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  1. Someone has made a clashfinder version, for anyone who can't use the Woov app on their phone: https://clashfinder.com/m/btf2022/?user=0x3mom.k7
  2. From what I understand, some of the site shuffling is to account for a near-future where they might sell a few less tickets. They for sure still want to grow, but some of the changes this year are to account for the fact that they may well not. At least for the next couple years. Of course, if there is a dramatic decline in attendance that's different. But they are trying to weather the storm, even if that means running a slightly smaller festival for a few years. It seems they have already tried to get ahead of the game in that regard, with these changes. They want to remake the festival how they want it to be, rather than growing unsustainably fast, losing all the resilience they have built in, and then crashing and burning. That's why they reset the chapter number, to indicate starting over. Of course, remains to be seen if it works, but the team certainly don't lack ambition.
  3. They offered full refunds too, as well as the partial refunds. Nobody was forced to roll, but those who did, still received a partial refund.
  4. Boomtown have responded now too: https://www.facebook.com/176130945746461/posts/pfbid0WkQRX3yhgZQDf8CWG965wUQdpnQS3TcmDWjeQstzxBNqELNy78baYsSFmrESAoC7l/?sfnsn=scwspmo I forgot all about the partial refunds. 40,000 people got a partial refund to compensate them for the fact the festival would be scaled back!
  5. Yes they did, they offered a refund window. They said the lineup was going to be secret, and the festival scaled down, and offered everyone a refund if they didn't like the new direction. That was some time ago now of course, people might not remember. Also there was a lot going on in the world back then, people might not have known about it. It's fair to say this was always going to be a make of break year for Boomtown. It was run a different type of event, or call it a day and shut up shop. Can't blame them for wanting to keep going.
  6. A good post has turned up on Reddit about why the festivals line up appears a bit "budget"
  7. Yeah pretty much this. Boomtown was a lot of fun in the old days. But it was also amateur hour back then with a lot of infrastructure issues, and pretty basic set designd. Boomtown is pretty much world class now when it comes to production quality, and infrastructure provision.
  8. I went for the first time when it was "Shambino" during Covid. It was a much smaller festival, but it was good. You could really feel there was a lot missing though, and something wasn't quite right. Really intrigued to experience the full thing for the first time.
  9. I know the eFestivals forum loves a good GFS weather model. Some pretty crazy temperatures coming out for Boomtown weekend.
  10. Rages against centralised payment systems Uses apple wallet To be fair, I'm not exactly a fan of it either. But it's also not a deal breaker, it just doesn't seem like a big deal to me. I'll give it a go. I had some pretty abysmal experiences this year trying to pay for things at festivals using contactless, so happy to try it out and see if it works any better. The team have already said they won't bring it back next year if it doesn't work, and people don't like. They have been to other festivals in Europe introduced it, and it was well received. Seems to be a bit of Brit thing to dislike these payment systems, people were also quite slow to use cards in the pub in this country, preferring cash for nights out. Same same.
  11. Grand Central is also hosting dance after dark, until late. Zenith will be the 3rd largest. One of the differences this year, is the main stages are being used "continuously". Grand Central is this kind of flexible space, offering bands by day, but dance music by night. This idea originates from 2019, when Relic had to close due to high winds. They rescheduled the DJs onto Lions Den instead, which would typically have been closed at that time. I think it made the team realise that they don't make the best use of their stages, with many of them spending 50% or more of the festival closed. The idea is for everything to open all the time.
  12. Nova Twins is one of those three for sure. Little Simz was on the 2020 lineup, so seems possible. Yard Act touring, so that seems likely too.
  13. Someone took a screenshot of the Dubtendo crew's private chat group. The screenshot showed a "work in progress" version of the schedule, complete with stage timings. The problem is, there were some pretty well known DJs on there, the venue is not that large, and the timings might not be final yet. Most of them are doing a bigger set elsewhere, so this leak risked too many people trying to head to a small venue which won't be able to handle them, when actually there is going to be a bigger and better set to see elsewhere. Boomtown have politely asked that it not be shared further to prevent any issues. All the names from the leak are now on the page yes. I was politely asked to bump a few of them down to the "rumours" list, rather than showing them as "confirmed", since the "secret" component may have been a contractual requirement in order for the festival to book them. You are welcome to speculate on which I guess, it's a free country.
  14. Stole this from a Facebook comment. It pretty much sums up how I felt about the festival perfectly. Feel like it needs to be preserved on here before it gets lost in the vast archives of Facebook. Of course, I did enjoy some sets at the festival, and there were a few great acts booked. But I'm pretty sure I would have had a much better time seeing those acts at literally any other festival. I won't be going back.
  15. Nice finds 🙂 On a separate note.... I made an "unofficial" interpretation of the artistic map. It should be vaguely correct. Kind of funny, that even after the map release, it's still not that clear where anything is. But this is thereabouts how it will be.
