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  1. Would be a very solid set of headliners but are Foals quite big enough to do the Sunday rock legend slot that it's sorta developed into compared to the likes of Green Day, The Killers, QOTSA etc? I guess it depends a lot on how well Pt 2 does.
  2. Fri: Catfish & BMTH Coheadline/Vampire Weekend/Brockhampton Sat: Drake/Billie Eilish/Two Door Cinema Club Sun: QOTSA/Tame Impala/Don Broco
  3. Saw Wombats last night and the whole crowd was 16 year olds, pretty clear why Reading booked them again. Not sure how BBC would go down with the current crowd.
  4. After amo BMTH defo won't headline ever. Unless they maybe do an anniversary tour for Sempiternal or something in like 2023😂 ADTR, Alter Bridge and Rammstein is my ideal trio. They'll hold back on Korn till 2020.
  5. Is there a general consensus that there is likely to be a gap between ADTR and Frank Carter?
  6. Blossoms are a logo band an effectively a sub being portrayed at the same level as RB and ADTR. Just doesn't feel right to see them so high. Anyway....
  7. FR rate Blossoms so highly. Would seem more logical to swap them and the Wombats around surely? Ones headlining Wembley and the other Brixton. Even placed them above Don Broco at Community despite Broco also headlining Wembley.
  8. Who we thinking/do we know will headline the Pit and FR on Saturday? Not into Post or Mura Masa and wondering who to see.
  9. I reckon either Dan is 100% right or EVERY single name he's told us is wrong .
  10. If ADTR aren't there.... Royal Blood subbing Foos and Tame Impala subbing 1975.
  11. And are we getting all of these tomorrow?
  12. Glastonbury is this weekend so I don't think they'll repeat the LG/QOTSA gigs. Was just brought in cos of no Glasto for last year
  13. Going Strokes on Saturday and Slam Dunk South on Sunday! Gonna be an awesome weekend.
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