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  1. With the Saturday being historically the more mainstream day, do we think Liam could have a more mix of indie/rock and mainstream on the undercard? Feel something like Liam Gallagher / Skepta / Halsey / Sam Fender / Slowthai / DMA's R1: Rex Orange County / Gerry Cinnamon / Tom Misch / Fontaines D.C.
  2. Do we think Eminem could do it again? I mean Travis only played in 2018 so not sure he'd come back just yet for the bump up
  3. Reason slipknot are being predicted is because Reading has always had at least one large established rock band, of late that's become the standard Sunday slot. With a lack of any other bands confirmed touring at that time, and with Slipknot's no.1 album + sold out arena tour + amount posters advertised at Reading 2019, many including myself are considering them as legtimitate possible headliners for those reasons, even though it would be quite a curveball booking. At least 1 mainstream headliner is 100% needed though and if Travis doesn't end up playing, The Weeknd could defo do it for sure.
  4. Slipknot / BMTH / Skepta / Bullet For My Valentine / Denzel Curry
  5. Second Friday seemed always the younger crowd kinda day (Catfish, BMTH) but not this year obvs with Kraftwerk, nonetheless a cracking day! Royal Blood for Fri 22 May?
  6. Slipknot w BMTH subbing would be mega.
  7. How likely do we think RHCP are?
  8. BMTH have been built up to headline R+L with higher slots on Main stage every year then a sub in 2015 and secret set in 2018. Apart from APE they've never headlined a festival before and havent toured anywhere near as relentlessly as Catfish who seem to headline a small fest every summer. Yes in terms of size they are both similar, but from a prestige point of view Catfish seem happy to take the smaller headlining slots over and over again which would rule them out for a bigger one. Off the success of amo as No.1 and with EPs out next year and almost no UK shows since Amo's release other than APE, it has to be now or never for BMTH.
  9. Reckon they'll do APE, just aren't the right fit for Reading crowd imo. Around the size of a sub though I'd say
  10. Liam Gallagher / Catfish and the Bottlemen / Gerry Cinnamon / Slowthai R1: Idles BMTH + Travis / All Time Low / Brockhamptom R1: Bombay Bicycle Club Slipknot / Skepta / Architects / Don Broco R1: Flume
  11. If they can't get Slipknot/MCR, reckon they'll have booked Biffy.
  12. Reckon Slowthai will be on Liam's day too probably 4th/5th down main. Loads predicting RB coheadline for 2018 and 2019, yet when they subbed it felt just right to be honest. Think Catfish would be fine doing the same although they have headlined tons of the smaller festivals.
  13. Do we 100% know that Pearl Jam are in Europe in 2020?
  14. Metallica, Mumford and Libertines was only 4 years ago.... And no matter who the other headliners are, Slipknot would always look out of place. Only predicting them because they're the only major rock band confirmed to be touring Europe in August 2020 and there was a lot on the forum a while back after they got a No.1 album and basically sold out their arena tour instantly.
  15. Yeah agreed, probably couldn't get Strokes so LG is the indie crowd pleaser BMTH/Travis - Liam Gallagher - Slipknot
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