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  1. I have a feeling IDLES are gonna headline Truck Festival 2021.
  2. They sold out Ally Pally after extensively touring Broken Machine, and have probably their best album yet in October (judging by the singles) - should be in with a high chance of a #1 looking at that week's releases. I'm sure they want to shift lots of tickets for this first before their UK festivals get announced, then have another spike of sales off back of the album then also summer 2020 festivals. I think they'll sub Catfish or Queens as has been said, equates to 4th down main roughly which is perfect Edit: summer 2021*
  3. Suppose the tables were turned and QOTSA were headlining DL and it was LG/Biffy at Reading 2021. How do we think this would be perceived? Weaker/stronger? I think QOTSA are a massive booking but seen a lot of people saying they're just a glorified sub, younger crowd never heard of them etc.
  4. Friday Stormzy Catfish & The Bottlemen Lewis Capaldi The Vaccines Aitch Sea Girls R1: Nothing But Thieves Saturday Post Malone Disclosure DaBaby
  5. Off to Leeds uni next Saturday, probably amidst a local lockdown 😂🤦‍♂️ I'm from the South East so will be a tough one whether to go Leeds or Reading next year
  6. Heading off to uni in a few weeks myself, anything you need with the application/statement etc. feel free to drop me a message mate
  7. QOTSA + Catfish + Disclosure + Post Malone = RATM Okay obviously RATM are absolutely insane but from the price point of view that's got to be worth it right? Also if ppl think those 4 headliners are just 'glorified subs' all 4 of them are considerably bigger than Migos, Gerry & Courteeners - all of whom could very easily still be on the lineup too. EDIT: In short, my point is for the same price as 2020 this lineup is much bigger so far
  8. I hope Miles Kane is on the under card for QOTSA/LG, could fit easily on either main stage. Edit: couldn't unquote this for some reason sorry no reason!
  9. Get Fontaines & Murder Capital on that lineup!
  10. I'm extremely buzzing, QOTSA on the Sunday is dreamy and after seeing Catfish at lots of smaller festivals, the jump up to Reading will be biblical - literally all my mates will be at that set. LG is a beautiful way to close the festival for me personally as I've never seen him live, though QOTSA are very much the main event of the weekend for me. TDCC, Neck Deep & 100 Gecs will be exciting too - and I'll pop along to Stormzy and Disclosure for a few songs. Even if was just a trio of Stormzy, LG, QOTSA I would be extremely happy personally and happily spend £230
  11. Yeah would love to see the likes of Bury Tomrorow, Beartooth, While She Sleeps, Holding Absence playing some Main/R1 slots on the "heavier" day(s) rather than headlining pit against Billie, Dua or LG - who I'd probably quite like to see!
  12. 1. Liam Gallagher 2. Bring Me The Horizon 3. Florence & The Machine 4. Dua Lipa 5. Catfish & The Bottlemen 6. Kanye West
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