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  1. RATM / Run The Jewels / Maneskin Halsey / Bastille / Charlie XCX Dave / Polo G / Little Simz Megan Thee Stallion / Playboy Carti / Glass Animals Arctic Monkeys / Wolf Alice / Fontaines D.C. Bring Me The Horizon / Architects / Enter Shikari
  2. Reckon Denzel will dare cover bulls on parade?
  3. Billie Eilish / Royal Blood Travis Scott / Sam Fender The Killers / Queens of the Stone Age Merry Christmas x
  4. Arctic Monkeys are by a countrymile the biggest headliner that R&L can book. End of. You could've stuck BMTH, Shikari and Limp Bizkit on the Rage day and The Sherlocks, Jake Bugg & The Hunna under AM and that second day would've still sold out quicker.
  5. Friday MSE: Travis Scott / Machine Gun Kelly / The Vaccines MSW: Royal Blood / The Wombats / D-Block Europe Saturday MSE: Dave / Courteeners / DMA'S MSW: Dua Lipa / Olivia Rodrigo / J Hus Sunday MSE: Red Hot Chili Peppers / The Kooks / IDLES MSW: Sam Fender / Loyle Carner / Don Broco
  6. Got to spend this festival in the press tent, absolutely surreal to interview bands like NBT and still get to go to lots of sets. Met the big man Melvin briefly, he just laughed it off when I asked who's headlining in 2022. Sam Fender was also just hanging about too which left me very starstruck haha. Biffy for me were set of the weekend, with Slowthai, Holly Humberstone, Sam Fender and Posty (who really surprised me given 2018 and 2019) not far off. However, the crowd for Biffy at the start was SHOCKING - front area barely half full. A combination of how late they were booked, their relevance to the 16-18 year old crowd and also the fact Gerry Cinnamon - and the whole of Scotland - was on at the same time. I think rockier acts, unless they're stadium level (e.g. foos, muse, rhcp etc) will now always take the smaller MSW slot while the more mainstream ones take the later MSE headliner. Can see Royal Blood, Foals, Sam Fender, QOTSA etc all suiting that perfectly. Sam is absolutely a future headliner, he is massive, would not be surprised at all if he's booked as early as 2022. He's only 1 album in and he's already surpassed Wombats, TDCC and probably even Catfish now. I thought Catfish were actually quite tight at Leeds but watching back their Reading performance I can see what some of yous mean.
  7. Rage Against The Machine / Sam Fender Dave / Royal Blood Gorillaz / Foals
  8. Fab yes this is very helpful, yellow gate is where I need to go. Just to confirm - your guest camping wristband does again you access to all the public campsites too if you wanted it yeah?
  9. Leeds - any others with guest tickets going Wednesday? Also, do yous know whereabouts on the map the shuttle bus drops you off??
  10. Where are Squid playing?? Can't find them on lineup
  11. I pray for Architects, I think realistically itll be Frank Carter.
  12. Quick question - has anyone ever been to Leeds as a weekend guest ticket holder before?? (/press pass) I'm doing press for one of my uni societies but have a "weekend guest camping ticket" and I notice there is a guest camping designated area on the map. I was planning to camp in the normal campsites with my mates, but if it's a different wristband this might not be possible maybe? If not, I do know one mate who's volunteering, so would his campsite also be the guest campsite (has anyone volunteered before)? It says I can access "all public areas" would the normal campsites count as a public area??
  13. I prefer not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble...
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