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  1. RHCP, The Cure, Mumford and Sons, The Black Keys, Bon Iver, The National, Travis Scott..
  2. I do agree with the fact that Kasabian aren't that big outside UK. However, they did headline Werchter (as second headliner, but they were two) and Open'er a couple of years ago which I think are pretty big too. Smashing Pumpkins could be a little bigger than them and that's why I put them as subliners and not as the third act of the day. So honestly the comparison is with Jack White, QOTSA and Tame Impala which I believe is pretty accurate.
  3. I didn't downvote your post mate, I'm not that kind of guy. The point with Smashing Pumpkins is that we're talking about a fest which had Kasabian, NIN and Massive Attack as third acts on each of every day. I know Corgan's ego but Mad Cool is a huge fest and probably having a big headliner up on the lineup (let's say Muse or Coldplay) could easily turn them into subliners.
  4. I'm not that sure about Radiohead not touring next year. As I've been told there are a couple of fests trying to come up with a summer tour through Europe. Don't see why fits better with PS. At the end of the day Mad Cool is a mix of PS + rock bands + indie generic bands. P.S Tame Impala were done too and they came..
  5. How about this for next year?
  6. Fever Ray is out due to some health issues. Well, what a crap. Hope she recovers soon.
  7. I'm guessing something like CHVRCHES for that last remaining big spot and then some few smaller names like Villagers. Pitchfork Paris is really close and they've been sharing some acts for a while.
  8. I wouldn't bet on Prodigy to headline next years edition. They've been in Spain at least 8 times in the last 4-5 years and actually they did headline BBK's little brother (BIME, same company) a year ago. Kasabian is another name I can't see in Bilbao (at least not in a headlining spot) as they've been in Mad Cool (third act in that day) and in another smaller fest (headlining) in Spain this past summer. As I've been told they will try to book a rap act as a headliner and maybe Arctic Monkeys appear as an strong option too. Something like this is pretty probable (and strong) for me: Arctic Monkeys - Kendrick Lamar - Weezer/The National Interpol - Tyler, The Creator - big electronic act And then some names we've seen this summer + surprises like Kali Uchis or so.
  9. They usually release the set times two oe three weeks before the festival. So I guess something like June's last week will be ideal for this year's schedules. In 2017 they were released on June 21st, 16 days before the beginning of the fest.
  10. The announcement it's Jamie xx plus Nick Murphy. As far as I'm concerned we're talking about an event happening inside the Guggenheim museum on July 11th. Guess it will be announced this evening or so.
  11. Well, I guess I was just trolled with the info... Sorry about that. The line up looks amazing and pretty exclusive.
  12. Well, this is coming from a well known spanish source of information. What do you guys think?
  13. Travis (I am a big fan) is the weakest rap/trap/r&b act in the last 3 years. It's not a big name in Spain and is not that huge as The Weeknd or Lamar who both have done tours through UK and Europe's Arenas. He was the supporting act in the DAMN Tour in USA for Lamar. Besides that, he didn't have a big big tour in USA, as other like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, The Weeknd or even J. Cole have done. The Killers were at this past BBK Live, and they're also in the lineup of another spanish fest. Liam Gallagher is a big name in UK, but here in Spain is performing at halls for 2k people. In addition to that, he is also performing in another spanish festival which costs half of the price of FIB and is mainly fulled with cheap spanish acts. Pet Shop Boys, like The Killers, were at another spanish fest in 2017. In the case of PSB at Cruilla, which is way smaller than FIB or BBK Live. And damn, the other big names are always the same, nothing new, they're everywhere. Justice (BBK Live '17 + Mad Cool'18 + Cruilla'18). 2DCC (BBk Live'17 + Cruilla'17). Bastille.... well, it's Bastille. Catfish, The Vaccines, Wolf Alice, The Kooks, Izal, Dorian, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Always the same names, i don't know what the FIB festival bookers are thinking. And yeah, those names could sell some tickets in UK, but come on, you guys can do it way better than that. Summing up, the headliners are cheap asf, shared with other fests and the rest of the big names just shows how lazy are te bookers of this festival. I gotta admit it, the small names are pretty decent but this was one of The biggest fests in Europe and now..
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