  16. There will be limited entertainment on Wednesday, normally finishing at 10pm. Likely a couple of the forest stages will be open, and maybe some mobile sound systems. It is probably skippable, just a personal preference of whether you want a full 5 days or not. Along with that chance to get settled in, find a camping spot, and be ready to go on Thursday, when a lot more will be on. Yes, there are names on the tickets, they are etickets. There is actually an official resale system run by Boomtown this year, via their platform theticketsellers. I would highly recommend using this rather than Twickets. Using the official resale method, the tickets will be transferred into your own theticketsellers account, and you can be sure they are yours. If you use Twickets, the tickets are actually still "owned" by someone else, and you are trusting that they won't use them, and won't sell them to anyone else. As they are still in their account, and not yours, they can change the name on the ticket after selling it to you, invalidating the PDF they have sent to you. It's just not worth it when there is an official resale method, and there are plenty of face value tickets still for sale. Plenty of official links here: https://boomtownsource.com/boomtown-tickets-2022/, or on the Boomtown subreddit.
  17. Here is the image. Worth keeping in mind, the photo only shows about 40% of the bowl. Most of it is cut off, in the foreground the crest of the hill is blocking the view, and there is plenty of space to the left too. This might be leading to the illusion of the bowl looking "small" Worth keeping in mind, the bowl has previously hosted 60k cap festivals back in the 00s. It's not unheard of to have a festival that big contained in the bowl, it really is a very large area that Boomtown have not typically used in full.
  18. What an odd thing to say. I only suggested they might be a troll, due to the high number of "anti vegan memes" in the post. It was almost too perfect to be coincidence. As you will know, a stereotype is painted within general society of what a classic militant vegan looks like. But within vegan circles, there is also a supposed stereotype of things a classic militant anti-vegan says. And the poster pretty much fit it so perfectly, hitting on every "classic" talking point, I thought it might have been a cleverly crafted comment to provoke a response. Thus, kind of what I believed the definition is of a troll. Of course, I guess it's possible someone really does think all that stuff, I just found it difficult to believe at first. But hey ho. Comparing our post counts, which I foolish failed to do before first responding, I now realise I must have been wrong. Being the lowly 400 post count pleb I am, I now realise how silly I must have looked to everyone with a 4 figure post count.
  19. Not sure if this is a troll or not. It must be though, as it pretty much perfectly completes the entire "anti vegan trope" bingo card. Can't have been done by accident.
  20. I know that the owners of the Matterley Estate (where Boomtown is located), had previously suggested a full transition to becoming a permanent event space, and stopping dairy activities altogether due to it's increasing lack of commercial viability when done on a small scale. However there have been planning permission hurdles over the years, and it seems that part of the reason to keep dairy farming, is actually purely planning related. If they stop dairy farming, it changes the primary use purpose of the land. Of course the vast majority of their income now comes form Boomtown, Moto GP, Tough Mudder, and some of the other events they run. There is not much incentive to keep the dairy farm, other than to appease the SDNP planning committee. It's an interest subject for sure, that festivals everywhere are so reliant on dairy farms. But it does seem there is a potential future in purpose designated "events" land, subject of course to the bizarre intricacies of land use planning rules of course.
  21. For me, I consider these highly processed fake meat products as "treat" items. Yes I do eat them, but not daily. Typically in the pub, or at Glastonbury, you are going to end up eating these things. And maybe we buy something like this for a Friday evening, or going to a BBQ. But generally, we stick to a "non processed" diet on a normal day. Of course, everyone will be different. I feel the issue of "processed food" goes beyond veganism, as there are plenty of processed foods of all types, vegan or otherwise. It's a personal choice to eat processed food or not.
  22. Yes, it would settle down over time. It's not really a vegan thing, it's normally a fibre thing. Suddenly switching to a higher fibre diet does cause digestive issues. Generally the advice is to increase fibre intake gradually, so your digestive system can adjust. Generally when people "go vegan" it means they very suddenly increase their fibre intake. On the whole, higher fibre is good for you, but it can potentially come with being gassy. Over the few years I've been vegan those initial issues have certainly subsided, and now I have less gas than when I did when I wasn't vegan. But it was an adjustment at first for sure, not going to lie.
  23. Going to a festival surely helps support the repurposing of land traditionally used for dairy cattle. It gives the landowner a different line of income. Indeed, surely the existence of the festival already results in a less intensive dairy farming operation than would otherwise exist on such a large amount of land. And as already mentioned, when you go to the supermarket, you don't buy the dairy milk as a vegan, but you do buy other products from the same store, and thus unavoidably support a non vegan business. Equally, when you visit Glastonbury, you only buy plant based products/tickets, not any dairy milk, but of course you are still unavoidably supporting a non vegan business. There are extremely militant vegans that won't even go to supermarkets, but they are few, and I assume they don't go to Glastonbury either.
  24. No, I'm going for the first time. The festival is returning for the first time in several years. It's often credited with originally starting the "boutique festival" scene in the UK, but eventually was put out of business by similar competitors. Or so the story goes at least.
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