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  1. Any 2 out of BMTH, Biffy & Foals co-headlining would be perfect.
  2. These are all very interesting and great points you've made about BMTH, being biased myself on the high of how much I love P.E. it's nice to have a proper objective point of view as well Interestingly, whilst I agree they had a bit of an identity crisis with amo, I think they've kinda rediscovered it with Ludens and P.E. Being asked to make a song so fast for Death Stranding must've influenced them a lot as I get a huge video-game vibe from P.E. (probably mostly thanks to Mick Gordon) and I really like this weirder take on a heavier style. I really feel it's more than just EDM with breakdowns, when I think of BMTH I used to think of Sempiternal but now it really is this new weird, edgy, almost creepy style. It's really had a massive influence on songwriting with my band too - we're almost tryna take BMTH's recent 'formula' and apply it to more indie-rock stuff, somehow Ludens and P.E. have both managed to be HUGE singles on their own with these catchy choruses, massive electronic sections and heavy bits. Working in these heavier, sempiternal style breakdowns alongside quite basic melodies and major chord progressions is something that's really hard to crack. It's bloody hard to make so much contrasting stuff work together but I personally feel they're doing that incredibly well - I really hope this direction continues for a good portion of the new music we get this year.
  3. BMTH have announced they'll be releasing FOUR 6-10 track EPs this year. If Ludens and the snippets of Parasite Eve are anything to go by, this could be the massive push that propels them to headline status, or at least a comfortable co-headliner (many on here still see them as a sub which is fair enough).
  4. Anyone seen the drive-in gigs Live Nation are doing? The Snuts headlining Milton Keynes bowl! 😂 Might consider the Skindred one, just desperate for any live music at this point - with the added bonus of taking my mind off A Level Results as it's the night before.
  5. In true FR survey style, who are 4 non headliner bands everyone would want to see on lineup that you've been really getting into during lockdown? Mine would probably be Beartooth, DMA'S, Polaris and Pendulum.
  6. I was very bored by them at Citadel, but during lockdown I gave them another try and I honestly love their stuff so much now. Personally much prefer the newer direction, his voice is just elite and just gives that massive 90s Manchester nostalgia vibe with modern production
  7. I know they did the R1 tent in 2018, but are Pendulum too big for the Dance Tent headline? E.g. like Enter Shikari are bigger than the slots they played at Download & Reading last year, but they were billed in a special way, as a logo band, multiple sets etc.
  8. Foos being confirmed to be in Europe in 2021 is a massive bonus, it's long overdue for them to do DL UK. Foo Fighters, SOAD and Biffy/Kiss would be cool.
  9. I just really can't see FR bumping Courteeners up for one main reason - they had them subbing Kings of Leon at their Finsbury Park show for 28/6/2020. The likes of The Kooks, TDCC have played larger slots than Courteeners at Finsbury in recent years. No way will FR book an act as a co-headliner who they see as worthy of subbing in a Finsbury Park show, yes they're much bigger up North but that's precisely why they're headlining TRNSMT and were due to sub R+L. I am 100% confident if Courteeners are rebooked, it will be as a sub and nothing else - they've just released an album so their stock isnt going to change much between now and 2021. Biffy at Download on the other hand?! Sign me up, can see it being Biffy, System & either Maiden/Kiss, think I saw System officially confirm they'll be playing some Euro festivals in June 2021. I agree that 2022 and beyond is probably more likely for a Royal Blood headline, it absolutely has to happen at some point though. They are only getting bigger and have a huge younger appeal.
  10. Travis Scott / Gerry Cinnamon / Wolf Alice / AJ Tracey / Slowthai / King Princess / Sports Team / Inhaler R1: Pendulum Liam Gallagher / Dua Lipa / Sam Fender / DMA'S / Neck Deep / Mabel / Creeper / The Snuts R1: Run The Jewels Biffy Clyro + Bring Me The Horizon / Courteeners / IDLES / Fontaines D.C. / While She Sleeps / Lady Leshurr R1: Aitch
  11. With Tame Impala announced for Primavera, I can see APE just re-booking them but they'd be a welcome addition at R+L, I do think they are big enough to headline outright, potentially coheadline but they're miles bigger than most recent subs. Tame / Biffy would be lovely
  12. I personally think Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys and Travis Scott is the biggest trio R+L could get for 2021.
  13. AOTY for me too, just pipping Shikari. Best indie album since Broken Machine in 2017 for me. Every song could be a single, it's so perfect! Just booked 2 Leeds tickets for December, need to find someone at uni to go with haha! Vistas are worthy of an early Main Stage slot in 2021 now for sure.
  14. They'd be an absolutely huge booking but will probably do it on their next album (which could defo be out by 2021) and surprisingly they weren't in the survey. I know the survey's results are probably meaningless but I don't remember a time where eventual headliners haven't been listed in the survey for FR events.
  15. I love Arcade Fire but I can guarantee literally no one at Reading would care about them anymore, you say they have pulling power for a co-headline but I think honestly the Wombats would pull a larger crowd than them, just no 16-18 year olds really know who they are. Arcade Fire would absolutely smash a show at APE, BST etc. Strokes could co-headline but I could see them just doing their own shows instead, I do think LG still has a fairly larger crowd pull than them in the UK.
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