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  1. Tickets link: https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/boomtown-2020-10049970/ Goes live at 7pm
  2. Tickets on sale tonight at 7pm 😃 All tickets are up by around £20 from last year. Standard tier 4 with Wednesday entry is £284! That's got to be the most expensive UK festival ticket right? You do get a lot of bang for your buck at Boomtown though! 4 day standard tickets -Tier 1: £219 -Tier 2: £244 -Tier 3: £254 -Tier 4: £264 -Upgrade to 5 day ticket: +£20 4 or 5 day public transport saver tickets: -Tier 1: £209 -Tier 2: £239 -Tier 3: £249 -Upgrade to 5 day ticket: Free Tickets for under 18’s: Teen 13-17: £209 Child 0-12: Free
  3. The site has pretty much already expanded to the point it can take about 80k punters. The line up on the existing stages will just be stronger. None of the new land purchased in recent years is that suitable for new stages or districts, and is most likely to be used for additional camping or parking. I think it's possible you will see a couple more mid sized venues, and stronger scheduling to better balance the crowd. There are 3 absolutely huge arenas, and the town centre is a 4th fairly large stage too. That's more than enough for 80k punters if they are evenly spread out. There is also scope to increase the size and bookings on "The Forge" too. You can simply push the stage further back down that hill, and it becomes a pretty big arena. It's where the Lions Den used to be after all.
  4. Sku

    Flares / Smoke Bombs

    Agree with most comments. They look great from a distance, but it's very uncomfortable when you are stood right next to the guy setting it off. You notice that he's clearly had a few drinks throughout the day, and you've never met him to know if he's the type of person that should be trusted to handle fireworks or not. At a festival this year (not Glastonbury), I was stood close by when somebody managed to drop one from up on his mates shoulders, which caused a brief panic of pushing and shoving. Didn't seem like anybody was injured, but the resulting surge of people trying to push away from the area was uncomfortable, and with a lit firework laying on the floor, potentially hazardous I imagine.
  5. Sku

    Site changes for 2020

    I don't think that much needs to change in Silver Hayes to improve it. The Gully Blues stage looks great, and the fact it's slightly enclosed at the back helps create some atmosphere away from the thoroughfare. Why can't the other venues there jazz their appearance up a bit too? Would be good to see some SE corner style stage design in Silver Hayes (on a more low key scale of course), to improve what visually is rather a bland area. Late at night once the SH stages are closed, a nice bit of lighting/projection mapping on those stages/sets would really help bring some much needed colour to that end of the festival. There is nothing that much wrong with Silver Hayes, it just hasn't really moved with the times. The rest of the festival has kept upping the game aesthetics wise, leaving it looking tired and forgotten. It's not difficult to spruce up these kind of small to mid sized venues with a bit of creative set building.
  6. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    They do one job, and they do it well. They are responsible for looking after 135,000 wristbands, with a value of about £35 million. They have to monitor each volunteer much more closely than other organisations do to ensure wristband theft is not occurring. If wristbands go missing in bulk, it compromises the integrity and security of the entire event. Festaff have been doing it for years, and Glastonbury seem to trust them to do it. I only volunteered with Festaff last year because I was unsuccessful in securing a place with Oxfam. I can totally understand why some people might be adverse to paying a £15 admin fee to a "company" rather than a "charity", but to me, it was just a way to get into Glastonbury, simple as that. They were fun to work with, and I enjoyed my shifts. Wristbanding people is fun because they are so excited to have arrived at Glastonbury! This is what I was told while working at Glastonbury last year. They told me because I worked 2 events this year, I don't need to work a sister event in 2020, as they were changing the system to remove the concept of sister events. However it does seem to be the case that the website doesn't actually say that at the moment. Either it's not been updated, they changed their mind, or I'm simply mistaken. The admin fee was only £15 when I worked for Festaff at Glastonbury this year.
  7. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    They have confirmed that they are no longer doing that in 2020. The new system is that you need to have worked 2 festivals the year before, to get priority access to volunteer spaces the next year. So for example, work 2 festivals in 2019, then get priority access in 2020 (without the need to work a sister event in 2020). Then any remaining places for 2020 go out to anybody, without the need to work a sister event. However you might still want to work a second festival for priority access in 2021 anyway, but at least it's your own decision now rather than a forced thing.
  8. Yeah I agree. Mashing F5 feels like you are doing something. I guess the systems are actually kind of similar really, just one feels worse than the other.
  9. I always think there must be a fairer way, but actually when you read the for/against, all the alternative suggestions seem to have major flaws. The lottery system of waiting on a holding page until your "number is called" (figuratively speaking) is about as fair as it gets. It obviously sucks if you can't even connect to that holding page, but that's all a part of the same lottery process I guess.
  10. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    Last year they didn't open applications to March/April. Not sure why the site is down at the minute though. But what I mean, is that there is no hurry!
  11. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    Plenty of people in that sort of age range with Festaff this year. Was really mixed. I'm 31, and would say I was somewhere in the middle of the average age range. I thought it would tilt a lot younger, but was surprised.
  12. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    The main Oxfam camp was about a 5 minute walk outside of Ped Gate B in 2019. No idea what the deal with campervans is though.
  13. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    Check the other thread: Looks like it was posted twice in error
  14. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    Out of the blue. This year at least, they opened applications for those who had worked with them before on 1st of March. Then they opened a second round of applications on the 1st of April which was open to everyone. I applied, and my application was approved the very next day.
  15. Sku

    The Weather Thread 2020

    How is the 261 day long range GFS looking? 😂
  16. Sku

    Volunteering 2020

    I volunteered with Festaff this year and it was great. 95% of shifts are wristbanding on the gates. I worked 3 fun shifts banding people on Gate A: Wednesday: 4pm to Midnight Thursday: 8am to 4pm Saturday: 8am to 4pm The 8 hour rest between the Wednesday and Thursday shifts was a bit brutal, but my own fault, as it's what I chose in order to get 2 shifts out the way ASAP. Shifts are first come first served, pick yourself. But everyone has to do at least one "late", and everybody has to work Wednesday and Thursday, as it's when the gates are busiest. It means you only have to do one remaining shift over the main festival days.
  17. Managed to get through using incognito chrome on a Desktop. If that means anything. Tickets secured! Buzzing.
  18. Sucks for that person. Important to check you give each other the right registration!
  19. I couldn't even reach the holding page for the first 10 minutes! Only one in our group managed to reach the reg number page, but not until after Wednesday had already been announced as sold out. Put all the numbers in, only to find Thursday had all gone by that point too. Bring on Sunday 🙂 (And I have a guaranteed volunteer spot as a final back up at least, but that doesn't help my friends 😔)
  20. Got to the 20 second refresh holding page only once.... every other refresh has failed to even load
  21. Sku

    Gold Membership Time

    Gold is well worth it! You can change to the "IPS support theme", which gets rid of all the adverts, logos and colours, meaning you can get away with browsing at work
  22. I'll be going 😃 Already made travel arrangements to get to Bristol and back. Might have been a bit keen without even an official announcement yet though!
  23. This video is the best I've found:
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