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  1. Gigs at The O2/SSE Arena were allowed to take place within 7 days of the lockdown beginning on 24th March. Of course the converse won't be true, but I'm still optimistic that the lockdown will over in June at the very latest and then that gives us at least 2 months before Reading.
  2. I just cant see why so many bands have rescheduled tours for early August if there wasn't some concrete advice that gatherings should be fine by then if the government's plan works. Surely as a promoter, it would be wayyyy too risky to reschedule a tour to August then have to reschedule again?
  3. I imagine Tame will do an arena tour in winter to support the new album, then they could potentially be rebooked and announced straight after that. They absolutely need to get The Black Keys for 2021, what a booking that would be. Still no UK dates for the new album.
  4. With the sheer amount of tours that have been put early August, I'm feeling confident. Reckon they'll make the call in the first week of August. We shall see. A lot of the new additions will be British artists I suspect.
  5. Rage and RTJ's first date of the tour is Leeds on 28th Aug so I think it's way too early to judge, will have to see what the situation in Europe is like. Hopefully Italy's decline in new deaths yesterday is a positive sign. Let's stay optimistic! This has also raised a great point about just how many of the top acts are British this year. I remember looking at 2018's lineup and Courteeners were the highest placed British artist on the bill. Now it's stacked with big British names from lots of genres!
  6. This is Tomorrow in Newcastle, the same weekend as Slam Dunk, has been postponed to August. Do we think Slam Dunk could be postponed to August/September? Otherwise, praying both Sum 41 and Broco can be rebooked for 2021.
  7. Lots of tours are being rescheduled for early September, hopefully optimistic signs that things will be alright for Reading.
  8. Everyone's been saying expected peak is May/June, which was the plan. But the numbers from the last few days suggest we'll catch up with Italy in 10-15 days. It's looking very unlikely but I have some glimmer of hope this could all be on the mend by late May. More worried about my A Levels than this though have to admit!
  9. Nah they're coming back to the UK in 3 separate instances (May, July, Oct) so doubt they'd be back in August. Would be a great booking for 2021, 3rd or 4th down main.
  10. Just realised bombay also played Bush Hall last month and are playing Electric Ballrorom on Sunday! Have a feeling this really isnt gonna sell well as much as I love the band (cant go myself cos of exams anyway!)
  11. Absolute quality act, her and The Mysterines making waves on the Liverpool scenes rn! Both played London shows last Wednesday and couldn't go either cos of exams Both would be great bookings especially given they're female fronted and rising very fast, can see both on FR maybe Mysterines on Pit/R1 at a big push
  12. We can't really know until the time comes, Foals only pulled their Japanese tour like a week before. Slipknot and MCR have dates in Japan in 3 weeks that are currently still going ahead. We'll just have to wait and see by like mid-May, fingers crossed all will be fine though I'm sure it will be
  13. I got 1% for Slipknot, Foals and Bring Me The Horizon. Would have killed for any of them to headline Reading this year oh well
  14. Switch Courteeners for BMTH and that becomes a phenomenal day imo.
  15. Hoping for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes as the Friday night sub. Also, I'm hoping the Hives will be 3rd down but I think they will sub based on poster as said.
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