 1 shift on Wednesday and 1 shift on Thursday. These are the main arrival days and the bulk of the Festaff workload, so everybody mucks in. Only the 3rd and final shift is (usually) during the show days, but it will be extremely quiet, as Festaff deal with wristbanding first time arrivals. Shifts are allocated on a first come first serve basis. The queue for shift allocation took hours last year, but this is because they take the time to make sure you end up with a shift pattern you are happy with. Even though the long queue was a pain, I was glad they did it this way, as I was able to negotiate shifts which I liked. You can skip queuing if you don't care which shifts you are given. I really enjoyed my shifts with Festaff. The first 2 shifts were busy, so the time went by quick. And nothing can beat wristbanding people when they first arrive at the festival. Everyone is so excited to receive their wristband, so it's difficult to have a bad time doing it. The time it takes to slide the band on, and clamp it in place allows for some pleasant small talk with the punters.
  16. There is a new podcast out, which is all about the Boomtown Storyline. Well worth a listen if you want to learn a bit more about the "immersive maze" theatrical side of the festival. http://www.lostinthemaze.co.uk/
  17. I heard the camping zones between Lions Den and Area 404 are being scrapped, so that seems to make sense.
  18. Nice one. Now just waiting on Aphex Twin as well then
  19. First announcement for Bomtown 2020: Caravan Palace Boomtown are drip feeding acts all this week starting today.
  20. It seems like it yes. The festival previously have mentioned they weren't that happy with how the reserved camping system was working, and that it wasted a lot of space. They tried reducing the pitch sizes this year, but this obviously upset people. I think the new plan is that Camp Orchid has effectively replaced the concept of reserved camping. Your exact pitch isn't reserved, but you are guaranteed enough space somewhere within the supposedly "spacious" gated Camp Orchid campsite. Also you now get facilities, which wasn't included with reserved camping before. A big obvious downside is that the location is not as good as that prime spot next to the Lions Den. It's only about £10 more than reserved camping was last year, and with the toilets and showers thrown in, feels like an upgrade to me. But the loss of that prime location next to the Lions Den is a shame.
  21. After some temporary set backs with the Area 404 venue, it appears things are back on track again. Tickets for the 2 New Year parties go on sale at 5pm (in about an hour).
  22. You've got it right. All "glamping" pre-pitched is now under the Camp Skylark banner. It was a bit confusing having Springs and Skylark basically doing the same thing, but at wildly different price points. The festival have taken feedback on board. Camp Orchid is in the Springs location, and combines the old "Skylark BYO" and "Zooloo pass" into one deal. £65 for a spacious campsite where you bring your own tent, you get exclusive showers and toilets on your doorstep, as well as access to both Zooloo blocks. Seems like a winner value for money wise compared to anything offered last year.
  23. Tickets link: https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/boomtown-2020-10049970/ Goes live at 7pm
  24. Tickets on sale tonight at 7pm ? All tickets are up by around £20 from last year. Standard tier 4 with Wednesday entry is £284! That's got to be the most expensive UK festival ticket right? You do get a lot of bang for your buck at Boomtown though! 4 day standard tickets -Tier 1: £219 -Tier 2: £244 -Tier 3: £254 -Tier 4: £264 -Upgrade to 5 day ticket: +£20 4 or 5 day public transport saver tickets: -Tier 1: £209 -Tier 2: £239 -Tier 3: £249 -Upgrade to 5 day ticket: Free Tickets for under 18’s: Teen 13-17: £209 Child 0-12: Free
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